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Cynthia Charis, M.S., is a transformational healer who brings the infinite possibilities of the quantum field and the Grace of the Divine directly into the heart and souls of those she works with through her transmissions of the Great Beings of Light, the Avatars.

She has been in deep and profound communication with these Ascended Beings of Light in the inner planes for many years. Her greatest passion has been to transmit their collective light, power and love into those who wish to awaken their higher bodies of consciousness and serve as emissaries of truth and love in the world.

Her unique ability to activate the electromagnetic pathways, or circuitry in the biology of her clients with the Light of the Divine has assisted thousands to transform their lives in remarkable and astounding ways. For the past 20 years, she has been in private practice, working with individuals, and giving talks and workshops to transmit the Light of the Divine directly into the heart, soul, and biology of her clients, gracing them with an experience of the transcendent, and a knowing that they can become Sovereign and embody the power of the Divine.

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Join us for three LIVE Teleclasses on April 14, 21 & 28
LIVE with Cynthia at:
5pm Pacific / 6pm Mountain / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern / 1am GMT
with downloadable recordings*

*Classes will be recorded with replays for your convenience

The Avatars are the Great Ones who have been on the Earth and have ascended back into Oneness with the Divine. They are gathering around the planet now, calling those of us who are awakening and ready to make a difference in the world. Babaji, the guru of Paramahansa Yogananda, has been assisting me to become a voice for these beloved Beings to assist us in remembering our divine heritage so we can live our lives in ways that are powerful, mighty and bold.

Come join me on this journey of immersion and initiation into the very specialized light‐field that is the home of the Avatars. We will meet once a week, for a total of three weeks, in a teleclass format that will allow us to meditate and have time for interaction and questions. In this powerfully transformative experience, we will call forth and invite these Great Beings, the Avatars of the Ages, to grace you with their Presence, touch you with their Power, infuse you with their Vision and heal you with their Love.

PLUS!! MP3 Downloads of Three Avatar Teleseminars from Jan 2016

In this 3 session series, we discuss:

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6 Audio Downloads in 2 Courses with the Avatars

Course 1
Session 1: Cynthia helps you anchor into your Star of Origin, your personal home in Source, and pull you out of the third dimensional matrix so you can become one with the glorious 5th dimensional, crystalline-based, solar Light Being that you are.

Session 2: You are blessed with the Rose of Sophia, the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine, and are aligned with the Ascended Master Jeshua to awaken the Christ Consciousness within you. As you travel through the 7 Sacred Seals, the Portals of Grace, you are lead into an initiation into your Godhood through the Diamond Body of Babaji.

Session 3: The series culminates with the merging of your Kalki Avatar body of Light with the Ascended Master Merlin, so you can embody the power of the Infinite and light up the world!

Course 2
Session 1: Cynthia helps you to embrace, welcome and integrate the most powerful wave of Ascension to ever hit the planet. She brings forth Serapis Bey and his White Flame of Ascension to open your heart and prepare you to begin to merge with your Divine Avatar Self.

Session 2: You are graced with a profound blessing to ignite your spiritual mission and embody the highest, more glorious vision of your greatest destiny.

Session 3: In all three audios you are Overlighted by the Great MahaAvatar Babaji and in this session he blesses you with messages of divine inspiration and upliftment to become the True Avatar that you are.

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I can’t say enough about how Cynthia has helped me. I’ve spent my whole life doing countless forms of healing modalities with therapists, psychologists and doctors and nothing compares to this. Through her work, I have been able to resolve so many powerful things it is remarkable . kind of like a miracle. I know in my heart I could not have done this in any other way. I am so honored to have worked with her and grateful that she has helped me to heal and restore my love for life, for others, and myself.

Marsha Purcell

Working with Cynthia has been an absolute revelation. She’s played a vital role in helping me to heal, expand, and ultimately flourish in ways that are both subtle and monumental. The guidance I’ve received has inspired me to create more abundance, acceptance, freedom, balance and creativity in ways that feel remarkable effortless.

Michelle White

Cynthia has offered the most generous spirit of healing that I have ever known. I am a changed person. Truly. Because of her I was able to get through the most trying times of my life with a grace that I never believed I was capable of.

Caitlin Lynch

I met Cynthia at the lowest point in my life. She became my beacon and my lighthouse. She showed me how to be Sovereign, how to make choice for my highest good, and, most importantly, how to create magic in my life. I am a completely different person than I was, creating my own world full of love and joy and abundance.

Christina Nold

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