Online Healing Retreat
Psychic Energetics and Light Language Activations

with Dorian Light

Online Healing Retreat
11:11 Gateway: Healing the Human Psyche & Sound Accelerations

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Online Healing Retreat Description


On this incredible but arduous spiritual journey that we have been on, we have had to address, clear and heal various aspects of ourselves, from the fracturing of our own soul to the parallel and alternate timelines and aspects of self. We been clearing and healing the soul’s memory banks, cellular memory, cosmic consciousness, removing imprints, encoded and Geo-Metric Implants and much more in order to Step Into the Truth of Who We Are! As we know, the restriction encoding implanted within humanity is quite complex and needs to be dismantled and expunged so that we can create new Morphic Fields and Realities for Ourselves! So what is next for us to address, clear, heal, and activate so that we truly can be free in our Divine Truth?

It is time to delve deep into the “Human Psyche” which we use as a filter to our experiences as we incarnate over and over again as a Human Being. Did you know that even though your Soul longs for freedom that there are parts of you that don’t? These parts of you are created as aspects of “THE HUMAN YOU” through the belief systems that you use to filter each experience. Inner Human Aspects of Self such as The Judge, The Priest, The Victim, The Inner Child, The Rebel, and various others are usually saboteurs to not only our bodies but to the truth of who we are. It is time to Step Into The Truth of Who We Truly Are!

Now, more than ever, there is an opportunity to speed up our Ascension Process as we dismantle, heal and activate aspects of ourselves, as Energy Gateways from the very Heart of Divine Source are opening up across the vast realms of the Universe. Let’s keep moving forward so that we can “Step Into Our Truth”, "Divine Surrender” and the “State of Grace”.

Join Dorian Light on this Power 11/11 Gateway as she explains and explores the “Human Psyche” and helps you to heal those parts of you that may be your biggest saboteurs to your Freedom! Dorian will be doing her new Sound Accelerations and Q&A’s as well. So you don’t want to miss this Powerful and Life Changing Event!

Meet Dorian Light

Blessings-- I am Dorian and I am a Language of Light and Energy Healer, Psychic Channel, and Spiritual Counselor. My friends call me “ The Psychic Shifter” as I have an ability to see core issues, blocks and patterns of information in your energy field and shift, dissolve and resolve them thus facilitating quick life changes and deep inner healing.

Also, I can help bring new patterns of information into your field that align more completely to who you are and what you may wish to accomplish.

​ I entered into this lifetime with an ability to channel information from other dimensions, see Angels and many times talk to deceased love ones. Along with my gifts and two “NED’s - Near Death Experiences”, I have spent most of my life on a deep inner search for meaning and understanding of myself, life and death (and yes it is true – we NEVER die as we just change form).

   At the age of 16, I started speaking my first dialect of the Language of Light and now speak many different frequency tones or dialects. I also started having visions. One such vision was of my brother’s death 3 months before he died. In advance, I described to family members exactly how it would happen. Not only did it happen the way I described it 3 months later, but I was able to see and be apart of his death process.

I was able to verbally tell others with me exactly what he was experiencing in his process and to express his last message of love to them. A s the vision left me, he was standing with Yeshua (Jesus) on the other side of the veil perfectly healthy, whole and radiant. The experience was beautifully amazing and wonderfully healing for all! (Look for a future article on Death – It Is All About Perception). 

 My life statement is heart-felt and simple – “I choose to assist others to heal on all levels and to realize who they truly are – a being of purpose capable of healing their lives, capturing their dreams, fulfilling their soul’s highest purpose and experiencing life to the fullest.” I help you to understand that all you need to do is give yourself permission to “Step into the Realm of Infinite Possibilities and Miracles”.​ ​

Many Blessings of Love & Light,
Dorian ​

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