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Healing Session

A large portion of Christopher's ministry is devoted to the Divine Healing that Christopher offers. He works with past and present emotional issues, structural issues from past or present injuries, physical pain, and energy blockages.

Healings are done REMOTELY via Skype.

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Merkaba Pendant.

Special OfferQuartz pendant that is programmed with the blueprint of your DNA. Worn over your heart chakra, it helps protect you from negative energies.

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A DVD: Manifestation: Ancient Magi Technique and Angelic Writing

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I discovered Christopher in a series of videos , primarily the Project Camelot series, shortly after I followed along with an online prayer session which was very powerful and quite beneficial. Please keep in mind, I have been seeking & doing this type of healing work for decades and I found Chris's work to be very helpful in dealing with some residual Karmic energies and some from this lifetime.

After two sessions, of which I have several more I am able to quietly step away from emotional blockages and being stuck with pain at my "Heart" Chakra, as well as healing some physical ailments that we are working to great effect.

For this people that know that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience I would highly recommend trying Chris's methods to aid in a more positive connection to life and sense of overall wellbeing.

Be well & remember to love.

Sincerely, Jon Tupta

Christopher Macklin's work is among the most powerful and most transformational healing work I have ever encountered. I have met and worked with so many different healers because of my profession and they have all given me something important. Christopher, however, is truly unique in that his healings take place on all levels, mind, body, spirit, soul and emotion. My life started changing in the most profound and spectacular ways after I started working with him. And there were certain situations that I had sought help for from others over time that he was able to heal very quickly and permanently. I have sought healing for a host of different kinds of situations from him and he has been able to address and rectify them all. And I always walk away feeling like I received 110%. I am so grateful!

As a person, he is one of most the kindest, most thoroughly professional and insightful people I have ever met. In addition, I have learned so much from him about how to stay healthy and how to create the healthiest lifestyle possible. I am so honored to know him and I have recommended him to so many of my family members and friends. I have also watched their lives change in the most wonderful ways too. I can't recommend him enough!

Turiya Valli "Awakening Heart Network" host and co-founder

I contacted Chris in November 2015 because I was having a lot of problems and weird things happening to me in my home. Chris was due to hold a workshop at my local Church and agreed to come to my house to clear it. In the meantime I was using the prayers for protection that are on the website. These are powerful prayers, they initiate vibrational shifts, that really help. I still use them today! He cleared 351 Orbs, closed a portal that was being used by Zeta Grays and removed one that was still present. I had had the most fearful time of my life, I really thought I was loosing it, Chris managed to clear it all within an hour or so. He also set up two crystal grids of protection in my house. I booked 7 individual online healing sessions with Chris. Initially I couldn't feel much as my vibration was so low from the trauma and fear of what had happened, but soon I noticed that I was more confident, more balanced and more 'awake'. He also has a wonderful Healing CD which I used in between the Healing Sessions with Chris. I had the pleasure of attending his Healing Course which was very dynamic. Recently, I signed up for his online Saturday Group Healing and I was absolutely amazed by the incredible Healing Power Chris is sending to each individual . Since experiencing this, I truly believe there is power in numbers!!! "Wherever two or more are gathered in my name..." really comes through in the Group Healing. I will always be grateful to Chris - I really believe I wouldn't be here, wouldn't be doing the spiritual work I am now doing if it wasn't for Chris and his amazing Healing Power! I can't thank you enough!

Hugs and Light, Susan

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