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Keys To Vibrant Living 
Moving from a Limited to a Limitless Reality

Length of Program:  Approximately 5 ½ hours
Video Format

This 5 part video series was recently filmed in google hangouts with the specific intent of supporting people through the changes we are currently undergoing both collectively and in our own personal lives so that we can create a heart centered way of living filled with greater health, inner peace and a joy filled life.

Each seminar illuminates a cornerstone to creating a visionary life and combines both practical tools and powerful transmissions of light language to help you address core limiting beliefs, expand awareness, initiate lasting change, shift perspectives and learn different methods of mastering the mind/ego.

The seminars offer powerful transmissions of light languages that are sung.  This is a dynamic form of vibrational medicine.  They initiate profound healing, accelerate your expansion, harmonize your subtle bodies, support your release of outdated patterns of limitation and clear stagnant energy.  It is a beautiful auditory and energetic experience that is characterized by a profound sense of bliss, transcendence and unconditional love.

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Option 1 offering PLUS a Private Session with Danielle

Private Session with Dr. Danielle Brooks, PhD

A 60 minute session

Are you ready to experience profound transformation in your life? 
Working at a soul level, these in depth sessions address core issues to help you self heal, expand your creativity, step into your authentic power and live a greater expression of joy. 

Each session is unique and tailored to your needs to support you holistically.  If you are desiring lasting change,  want to heal states of dis-ease at their root core or deepen your gifts and abilities, these sessions are for you.  Often it is a variety of needs that we will focus on in all dimensions of time: past, present, parallel and future as well as trans genealogically. 

Along with high frequency light languages that are sung we will explore a variety of tools to help you address core limiting beliefs, expand awareness, shift perspectives and learn different methods of mastering the mind/ego.  

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New Year New You 2017 3 Part Teleseminar  

This teleseminar series, recorded in early January is an in-depth program to support you in creating a new path, a new life and a new you going forward.  It is specifically tailored to our current energies and this year ahead. 

Combing over 4 hours of teachings, meditations and powerful light language transmissions , it is full of fresh and clear directives that are anchored in self empowerment, self acceptance and self love.

Part 1  Embodying our True Power


Part 2  Self Love


Part 3  Allowing Divinity

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Replays of Healing Conversations

MP3s and Transcripts of Healing Conversations

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