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Mind Field Re-Patterning

with David & Erina Cowan
Authors of Dowsing Beyond Reality

The above video is an introduction with Dave and Erina on the practice of Dowsing

Online Video Class
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Online Healing Retreat Description

Mind Field Re-Patterning(TM)

Online Healing Retreat Description:
In this 4-hour Online Video Class with Dave and Erina Cowan, you'll learn how to affect great change in your life with Spiritual Dowsing. This course is called Mind Field Repatterning and it will teach you how to create your use dowsing to clear the Mind of past suffering, trauma and stress so yon can CREATE rather than REACT to our world.

"It important to clear the mind investment in time, and the weight of memory that keeps us in limitation. By directing the power of the Mind to recognize and release those limiting patterns and beliefs, the Mind rises to it's higher function which is creation rather than perception, says Dave Cowan, author of "Navigating the Collapse of Time."

Learn how to Dowse to RELEASE Old Patterns so you can tap into the Concscious Creation that already exists inside of you!

"Duality is an illusion, but it keeps us trapped with mind patterns that keep us associated with our experiences of opposites. So Mind Field Repatterning with Dowsing is a way of collapsing the belief in time and limitations that are holding onto unreleased patterns," says Dave.

In this Online Video Course You’ll Learn how to use dowsing to:

- Check your body’s systems (vitality, life force, nutrition needs, etc)
- Clear the mind from beliefs and assumptions that hold you back
- Create a phase-shift and unwind patterns and create with intention
- Effect change in the emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, and environmental realms
- Time Travel to release patterns and beliefs in past lives
- Clear fear-based cellular memory & fear

You’ll also learn:
- How to ask the right questions with dowsing
- Dowsing for Prosperity
- Dowsing for Empowerment
- Ground and empower yourself to be efficient, whole and clear
- How to make your own dowsing charts for specific areas in your life

"When each individual takes responsiblity for shifting their inner world, the polarities of a specific situation is lessened. When we dissolve the inner struggle, the outer world shifts and this changes reality and the possibility for positve outcome in all areas increases exponentially," says Erina.

"It's really cleaning our minds about a given situation, clean our opinions and judgements. This helps us unravel the patterns that manifested as external images and experiences."

The authors of Dowsing Beyond Duality, and dowsing teachers, David and Erina Cowan will show you how to use the pedulum as a bridge between the unconscious mind and the superconscious mind. You'll also learn how to find and release unconscious limitations that are holding you back from being the best that you can be.

"The mind is a powerful, non-local, co-creator of realities and it works on a quantum dimension," says David Cowan.

Dowsing is a cosmic tool that connects you to your Superconscious Mind, which offers information far beyond your imagination. The Superconscious Mind is connected to our physical body thru the autonomic nervous system (which regulates breathing, heart beat, bio-physical functions, etc ) and you can program it to communicate with you in all areas of your life!

Dowsing is a tool that you can use for healing, manifesting, and creating with intention.

“The dowsing tool is a bridge that allows us to access information from a deeper, more creative level of mind that the conscious mind is not currently aware of,” says Dave

“A good analogy is an iceberg. If you think of an iceberg, the tip of above the surface is only about 10% of its entire mass. We can say the tip is the conscious mind - the thinking mind, and a limited state of consciousness. The tip of the iceberg doesn’t know it’s this massive body, it thinks it only what you see above the surface. We’ll call the (water) surface the boundary of our conscious awareness.”

Below the surface, is an aspect of mind that is doing much more than we can imagine. "It’s the Superconscious Mind, which is beyond our conscious awareness, and it also shares the same mind with all the other tips of the icebergs in the ocean, which are all floating in the same ocean of mind, or spirit.”

"Your Superconscious Mind has access to information that is far beyond our imagination to grasp. Not only do you have deeper levels of your own awareness, you have access to other people’s awareness and universal awareness.”

Learn how to use dowsing to join the intentions and thoughts of your conscious mind to your Superconscious Mind and create a bridge of communication. It’s all done with a pendulum, which can be as simple as a needle and thread.

Please join us in this Online Video Class!

About Dave and Erina Cowan
Dave and Erina Cowan are co-authors of Dowsing Beyond Duality, and are co-founders of Blue Sun Energetics. Working in the healing arts for many decades, they recognize the power of the mind as the ultimate technology. Dave and Erina were trained in dowsing by Raymon Grace and they offer training programs and certifications in Dowsing and more.

Listen to Raymon Grace on Healing Conversations:

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