Online Healing Retreat Weekend
with Dorian Light

2 Full Sessions of Psychic Energetics

Enjoy Two Online Healing Retreats
with Dorian Light

OHR #1: Original Cause Clearing
Saturday, October 7:
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OHR #2: The Journey to Divine Surrender - The Neutral Zone
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Session 1: Online Healing Retreat
Original Cause Clearing

Session 1: Online Healing Retreat Description

Original Cause Clearing - PSYCHIC ENERGETICS and LIGHT LANGAUGE with Dorian Light

This is a profound experience as we journey back to the Original Cause of our journey into Physical Form and how we condensed into form. We release the pain and wounding from this experience during this effective clearing. Energy Healer Dorian Light will use the Language of Light and Psychic Energetics to clear patterns of old programming from past lives so that you can create the future of your dreams during this time of the Great Shift.

Here's a note from Dorian...

Blessings Everyone -

Please join me and Lauren Galey for this 3 Hour Online Healing Retreat. You don't want to miss this program as we will be exploring, dismantling and removing several ancient "Original Cause" patterns, programs and beliefs. These programs have kept us from stepping into our fullest and highest potential of "Who We Truly Are" and "What We Came Here To Do" with all of our skills, gifts and abilities.

If you know anyone with Dementia or Alzheimer, you most certainly want to be on this healing call so you can understand how these "Original Cause" programs can possibly be playing a big part in these dis-eases.

Included is a Powerful Bonus - I will teach you an exercise to help you to access a walking around Theta State of consciousness. Using this exercise will help you to step into the state of being an "Observer" which leads to the realm of true "Surrender" and "Being".

Please join me on this Powerful and Informative Call! Many Blessings of Love & Light!

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Session 2: Online Healing Retreat
The Journey to Divine Surrender - The Neutral Zone

Online Healing Retreat Description

The Journey to Divine Surrender - The Neutral Zone: PSYCHIC ENERGETICS and LIGHT LANGAUGE with Dorian Light

Now, more than ever, it is essential to be in the neutral unconditional love zone of being the "Observer" as it is the key to our destiny of Divine Surrender. Our soul's are longing for their "FREEDOM" - the space to where we are free from the attachments of the "human condition" and divinely surrendered to our own Divine Truth! It is time to step out of playing in the polarity of Light vs Dark and into the true Zone of Freedom - the Neutral Zone. Many of us are in the process of stepping into the Neutral Zone as we detach from false constructs that have bound us over ions of time. Once we empty out the trash (so to speak) we can allow the PURE consciousness and Truth of who we are to meld into the body. It is then that we can truly walk the planet as Enlightened Embodied Masters helping others do the same. It is all about the Freedom to be "Who We Truly Are which is Unconditional Love".

Experience a session of Psychic Energetics with Energy Healer Dorian Light, who will use the Language of Light and Psychic Energetics to clear patterns of old programming from past lives so that you can create the future of your dreams during this time of the Great Shift.

Dorian will also do clearing work around certain patterns and programs that are coming up in people's energy fields. She will be using her teaching of "What Is The Possibility" to help people step into their power and their purpose. Dorian will also conduct a “key code” clearing and a DNA/Lightbody Activation with the Language of Light. "So many have past and current life patterns and programs, belief systems, karmic contracts that can be sabotaging your life," says Dorian, "With your Higher Self's permission, I will shift this old energy to remove these negative patterns. It will activate key codes embedded within you, and it clear mutations that keep you from moving into the 12 strains of your DNA. I also use Light Language which can clear these mutations and help bring our DNA online, which consequently bring us to our Light Body."

This program includes a clearing of all oaths, vows and contracts ever made in past lives or this lifetime, especially Poverty Consciousness and the need to struggle for money. Step into your abundance and your own Self-Mastery with this Psychic Energetics clearing of key code memory banks with Energy Healer Dorian Light.

Meet Dorian Light

Blessings-- I am Dorian and I am a Language of Light and Energy Healer, Psychic Channel, and Spiritual Counselor. My friends call me “ The Psychic Shifter” as I have an ability to see core issues, blocks and patterns of information in your energy field and shift, dissolve and resolve them thus facilitating quick life changes and deep inner healing.

Also, I can help bring new patterns of information into your field that align more completely to who you are and what you may wish to accomplish.

​ I entered into this lifetime with an ability to channel information from other dimensions, see Angels and many times talk to deceased love ones. Along with my gifts and two “NED’s - Near Death Experiences”, I have spent most of my life on a deep inner search for meaning and understanding of myself, life and death (and yes it is true – we NEVER die as we just change form).

   At the age of 16, I started speaking my first dialect of the Language of Light and now speak many different frequency tones or dialects. I also started having visions. One such vision was of my brother’s death 3 months before he died. In advance, I described to family members exactly how it would happen. Not only did it happen the way I described it 3 months later, but I was able to see and be apart of his death process.

I was able to verbally tell others with me exactly what he was experiencing in his process and to express his last message of love to them. A s the vision left me, he was standing with Yeshua (Jesus) on the other side of the veil perfectly healthy, whole and radiant. The experience was beautifully amazing and wonderfully healing for all! (Look for a future article on Death – It Is All About Perception). 

 My life statement is heart-felt and simple – “I choose to assist others to heal on all levels and to realize who they truly are – a being of purpose capable of healing their lives, capturing their dreams, fulfilling their soul’s highest purpose and experiencing life to the fullest.” I help you to understand that all you need to do is give yourself permission to “Step into the Realm of Infinite Possibilities and Miracles”.​ ​

Many Blessings of Love & Light,
Dorian ​

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