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Christel Hughes

Losing your Memory and Mind Power…?

Need a Mental body Makeover...?

Feeling ungrounded and unstable? Are you not trusting your mind anymore because you forgot what you did just an hour ago? Starting to wonder, what's wrong… why you aren't as sharp as you always were? Give your Mind a Makeover! Trust me… it will feel so much better!

Get your Mind Mastery Makeover Program and start to stabilize your energetic Systems.

- Increase your Memory -

- Feel more Grounded -

- Stabilize your Systems -

With the new energies flooding in, we are confronted with becoming aware of our energetic systems and their capacity to support our new vibratory level. This progressive paradigm in which we are transitioning, calls us to attention, and yet, we may not know how to fully acclimate to our new vibratory environment.

Also just as important is the ability to shift quickly from our left brain to our right brain functions and correctly utilize our Conscious, Critical and Subconscious minds for our benefit of accuracy and efficiency.

Most hold tight to what is known and familiar as well as what has led them to this point... but moving at the speed of light into the new paradigm of possibility with an outdated perspective is like driving around a Formula 1 car with a Model T engine... There is such potential, but it is not being lived up to with the outdated engine. Without upgrading the engine, we go very slowly into our future, we go in circles and struggle to keep up. Our mind wants to serve us, but needs an upgrade... otherwise it will just lock up like an overworked engine. We want our engine to run smoothly and efficiently on the high level, most potent, vibrational fuel that is available now and flooding into our reality.

“Attuning & Calibrating your energetic systems to the 5-D new energy frequencies will streamline your ascension process.”

“Attuning & Calibrating your energetic systems to the 5-D new energy frequencies will streamline your ascension process.”

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Product 1

Private 1:1 Ascension Attunement
with Christel Hughes

~ Pineal gland cleanse with Archangel Metatron
Value $355

This is a private one - on - one session that will prepare your energy field to receive your purpose work downloads. Metatron’s Cube will become a primary tool for releasing calcified energy that’s accumulated on your Pineal Gland (3rd eye).

Your specific future vision/vibrations will be downloaded into your energy field so you can align your Light body to ‘live into your future’. This process will energize, futurize and evolutionize your energy body to come into greater levels of Love, Compassion, Oneness and Unity.

For 30 minutes we will go deep into the 5th dimension. Accessing the Divine Future portal with Metatron’s invocation, I’ll call forth your personal purpose work vibrational downloads. Using Metatron’s cube we’ll navigate the inner elements of your aura and recondition your energy field to align with your Light body, activate codes and infuse your Future LifeLines for Love, Compassion, Oneness and Unity. Know and Embody your Highest Potential as your Sovereign Self.

Benefits that occur with the Ascension Activation and Brain Balancing:

“Create a brand new ‘Operating System’ that allows you to Thrive with the New energies and Flow into your Future reality.”

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Product 2

Mind Mastery Makeover
~ 5th Dimensional Formula for Attuning and
Calibrating your aura and chakras
Value $695

7 week course with 7 Mind Mastery Meditations (MP3 audios) to recondition your lower mind/subconscious so it transitions through the dormancy cycle of the ascension process. There is a strong energetic container set at the 5th dimension to hold space for shifting the internal, karmic and ancestral tags. We will go through this as a group, 1 guided journey will be sent to your email inbox each week.

Mind Mastery Makeover Orientation and Intention call

Mind Mastery Makeover Meditations:

Week 1: Laser Focus & Concentration

Week 2: Pineal Gland De-Calcification

Week 3: Memory Recall Meditation

Week 4: Transition to Peace

Week 5: M-Field Flush

Week 6: Stabilizing your Systems

Week 7: Grounding inside your Body

Listen to these 7 Mind Mastery Meditations created using High vibrational State suggestions, Neuro-linguistic programming and therapeutic imagery. This rare combination takes you deep into a place within that is ready and waiting to listen, respond and reply with real life realizations... that is the actualizing of the suggestions you give yourself as you simply follow along throughout these audios. Repetition only works on a small scale of effectiveness (less than 10%)...

What truly creates lasting shifts is training your mind to immediately take action based on 3 things:

“You have a multi-dimensional Self that wants to be revealed, heard and recognized - - Let your Sovereign Self become Actualized so you can live your Highest Potential as Truth”

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Product 3

Grounding your Energy~ Live/Interactive Energy Lab
Value $121

In this 'Grounding Your Energy' lab, I'll do an intuitive reading on where you are ungrounded, personally guide you back to yourself… fully grounded, connected and stabilized. This will build up your Confidence, Courage and Connection so you feel your inner potential as Divine power realized.

As you progress into expanded states of consciousness, it’s necessary to be grounded in your body - that assures Confidence and feeling Connected. You must deeply know and trust yourself enough, to validate your intuitive feelings for making powerful choices in your life.

Being ungrounded, you aren't able to fully tune in, you are half plugged in, unstable and insecure with your mental/emotional states of being. Grounding keeps you in a position of stability and security throughout our day, enhancing your Divine connection with your Higher Self.

This grounded state has you fully cognizant and aware in each moment, so when you need to make a sudden decision, you can make a tactical decision, courageously, on the spot with clarity.

Sometimes you may get a gut feeling to do something, but then you question it because you're not fully grounded. So, you second guess yourself and think, that's just my mind playing a trick on me. Truthfully, it might be that you are getting direct guidance from our Higher Self intuition, but because you are checked out of your body, not fully grounded, you aren't receiving it as a message. By being fully present in your body, you know what to do, and you trust yourself enough to validate your own intuitive feelings.

Living in the present moment is where you create from, otherwise life is just created by default, circumstances are happening and you may feel out of control…at a loss of creativity, lacking initiative, motivation, power or having a lack of awareness.

So, you always want to make sure that you are securely connected...

“With New energies comes a New internal foundation…let me support you in Activating your Cosmic Blueprint to traverse the 5-D realms with ease.”

A Special Bonus:

The Adventures of the Archangels

The term Archangel is derived from the Greek phrase the greatest messenger of God. Arch means the first or the greatest, and Angel means messenger of God.

This series includes 5 pdf's

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Product 2


5th-Dimensional Formula for training your mind to work for you

Downloadable MP3 audios

(Value $495)

Product 3


(Value $121)

This is a LIVE ENERGY LAB where Christel guides you through this GROUNDING YOUR ENERGY process.

A Special Bonus:

The Adventures of the Archangels



Christel is a brilliant light and a real pleasure to work with. At my personal session I had many ideas for my soul purpose and mission but hadn't seen an effective way to unite different aspects. Christel held a strong and compassionate container and guided me through uncovering my soul-level gifts and seeing possibilities there that I hadn't considered or known about. That day it felt like we breathed divine sparks over the embers of my purpose work and I was delighted at how it lit up and came to life with great new dimension. Christel's breadth of experience, heart-centeredness, insights, and vision are remarkable and she is, simply phenomenal!


Thank you, this helped me in more ways that one. The Pineal gland if you didn't know and Christel I don't think you mentioned effects: Secretion of the Hormone Melatonin, Regulation of Endocrine Functions, Conversion of Nervous System Signals to Endocrine Signals. This has made a huge difference in my life!


To work with Christel is to receive the Gift of Clarity, heartfully wrapped in focused Truth, Compassion and Love. She has the remarkable ability to pierce through what felt like confusion and chaos, to identify the aspects that have been causing separation from Highest Guidance, and to brilliantly guide us in transforming that previously-disturbing energy into energy aligned with our Higher Self.

Hanalea Joy

Christel is a very powerful force for truth on the phone and online, but in person she is off the charts. I had an in-person session with her that resulted in a profound internal shift that I still feel and hold close long after the session. If you get the chance to work with Christel in person, I would jump at the opportunity!

Deb Regan |Intuitive Space Clearing Specialist

When I first found Christel Hughes, I was over-sensitive and just looking for a way to stop other people’s energies from entering my space. She taught me how to protect my boundaries and a lot more. Christel helped me open doors I would never have been able to do on my own. With her high level intuitive abilities, Christel helped me identify my blocks, clear them, as well as help other people clear their blocks. Christel has also gifted me with identifying my own intuitive gifts and setting me on a path to fulfill my purpose work. Her support has me creating in a way I would never have had the nerve to do on my own. I can’t wait for our next adventure of me introducing myself to the world! Christel’s light is so very bright—what a treasure I have found! In much love and gratitude.


Since working with Christel, I have shifted into a place where I have greater acceptance of myself; I have much more self-confidence and self-esteem than I ever thought would be possible. I have been able to break out of my endless cycle of self-defeating patterns. This whole process has put me on a path to more easily identify as my higher self, become more intuitive, and be more on purpose using my gifts and talents.


I feel like I have made huge progress since you did my intuitive group reading on 16 Nov! It was the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me so thank you from the bottom of my heart for flicking my light switch on. You have changed my life and I am more grateful to you than words can ever express.


The Intuitive Assessment given by Christel Hughes was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever participated in. Christel has the natural ability to literally tap into your Higher Self and give these meticulous details about your gifts, how you flow energy, precisely where there are blockages and mis-directed energy flows within your Energetic Field, where your awareness is in terms of: are you living too much in the past or the future and are you stuck in your ways or too spacey. Besides the all the relevant wisdom I gained, I came out of my Intuitive Assessment session with a great sense of pride and self-confidence about my true authentic self.


Thank you so much for your time. In the past I have been told similar things but never what to do to correct or heal the blocked areas. You have been such a wonderful help in that area and I truly appreciate your help. I have good direction and now know what to do and what to work on. Many Blessings to you.


I got the most amazing reading and guidance from Christel Ella Marie Hughes last night. If you really want to know what’s standing in the way of you being your most BRILLIANT and AUTHENTIC self, you should work with her!


You are a star, shining brightly enough that those who you encounter clearly see their own paths. I am grateful that I was lead to connect w/ you. You are inspiration, even to those who inspire, and your talents are a present reminder of just how good God is. I celebrate you, I pray for you and I see the Light you. Thank you.


“With New energies comes a New internal foundation…let me support you in Activating your Cosmic Blueprint to traverse the 5-D realms with ease.”

Your Cosmic Blueprint is your hidden potential that is held within your Lightbody - your Ascended DNA - we all hold this energy and it’s waiting to move out of the dormancy stage into the Realized stage in your life. Archangel Metatron has shown me how to support awakening your Spiritual DNA within your Light body and we begin with getting you properly grounded, stabilizing your systems, reprogramming your mental body and decalcifying your Pineal gland. There are hidden encoded Spiritual gifts that are waiting to be revealed so you can ‘Live into your Future’.

It’s time to secure your Central Channel and Divine Core to achieve your Multi-dimensional reality now. You don’t have to know how, Archangel Metatron and the other Archangels that I will work with are fully aware of who you are meant to Become as your Sovereign Self.

This 7 week course will take you deep into the subconscious to forever shift old mental mechanisms and constructs that have been plaguing you!

The time is now and this gift is for you!

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