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Pet Psychic Reading with Cherie Vergini

What Happens in a Pet Psychic Session?

This is your opportunity to hear what’s on your pet’s mind, have questions answered about problems and concerns you have and gain an understanding of how your pet views the world.  You can find out about their past before coming to you, what they do and don't like, what is the cause of unwanted behaviors, how they view you and your family, do they have any health concerns,  what they do and don't understand and how you can create more cooperation and an enjoyable relationship with your animal friend.

Most of Cherie’s sessions are conducted by phone. It is not necessary for her to be physically present or have a picture to communicate with your pet and distance is irrelevant to the process.

A typical session starts with Cherie finding out from you a little about what’s going on with your pet. She then will ask your pet to share what’s on their mind and what they would like you to know. It is then your turn to ask questions of your pet to gain a deeper understanding of your pet’s perspective and why they do things they way they do. Cherie relays back to you what your pet has shared with her and wants you to know. Based on the communication with you pet, she’ll often make suggestions to help you and your pet create solutions to problems expressed during the session.

Preparing for a Session:

After you have made an appointment, she urges clients to make a list of questions they’d like answers to from their pet, instead of vague inquiries. A psychic session will yield more and better information when the topic is specific. However, she cautions against anticipating specific answers, since the actual answer may be surprising. She appreciates being told before the session begins about any certain issues to be concentrated on, so she can follow related lines of inquiry that may come up.

Cherie also explains that though she can clearly communicate with a pet, she cannot change its behavior. She does not have any training in that discipline. She is capable of offering suggestions and mediating compromise between people and their pets, to reach a peaceful, fair resolution, but the responsibility to implement needed changes lies solely with the pet owner.

Because Cherie’s communication channel is telepathic, it is effective both with living animals and those that have crossed over into the spirit realm. She asks that clients inform their pets -- on this plane or the next – within 24 hours of the scheduled session, that Cherie will be available to talk with them. She asks that they be requested to give her clear and specific information during the upcoming session. They should be encouraged to tell her whatever is on their minds, since the session will be their opportunity to communicate effectively with their people.

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What You Can Expect From Your Session:

Cherie does not filter any information she gets from pets, and will communicate it to her clients exactly as it is expressed by their pets. She reminds clients that sometimes, this information can be difficult to hear, but it is important to hear, consider and honor all communication to come through. This means tempering the temptation to develop preconceived notions about what your animal has to say. The pet’s perception may differ greatly from that of the client, but the focus of the session is the pet’s point of view.

Pets may wish to discuss matters that make their people uncomfortable, but Cherie encourages clients to be open to their pet’s needs, wishes, desires and other messages. Clients and pets will both get more out of the session if the people acknowledge what they’re hearing, then ask relevant questions for clarification of anything they don’t immediately understand.

What NOT to Expect from Your Session:

Cherie is a communicator, not a healer. She does not diagnose or treat illness or disease. She does relay a pet’s expression of their emotions, needs, pains and symptoms as they describe them, or as she intuits or perceives them. This information may help clients and veterinarians understand what a pet was feeling during a session and perhaps help pinpoint the affected body area. If a pet is in pain, it may not be able to clearly communicate the source of pain, just as is true with people. Cherie strongly urges people to consult a veterinarian about pet health concerns before they become real issues.

During the Session:

Cherie will call clients who have scheduled a telephone reading inside the continental U.S. at the designated appointment time so no long distance charges* will be applied to the client’s bill.

While in-person and distance clients are welcome to have someone with them during their sessions, Cherie reminds them that she connects with pets through energy channels. So sometimes, when there are several people involved in a session, those other people’s pets may come through, and not the client’s pet. Also, people present for a session who are feeling negative about the process or who simply aren’t interested in it, may have an outcome on the success of the communication.

*Applies to calls within the continental United States only.

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Whether you want to understand your pet on a deeper level, have questions for them, are concerned about their physical or emotional health, curious about their past, or simply want to know their thoughts and feelings, communicating with your pet will open up a new level of understanding and enhance your relationship.By using pet communication techniques, it will be much easier to work with your pet on behavior issues or anything that is bothering or confusing them. Animals have complex emotions just like people – a pet communication session can open the flood gates between you and your pet, cementing your connection and increasing compassion and understanding.

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