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Online Healing Retreat - ORIGINAL CAUSE Healing with Dorian Light

Dorian Light Online Healing Retreat

Online Healing Retreat - Psychic Energetics & Light Language : Original Cause Healing

Recorded Webcast with MP3 Audio Download

The Original Cause Clearings & Observation Mode Teaching. Experience a session of Psychic Energetics with Energy Healer Dorian Light, who will use the Language of Light and Psychic Energetics to clear patterns of old programming from past lives so that you can create the future of your dreams during this time of the Great Shift.

This is a powerful 2 hour-plus program where we will be exploring, dismantling and removing several ancient "Original Cause" patterns, programs and beliefs. These programs have kept us from stepping into our fullest and highest potential of "Who We Truly Are" and "What We Came Here To Do" with all of our skills, gifts and abilities. If you know anyone with Dementia or Alzheimer, you most certainly want to be on this healing call so you can understand how these "Original Cause" programs can possibly be playing a big part in these dis-eases.

Included is a Powerful Bonus - I will teach you an exercise to help you to access a walking around Theta State of consciousness. Using this exercise will help you to step into the state of being an "Observer" which leads to the realm of true "Surrender" and "Being".

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The above Online Healing Retreat is INCLUDED with the purchase of OPTION 1 or 2 below:

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Option 1: Audio Package
Option 2: Audio Package with Personal Activation Session with Dorian

A valuable offering from Dorian Light to continue the work with the Psychic Energetics with Light Language. Most often, setting your mind free with visual and audio aids can help tremendously in setting your mind free and allowing you inner self to open up and accept dimensions typically untapped. The product aides below have been carefully and lovingly developed from universal energies to manifest itself at this point in time. Hopefully you will find a connection to one of the below products to help you in your quest.

ITEM 1: Online Healing Retreat - Psychic Energetics to Break Poverty Consciousness
Dorian takes us on a 3-hour healing session with Psychic Energetics and Light Language to assist us in Breaking Free from Poverty Consciousness. This is a powerful clearing of old beliefs and self-sabotaging programs from this lifetime, and all past lives. MP3 Download ($22.22 value) click here to learn more this session

ITEM 2: Online Healing Retreat - Psychic Energetics to Step into Infinite Possibilities
Light Language Healer & Psychic Dorian Light offers a powerful healing session that will remove blockages holding you back. With Psychic Energetics, you'll experience a release of old programs and a renewal of connection to Source, where you'll visualize the infinite possibilities available for your creation. You'll learn powerful tools that bring you out of the Collective Consciousness so you can create from a place of your own personal power. This retreat includes a process that will allow you to work in the morphogenic field and watch the outcomes in your life! MP3 Download ($22.22 value) click here to learn more about this session

ITEM 3: The Sound of Light Audio Program
The “Sound of Light” soundtrack is infused with the powerful sound frequencies of the Language of Light. Communicating directly with your soul and the attuning vibrations of quartz crystal bowls and multi-dimensional patterns of transformational music by 'Life in Balance'. This composition of high frequency sound vibration creates a language of divine form in motion that can truly take you to another level of consciousness, clear unwanted energetic patterns and heal all levels of your life. Infinite universal knowledge, wisdom and life-changing powers are stored deep within its messages. Meditating with this high vibrational composition takes you into a theta state where infinite possibilities for change and transformation can occur. This is an excellent tool to use in your meditation practice to raise your personal vibration. Sound of Light . MP3 Download ($22 value)

ITEM 4: Damatae - Crystal Pyramid of the Sun Clearing/Healing Meditation & Activation with the Language of Light
DAMATAE is a guided meditation that takes you into the Crystal Pyramid of the Sun where all things are possible. The Crystal Pyramid is a real multi-dimensional pyramid that lies in the Meadow of Life. In the Crystal Pyramid you will clear and heal old sabotaging patterns from ions of incarnations; bask in the rejuvenating and regenerating Liquid Light of the Creator’s Life Force Energy; and receive a profoundly transformative Language of Light sound frequency activation. This powerful meditation can help you shift, change, and heal all areas and aspects of your life! ($22 value)

ITEM 5:The Wounded Child Healing Audio
A brand new, professionally produced MP3 featuring crystal healing bowls, and Psychic Energetics allowing you to heal the Wounded Child. A mesmerizing and healing journey for full integration of the wounded child. ($22 value)

ITEM 6: NEW! Stepping Into Your Power
STEPPING INTO YOUR POWER - MP3 Download of Healing Conversations If you are feeling stuck, dis-empowered, stagnant or frustrated in any area of your life, then you need to join Dorian Light with Stepping Into Your Power. Dorian will work with key sabotaging patterns and programs that she has identified through her work that are prohibiting individuals from stepping into their full purpose and power in all aspects of their lives. Through the Language of Light and Psychic Energetics, Dorian will also activate and bring on line several key code programs that are embedded within your soul’s memory banks and energy field that will help you to quickly step into your personal power.

ITEM 7: The Solfeggio Tones Audio Support MP3
Utilize the Ancient Solfeggio Tones in your life and feel the support these sonic tones offer us in many ways. Used by the Gregorian Monks, these tones are now scientifically proven to repair DNA. In a 1 hour program, in a cycle of 9, you'll also experience The Six Solfeggio Frequencies of:

UT – 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear
RE – 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
MI – 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
FA – 639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships
SOL – 741 Hz – Awakening Intuition
LA – 852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order
($22 value)

Plus 3 New Releases from Dorian Light!

Special Offer


Special Offer

Mini Bonus Offer from Dorian

THE LATEST NEW Releases from Dorian Light! Enjoy 3 NEW releases of Psychic Energetics & Light Language Audio Programs from Dorian Light. These professionally recorded and produced audio programs will soothe and comfort you while unlocking keycodes within you!

If you already have Dorian's other Audio Programs from her earlier Special Offers, then this is a Great Way to Access her New Programs at a Discount for Acoustichealth.com Listeners!
Buy Now for Immediate Download: $44 (Value $72) Includes the following:


This soundtrack is a guided meditation to take you on a journey of expanding your Inner Light and anchoring more deeply with the “Highest Enlightened Awareness” of your soul. Practicing this powerful “Inner Light” technique as often as possible will assist you as a Being of Light to expand your consciousness, awareness and center of your being on command.

It will also help you to expand your Inner Light out into the planet and the Universe to help heal and assist others.


This sound track is a guided meditation that walks you step-by-step through the process of creating and using energy tools to help you clear and balance your energy field.

Everything and everyone is made up of energy. Different energy centers within and around your body are influenced by your own thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as those of others. It is very important, especially during this “Great Shift of the Ages” to have energy tools to use daily to keep your energy field clear and free from negative inside and outside influences. Using the methods and techniques presented will help you to stay grounded, improve your memory, help you to feel more focused, have more ownership of your space and energy, be less affected by others, and feel happier, more stable, balanced and aligned.

These are techniques and methods that Dorian Light uses in her daily spiritual practices.

WINGS OF LIGHT MEDITATION This soothing soundtrack lifts you to new heights and puts you on a journey of expanding your Inner Light. It is the second in the Language of Light series, following the origional "Sound of Light soundtrack. An equally powerful and beautiful soundtrack, the words of the Language of Light will continue to help you shift, change and heal your life.

Infinite Universal knowledge, wisdom and life-changing powers are stored deep within its message.

Buy Now for Immediate Download: $44 (Value $72)

SPECIAL EVENT - LIVE and IN-PERSON with Dorian Light

SACRED HEART CONNECTIONS - Boulder, Colorado - Join our Studio Audience!

Our High-Vibe Tribe is going LIVE and In-Person! We want to meet you – Sacred Heart to Sacred Heart, share a hug or two and meet like-minded hearts and friends.

Please join me and my special guests in Live In-Person events each month! Sacred Heart Connections is your connection to Your Sacred Heart and Others. And if you can’t join us in Person, we’re coming to you. Each live event is video webcast a week after each event so you can experience the Sacred Heart Connections with viewers from around the world. THIS is our way of creating community and we hope you join us – it will be wonderful to see you!

On the 3rd Sacred Saturday of each Month…live in Boulder, CO with my special friends and guests.

Our upcoming events
Saturday, July 15th with Dorian Light

3:33pm Studio Doors Open
4pm - 5:30om Show Time
3:15 – 4:30 VIP Meet and Greet with our Show Guest

Option 1:
$47 basic registration fee
$55 at the door

Option 2: VIP Pass
$77 registration includes Meet and Greet Event with Dorian!
$111 at the door

Option 3: VIP Pass with Dorian's Special Offer with Personal Session

Note: Due to limited seating there are NO REFUNDS for cancellations.

If you have any questions about your attendance, please, contact us at: lauren@acoustichealth.com

Register for LIVE EVENT $47- Suturday, July 15/span>

Register for LIVE EVENT VIP Pass $77- Saturday, July 15th

Register for LIVE EVENT VIP Pass with Personal Session and Audio Download $249- Saturday, July 15

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