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The Ring of Fire Meditation
April 3, 2012



Continue your meditation practice and raise your vibration again by listening to the MP3s .

guided meditation

NEW! Guided Meditation Bundle #2

Download 11 Guided Meditations with Music From The Universe.
These are meditations only (no discussion) extracted from the Group Meditations.
Music From the Universe is added to these meditations for a divine experience!

#1 ~ Golden Dolphin Temple of Empowerment
#2 ~ Mary Magdalene & Kathumi
#3 ~ Mary Magdalene & The Sacred Chakra
#4 ~ Meditation for Self Love and Empowerment
#5 ~ Merging with Christ Consciousness
#6 ~ Shangrala and The Himalayan Crystal Cave of Healing
#7 ~ Temple of ONEness in Telos
#8 ~ The Golden Water Activation
#9 ~ Divine Temple of Love
#10~Divine Temple of Wisdom
#11~Dolphin & Whale Meditation
Purchase 11 Meditations in MP3 format: $13.33
(delivery via electronic download)

guided meditations

Guided Meditation Bundle #1

Download 9 Meditations & Discussions featuring Soul Singing of Shirley Irene Ponto,
invocations by Michelle Anderson and hosted by Lauren Galey
#1 ~ Dolphin Heart Meditation
#2 ~ Violet Flame Planetary Healing Meditation
#3 ~ The Inner Smile
#4 ~ Divine Temple: Realize Your Divine Plan
#5 ~ Angelic Higher Self Activation
#6 Illumination Temple of Telos
#7 - Gemini New Moon Meditation
#8 The Divine Emerald Ray
#9 Himalayan Cave Meditation/ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
Purchase 9 Meditation Sessions
in MP3 format for $11.00

(delivery via electronic download)



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