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Featuring the world's greatest Masters of Spirituality, Healing and New-Pardigm thinking

Healing Conversations
Healing Conversations
Healing Conversations

A Free Online Series featuring the World's Greatest Master Spiritual Teachers and Healers

with Spiritual Journalist & Your High-Vibe Host, Lauren Galey

Broadcasting to over 2.2 Million Listeners!

Activations, Meditations & Discussions
to Open Hearts, Empower Millions
& Raise the Vibration of the Planet

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~ Quantum Conversations for High Vibrations!! ~

Quantum Conversations offers you a Quantum Leap in Personal Transformation as we live and create from the Heart anchoring in higher cosmic frequencies and ushering in New Earth. Register for these free daily shows and enjoy a High Vibrational experience that will fortify you, center you and allow you to expand into your greatness and Mastery.

We see the world is changing around us as the old paradigm falls away….and instead of clinging to the old, I invite you to join me and the world’s great spiritual luminaries, teachers and healers as we show you how to use this incredible opportunity to create the new paradigm or New Earth, by living in the heart. As all the great sages teach us, This is where our power lies, so join me on Quantum Converastions as we dance our way to the Cosmic Heart.

Quantum Conversations with Activations, Meditations & Discussions to Open Hearts,
Empower Millions & Raise the Vibration of the Planet

This series will EMPOWER & ENLIGHTEN you in your remembrance of your true mastery and your Divine Purpose for being here on this planet. Each Quantum Conversation will assist you in moving into and staying in the High Vibrational Frequencies of Joy, Unconditional Love, Gratitude, Praise, Compassion. These are the creative forces of the Universe that will change your life…and you’ll be shown how to use them by world-renowned spiritual teachers & healers who share step-by-step processes, meditations, activations, visualizataions and information in every show.

Learn how to MANIFEST new, desirable change in your life in an abundant and prosperous frequency. You can tap into this FREQUENCY or VIBRATION and really step into your True Mastery of Co-creating your reality using Universal Laws of creation!

This free event is an online gathering of people from around the world just like you, who are like-minded and ready to embrace the true essence of who you are – a brilliant, magnificent, great Being of Light – here to live your purpose, change the world and co-create Heaven on Earth.

Thousands of our belief systems come from the collective consciousness and are extremely outdated and no longer useful in this New Age. Within each of us, we’ve got so many of these false programs running within us, that it literally is a roadblock or a HUGE obstacle in moving forward with your dreams and desires. These bad belief systems of” I can’t, it doesn’t work that way Yes But…..,” are like giant tethers holdings down our Hot Air Balloon, keeping us firmly in place, stagnant mode. These are all constructs of the mind and they can be changed. These beliefs that were programmed into us by negative experiences in our lifetime, and even past lives. We experienced a negative situation, and that experience led us to form a belief within us. For so many of us, this usually takes the form of I’m not worthy… so NOW is the time to get rid of all of these limiting beliefs so you can release those shackles that are holding you back!

Everything in our universe is frequency…we can feel it in our bodies when something or someone upsets us , and we can feel it in our bodies when we’re really happy and carefree. They are two totally different energies/frequencies, again…that we can actually feel in our bodies…this is a frequency that literally holds you back and makes you shrink or get heavy, and the other that makes you alive with energy, and very light. This frequency is the creative forces of the universe and you’re going to learn how to use it for the highest good in your life!

Anything that keeps you from experiencing this Higher, Lighter Vibration of Joy, Happiness and love, which is your true essence, is a call for action on your part to let it go, recognize it, love it, forgive it and release it. so you can ALIGN once again with the co-creative powers of the universe...

This is the path of Masters – and it’s all free, you just need to register for this life-changing series….

The Universe supports fully loves and honors you and gives you everything you ask of it… it’s imperative we first master our words which ripple out across the universe. In this series, you’ll learn how to become aware of your negative thinking and speaking so you can instantly change it…shift it…and transform it into what you really want to create.

We’ll also learn how to move into the brain of the heart…yes, our heart has a brain, and it’s also a Portal to the Universe….Our Sacred Heart center is something we FEEL into…the energy of the heart is 100 times greater than the energy of the brain, yet 97% of people only use 3% of their heart energy to create. CREATE with your Heart Energy , Thrive and change the world!

We’ll learn how to create with our Heart using the energetic pathways of Sacred Geometry…. this is a Universal Language that shows the Movement of Divine Energy and when we work with Sacred Geometry in form, color or sound, the Sacred Geometry within us is activated.

My favorite sacred geometry symbol is The seed of Life which becomes the Flower of Life. T his ancient symbol appears all across the world in sacred sites and structures, and it was left for our awakening – and this shift in consciousness… just by decoding this sacred symbol, we come to discover the workings of Universal Energy, and how the Great Cosmic Force of All that Is moves thru matter alongs these physical pathways known as Sacred Geometry. We can use Sacred Geometry to empower our own lives in so many incredible ways – you’ll learn dozens of incredible techniques to use with pendants, pendulums , even water!

The Healing Intention Focus

We’ll also be using our group energy to focus our attention with INTENTION on Healing various areas of our Beloved Earth. I believe we are all Citizens of Earth, not just citizens of the country we live in, and so as Citizens of Earth, we have a responsibility to love and honor all of her peoples, creatures, winged-ones, elementals, plants, waters and other earthly realms.

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Many blessings and radiant love to you,
Lauren Galey Host of Healing Conversations

Lauren Galey
Host of Healing Conversations