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30 Day Group Remote Session

This 30 Day Group Remote Session is very powerful and you don’t have to be present with Dorian to have it. When you purchase a remote session, Dorian will take your name and with her psychic abilities (Psychic Energetics), she will go into the Zero Point Field and scan your fields on all multi-dimensional levels. She will then take all the energy information that she has gathered, as well as any hidden and unknown information, and will infuse it with thousands of years of Qi-Gong energies and the Language of Light. That information will then be broadcasted into your Personal Energy Field as a daily remote session for one month to help you to shift, change and heal your life. Dorian believes in maintaining the highest integrity, therefore, she has tested this modality for over 2 years before presenting it to the public and has seen powerful results in her test client’s lives. The beauty of this modality is - you don’t have to be present! The “Monkey Mind” always wants to know and can question how a remote session is possible. Everything is energy and it doesn’t have any limits, therefore, with these remote sessions you can go about your daily life and just notice the changes!

NOTE – Please remember, this is a group session, therefore, there will be multiple layers of issues addressed according to the individuals in the group. This remote can be extensive and very complex as the energies work with all aspects of your multi-dimensional self. Therefore, just know that it is not necessary for you to have to know the depth of the information as the changes will occur according to your psyche and your soul’s ability to allow and accept change. However, please note, if issues persist in your life after the remote session, you may need to schedule a personal one-on-one session with Dorian to address key core issues (such as Original Cause Programming or Irrevocable Contracts) from another perspective or level.

Here are some of the protocols and areas that are included in this remote session which can help you to de-stress and release what no longer serves you:

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Special Offer

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30 Day Group Remote Session & Sound Tracks

ITEM 1: The Sound of Light Audio Program
The “Sound of Light” soundtrack is infused with the powerful sound frequencies of the Language of Light. Communicating directly with your soul and the attuning vibrations of quartz crystal bowls and multi-dimensional patterns of transformational music by 'Life in Balance'. This composition of high frequency sound vibration creates a language of divine form in motion that can truly take you to another level of consciousness, clear unwanted energetic patterns and heal all levels of your life. Infinite universal knowledge, wisdom and life-changing powers are stored deep within its messages. Meditating with this high vibrational composition takes you into a theta state where infinite possibilities for change and transformation can occur. This is an excellent tool to use in your meditation practice to raise your personal vibration. Sound of Light . MP3 Download ($22 value)

ITEM 2: Clearing & Balancing Your Energy Field

This sound track is a guided meditation that walks you step-by-step through the process of creating and using energy tools to help you clear and balance your energy field.

Everything and everyone is made up of energy. Different energy centers within and around your body are influenced by your own thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as those of others. It is very important, especially during this “Great Shift of the Ages” to have energy tools to use daily to keep your energy field clear and free from negative inside and outside influences. Using the methods and techniques presented will help you to stay grounded, improve your memory, help you to feel more focused, have more ownership of your space and energy, be less affected by others, and feel happier, more stable, balanced and aligned.

These are techniques and methods that Dorian Light uses in her daily spiritual practices.

ITEM 3: The Inner Child Meditation

ITEM 4: Damatae - Crystal Pyramid of the Sun Clearing/Healing Meditation & Activation with the Language of Light
DAMATAE is a guided meditation that takes you into the Crystal Pyramid of the Sun where all things are possible. The Crystal Pyramid is a real multi-dimensional pyramid that lies in the Meadow of Life. In the Crystal Pyramid you will clear and heal old sabotaging patterns from ions of incarnations; bask in the rejuvenating and regenerating Liquid Light of the Creator’s Life Force Energy; and receive a profoundly transformative Language of Light sound frequency activation. This powerful meditation can help you shift, change, and heal all areas and aspects of your life! ($22 value)

ITEM 5:Healing the Original Cause (3 hr. Live Event)
ITEM 6: Breaking Poverty Consciousness (3 hr. Live Event)

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"The Six Steps To Clearing Your Limitations" PLUS Free Bonus Audio: "Your Daily Light Code Attunement" CLEAR YOUR LIMITATIONS...

In This Free Report & Bonus Audio You'll Learn:

For over 20 years, Dorian Light—the acclaimed Language of Light Speaker, Healer & Intuitive—has helped thousands transform their lives!

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30 min. Personal Session with Dorian Light and Option 2


This soundtrack is a guided meditation to take you on a journey of expanding your Inner Light and anchoring more deeply with the “Highest Enlightened Awareness” of your soul. Practicing this powerful “Inner Light” technique as often as possible will assist you as a Being of Light to expand your consciousness, awareness and center of your being on command.

It will also help you to expand your Inner Light out into the planet and the Universe to help heal and assist others.

WINGS OF LIGHT MEDITATION This soothing soundtrack lifts you to new heights and puts you on a journey of expanding your Inner Light. It is the second in the Language of Light series, following the origional "Sound of Light soundtrack. An equally powerful and beautiful soundtrack, the words of the Language of Light will continue to help you shift, change and heal your life.

Infinite Universal knowledge, wisdom and life-changing powers are stored deep within its message.

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