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The Day of Biofield Healing Immersion with Debora Wayne

THIS IS A LIVE ONLINE EVENT. AUDIO ONLY Length of Program 5+ HOURS live with Debora Online over the course of one day.

If you’ve tried it all... but are still wondering - Why Do I Still Hurt? Why Am I Stuck?…..then The Day of Biofield Healing Immersion is for you! This one day has the potential to completely turn your energy and life around in a new direction. YOU, like so many past participants, have the potential to leave the Day of Healing totally Pain Free, receiving NEW solutions, for your OLD pain, patterns, and problems.

You don’t have to travel to be a part of this very unique event!  You will simply call in by phone or connect over the internet and experience the power of Biofield Healing™ for yourself AND get empowered with the basic tools you need to unravel your challenges.

Take a look at what your Day Of Healing has in store for you…

  • At 10 AM Pacific Time, we’ll connect via phone or internet. You have the option to simply call in or attend via the web. This event is held every 4 - 6 weeks, and you'll be placed into the next event. Next event; OCTOBER 12

  • Discover the 3 EXACT INGREDIENTS you must have if you want to Get Your Energy & Life Back on Track, Get UN-Stuck and Learn to Live Pain-FREE.

  • Debora will reveal the TOP 10 HIDDEN REASONS she has discovered after working with thousands of people all over the planet that are the underlying root cause for pain, suffering, depression, anxiety, issues with weight and emotional eating, and all those “mysterious” symptoms that just won’t go away no matter what you try!

  • Become aware of and EXPERIENCE FOR YOURSELF a little-known scientific discovery that has the potential to rapidly pinpoint the hidden source of your stress and pain patterns and release them more quickly than any other available methods.

  • We will dive into the new information and science you’ll need to shift your relationship with your current issues and release them for good.

  • You will experience the first of TWO full sessions of my Revolutionary method known as Biofield Healing Immersion™.($400 VALUE!)
    (I’ll describe this in detail before we begin – just know for now that you don’t have to do anything to prepare for it and that It’s been life-changing for people. Thousands of my past clients have reported complete elimination of Chronic pain, Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Fatigue, Trauma, issues with Food, Weight, Dieting, Emotional Eating and much much more!)

  • You’ll be guided through homework exercises to help you release the real root cause and to process whatever comes up. You’ll be encouraged to journal about what transpires.

  • You will have the opportunity to ask me any of your toughest questions and share any concerns or areas where you feel stuck or unclear. I will work 1 on 1 with as many people as we have time for in this first session, which wraps up at noon Pacific Time. ($966 VALUE)

  • You’ll have a break to allow everything we do together to sink in and deeply integrate. You’ll receive homework to complete between the morning and afternoon sessions to bring up even more awareness and to facilitate rapid healing. (I highly recommend, if at all possible, that you take the entire day and declare it a “Sacred Day of Healing” just for you. A time for deep awareness to surface, feelings to come up, much needed self-care, a time to journal, quiet time to be alone in nature, or meditate so that nothing in your outside world distracts you from what comes up during our first session together.)

  • We reconvene at 5PM pacific time for a second call. This is NOT a repeat of the morning session.  We will go further and deeper into your healing experience which includes new information, more Q and A time with me, and then another session of Biofield Healing Immersion™. ($450 VALUE)

  • I’ll take more volunteers through their issues, challenges, or areas of pain in which they still feel stuck.  You’ll have one more opportunity to have your questions answeredand work 1 on 1 with me before we wrap up the Day Of Healing at 7PM Pacific Time. ($966 VALUE)

  • You’ll receive a recording of the ENTIRE DAY (both sessions morning AND afternoon) in case you cannot make it live to the call.  The recordings are just as powerful. only difference is you won’t have the opportunity to work with me Live on the call.  Don’t let that stop you from healing!  Use the recordings immediately.  Some people actually prefer the recordings!  

Are you ready...

…to open up to the possibility of leaving your pain, frustrating patterns, and untolerable symptoms completelyin your past on that very day???  Not everyone experiences immediate total relief, but many do, and almost all share that they have huge new answers and awareness and that pain and problems noticeably shift, lessen, and lighten from the very first session. This has the potential to be the day that changes the direction of your entire life!



Your pain is trying to tell you something! Until you listen, it will continue to show up in increasingly more attention-getting ways.  It will not stop until you get the message.

Are you ready to be guided in how to listen and what to do about it?

If you’re thinking, “I’m not in physical pain, I’m dealing with fill-in-the-blank!” Hang in there with me! It could be depression, anxiety, trauma, struggles with weight, digestion, yo-yo dieting, lack of willpower, money issues, and the list goes on. If whatever you put in that blank causes you frustration, emotional pain, financial worry, ongoing stress, or just irritates the living daylights out of you, then you are in the right place. If you’re so tired of the condition you are currently in and are truly ready for a way out, then you have come to the right place!!

DOH-DeboraWayne If you haven’t heard my story, let it suffice to say for now that I was once curled in a ball on my closet floor, crying my eyes out, screaming “WHY ME?” and praying for a solution to the suffering that had plagued me for years.

If you’re like I was when I was dealing with my challenges, you might be trying to FIGURE IT OUT AND THINK YOUR WAY OUT OF YOUR SITUATION. Maybe you spend your mental energy thinking about what specialist might have the solution, what treatment or diet or supplement might melt it away, what you’re eating wrong, saying wrong, doing wrong! The energy you spend on this never-ending search, not to mention the oftentimes high financial cost, might be totally unnecessary.

Would it be worth one day and less than the cost of a single doctor visit to see if there is an easier way out of your pain that will not only release you from your suffering, but also empower you to prevent new and different forms of pain and challenges in the future?

The worst thing that will happen is that your mind will doubt this can work– just like I did! As a woman with a degree in psychology who stacked on certifications in clinical hypnotherapy, hypno-anesthesiology, and chemical dependency counseling, I was certain the realm of Western medicine had a solution. But I’ve never seen results with those forms of treatment that compare to the astonishing results, relief, and new information you’ll receive and experience in our Day Of Biofield Healing™!

Your doubt, judgement, and skepticism are more than welcome here. As a matter of fact, I’d be suspicious if you didn’t bring them along for the ride.

Things are about to shift. I’m here to help guide you.

Here is what’s to expect from our Day Of Healing…

  • Experience what many have called the most powerful healing modality on the planet during your two Biofield Healing Immersion™ sessions (OVER $800 VALUE!!)
  • Work live with Debora (and learn from the others in the group) in both the morning and evening sessions (two+ hours each, (that’s Over $1900 VALUE) to discover the hidden reasons causing dis-ease, pain, and more, that medical testing will not reveal
  • Begin to dismantle YOUR destructive patterns and create new patterns of health and happiness
  • Raise your energetic vibration to rapidly accelerate the healing process
  • Release the hidden causes of pain in a way that requires no doctors, drugs, or diets
  • Learn how to stop feeding your pain, thinking and worrying about it and giving it attention, time, and money
  • Be introduced to "must-have" tools designed to stop the vicious patterns that cause you unnecessary stress and dis-ease in your body, mind, emotions, and spirit.
  • Open up to feeling much more connected and in touch with your body, mind, feelings, and your inner guidance so you can live your higher purpose

The full MP3 recording will be delivered to your inbox within approximately 48 hours after our Day of Biofield Healing Immersion™ so you have ongoing access and can use the information AND the Biofield Healing Immersion™ Sessions again and again on any issue in your life!  (A $297 value)

The Biofield Healing Immersion™ sessions are just as powerful when you listen back to the recordings, so you can use the audios to support you during future challenges.

Special Offer

Special Offer

1:1 Private 20 Minute Session with Debora (Limited Number Avail) + Option 1

Audio or Video Format - Audio Only. They will call in over Debora’s Conference Call Line
Length of Program - 20 minute Private 1:1 Distance Biofield Healing Session

Special Offer
"It’s not an understatement to say that Debora Wayne has given me back my life! I had been very ill for almost 6 years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The illness forced me to leave my dream job and retreat into rest. The symptoms were miserable. I tried dozens of other doctors, practitioners and healers without significant or lasting gains. Miraculous things happened… Debora’s work is extraordinary. Her sessions healed me of an ailment doctors called incurable, and I feel like I’ve gotten a second chance at life. I’m so grateful to Debora’s unsurpassed skill, caring and insight."
—RT San Diego, CA

“I have had two knee operations and a 2 inch plate implanted in my neck. I have been in constant pain for years! The doctors have prescribed pain medicines from Vicodin to Valium for muscle spasms. I was skeptical. I had already tried everything – Acupuncture, Acupressure, and all types of other physical treatments. Since Debora, I don’t have to take pain medication or muscle relaxers any longer. I haven’t felt this good in years! This spiritual healing from Debora Wayne, is real. I was healed from the inside out. It lasts , it works, and the only side effect is better health. THANK YOU”
---LOUIS Orange, CA

Working with Debra I immediately felt relief from mental pain. My body was lighter and my mind clearer. Within 24 hours of my first biofield healing session, I felt physical pain and emotional pain leave my body. My biggest discovery is that I can heal and control the problems that had kept me depressed, isolated and blocked. I am a changed person. I find that opportunities and connection with others that I have always wanted are coming to me now without effort. Physically I am getting stronger and I love my life.Everything has changed in my life. I am excited about my future and so very grateful for the healing I have received."
—Sharon H. Henderson, NV

“My skeleton realigned itself after our Distance Session just like when I’ve had hands on treatment. That’s incredible…remote energy work that realigned my spine!!! Even my ankles are realigned. My back has felt great ever since the first session. The way a back should feel. My neck, shoulder, and low back pain are all gone.”
Jim J., Simi Valley, CA

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