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Christof Melchizedek Online Healing Retreat

Online Healing Retreat - Particle Convergence DNA Configuartion

with Christof Melchizedek & Akasha Sananda
Monday, July 31

Join Christof Melchizedek and Akasha Sananda for a special online retreat to help prepare your bio-energy field, DNA template and consciousness for the upcoming August Particle Convergence, where they will be transmitting from the Great Pyramid of Egypt frequencies to help anchor, stabilize and transmit the cosmic frequencies of the Particle Convergence from our coherent group field while encoding the Golden Age energetic into the planetary crystalline grid and the higher mental body of all humanity.

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A GUARDIAN of GAIA is someone whose VIBRATION, MINDSET, and VISION is at a level where by they are attracting and creating a higher dimensional reality towards themselves and the planet.

As you know, we are in a heightened period of increasing vibratory frequency on the planet.

People’s consciousness is rapidly expanding and evolving and so is the Earth’s. However, this new frequency needs to be anchored down onto Earth in the third dimension.

This is where you come in with your SOUL PURPOSE and SOUL MISSION.

Your SOUL PURPOSE is to experience growth with the ultimate goal of Genetic Liberation.

Your SOUL MISSION is when you are far enough down this path, how you choose to help either people or the planet also evolve. You will have your own unique way of doing this. Part of the fun is finding out.

The really cool thing is that when you ALIGN to your PURPOSE and your MISSION, life just works, you enter FLOW and experience ABUNDANCE in life.

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The Guardians of Gaia program to my surprise contained several modules. Each module is packed with so much information. My heart jumped with joy and my mind was stimulated. Everything came together for me all in one class. All my experiences in this life time and bits of information that I know of which no one could ever explain. I was thinking to myself, "Wow, people who spoke my language and beyond my language of what I already understood to be true." I was not only excited but I feel profoundly blessed to finally have the purity of teachings I was searching for and most importantly being empowered ( being the independent woman I was).

Christoff and Akasha says they are mentors but I feel they are definitely true teachers here to assist humanity thru their teachings. I've now have taken several more classes and really enjoy the teachings. Because in such a short time of 6 months since my first class with Christoff and Akasha, I know their teachings, healing, and clearings actually work. In a short time from feeling depressed and having no true direction 6 months ago....I now feel lighter, more joyful, at peace and truly being able to feel love for myself which has been challenging in the past. /p>

Helen Cheng

The content of this training is quite mind blowing not only with amazing new information to take on board, but also feeling these wonderfully different energies brought forth with the codes and geometries from Absolute Source and the new Krystal Server, which has only come online since 2013! The way the information comes through and is explained is really phenomenal and so easily felt and absorbed! All I can say is that it has all been a much needed breath of fresh air for me. I was feeling pretty stuck before despite 20 years of working in this field, the last few not really knowing which way to go ! I was almost waiting for something new! I now feel renewed and well and truly as if i have exited the Matrix and ready and able with these new tools to get on with the work. .

- Sue Sell

Blessings to you both Christof and Akasha for such an amazing journey I took part in with you both on the Guardians of Gaia 2016 Program.

I've been on my spiritual path since 2005, having undertaken and gone through various modalities in the healing arts. Before commencing the program I was looking for something deeper to shift me to new heights as well as seeking a new way to be of service to humanity/Mother Gaia. I've always had a strong connection to our sacred land/cosmos/universe, but your program took it to a whole new level that I instantly resonated with.

I was very familiar with most of the terminology, history and information provided in your program. Then their was new information that tested and rattled me, but deep down the essence within me knew that all that was shared was coming from high levels of beingness and high vibrational consciousness. The codes blew me away. For each one is unique with their own energy signature and vibration. They are absolutely divine. I still work with them every 🌟💫🌟

Personally, the Guardians of Gaia was the very first program I participated in. It has changed my life in ways that are indescribable. I enjoyed each moment. I especially loved the clearings and activations.

Lastly, having the opportunitye to be able to participate in the missions and transmissions is such a blessing. I feel deeply connected and part of a bigger family - across the vast land that is Mother Gaia and all Beings. Life isn’t the same.

- Silvana Vagnoni

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