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~ Online Healing Retreat Series ~
with Dr. Suzanne Lie

Anchoring Light Body

Online Healing Retreat Master Class

A 3-Part Series
Home-Study course with Transcripts MP3 downloads

Online Healing Retreat Description: A Message from the Arcturians:

Lightbody is the YOU that resides within the light of every synaptic junction of your neurological system, and within the core of the 97% “junk DNA.” Your Lightbody has a neurological system much like your physical body, but instead of resonating to the third and fourth dimension, your Lightbody resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond.

Your Lightbody is what keeps you “alive,” and your High Heart and Third Eye rule it. Your physical heart and your physical brain rule your physical body. Your etheric body of your fourth dimensional self serves as the frequency interface between physical body and your Lightbody.

As your “junk DNA” comes online, which it is doing day-by-day, more and more of your Lightbody will be revealed to your third-dimensional consciousness. Those of you who have meditated to the extent that you can consciously connect with your gamma wave consciousness have had fleeting experiences of “being Lightbody.”

These experiences are fleeting because you have made a pre-birth contract that you would not flash into your Personal Lightbody until there was enough Unity Consciousness of humanity to “time” that flash into your personal Lightbody with Gaia’s flash into Planetary Lightbody.

It is important that you all unite your transmutation into Lightbody with Gaia’s transmutation into Lightplanet. The reason for this is that most of you who are receiving this transmission are aware you are already fifth dimensional Lightbody in your fifth dimensional self.

Therefore, you do not “create” your Lightbody, but you “return” to your Lightbody. You, the ones who took an earth vessel to assist with Planetary Ascension, are remembering that this “return to your innate Lightbody self” was planned before you took this incarnation.

In fact, you volunteered to take this, particular and very important, incarnation because you knew that Gaia had the Possible Reality of flashing into a fifth-dimensional “Light Planet.” All of Gaia’s kingdoms are ready for frequency shift, except for humanity.

Therefore, you will need to regenerate and heal your earth vessel for your higher octave of your service.

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Bonus # 1: Finding Your Light Body Meditation MP3 Download PLUS Transcript

Experience the Finding Your Light Body Meditation anytime you wish to continue building the connection and awareness of that which already exists within you. This Mediation includes beautiful, uplifting background music for your Divine Enjoyment!

Bonus # 2: 21 Arcturian Messages in MP3 Downloads

$420 value

Dr. Sue and The Arcturians offer these Guided Meditations you can do on a daily basis. These are generally about 15 minute each and are short guided pre-ludes into your longer meditation practices, or for quick reprieves in your day. Includes 21 Meditations with insight from the Arcturians who wish to guide us into Higher Consciousness.

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Get Eveything in Option 1 PLUS the following:

Light Language & The Human Chakra System Course 1
Course 1 with MP3 Recordings & PDF Transcripts

$97 value

Online Healing Retreat Description - Course 1:
3 Sessions (2 hours)

Learn how to read frequencies of Light Language! Join this Series with the Arcturians who offer messages and meditations to assist you in expanding your consciousness into higher dimensions. This 3-Sesssion Course (2 hours each) As you expand your consciousness into the 5th Dimension and beyond, you are beginning to perceive thought forms and energy packages. Your Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience abilities are coming online, and with all of these skills arriving now, you are preparing yourself to be able to perceive,receive and interpret Light Language.

In this manner, we (The Arcturians, the Elementals, Angels, & Beings in the Inner Earth) will be able to speak to you via Light Language. When someone speaks to you in Light Language, it is a package of information that is whole and complete. There is information for the general population as well as specific information for you individually. This creates a aleg up on percieving and communing with your own higher dimensional self while you gather with others who commune and perceive their higher dimensional selves. While all higher dimensional selves bond in unity with their grounded ones...can you see the power of this corridor?

The Chakras are part of your interpretation of Light Lanaguage. Light Language has certain colors and tones, and each vibrate a specific frequencies. As you are able to interpret light language thru your Chakra Syste, which is alreaady connected to your spine, your light body and your endocrine system and major solar plexus, then you won't just recieve the light language, you will be in alignment with thelight language. So instead of interpreting Light Lanaguage, you simply plug into it and just let it come thru.

The degree to which the chakras are balanced and in alignment will enhance your consciousness and allow you to perceive Light Lanaguage from a Higher Frequency, where you will get higher and higher frequency information.

When you are reading light language, you will be reading in higher frequencies than words offer, you will be bringing in whole packages of information. You will not have to interpret it, you simply absorb it into yourself, and BE what you have absorbed into yourself. When you learn to read higher frequencies of Light Language, you pull your consciousness into higher and higher frequencies of reality.

Look into the core of your own self and see if you are ready for this information. If you are ready for this information, are you ready to LIVE it? If so, please join us in this Online Healing Retreat - Light Language and The Human Chakra System.

Message from The Arcturians

Learning/Remembering to Read Light Language

"Many of you are beginning to perceive thought forms and energy packages. Your Clairaudience (hearing), Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairsentience (kinesthetic) abilities are coming online. With all of these skills arriving now, you are preparing yourself to be able to perceive, receive and interpret Light Language."

In this manner, we (The Arcturians, the Elementals, Angels, & Beings from Inner Earth) will be able to speak to you via Light Language. When someone speaks to you in Light Language, it is a package of information that is whole and complete.

We will offer information for the general population, as well as specific information for you, individually. This creates a leg up for you when you can perceive and commune with your own higher dimensional self.

Once you remember that innate skill that ALL of you have, we ask that you gather with others who can commune with and perceive their higher dimensional selves. Then, when you enter our Arcturian Corridor, which is now encircling Gaia, you will create a collective energy field in which all your higher dimensional selves can bond in unity with each other and with all of your grounded expressions.

The Chakras are part of your interpretation of Light Language. Light Language has certain colors and tones. Each color and tone vibrates to a specific frequency of light. Since each of your chakras also vibrate to a specific frequency of light, your chakras will serve as an "alphabet," and "translation device."

Eventually, you will remember how to interpret Light Language through your Chakra System. We say, "remember" because this skill of communicating via your light body systems (your chakras) is common for your higher dimensional self.

Each chakra represents a certain area of your nervous system (spine and brain), your endocrine system, and a major nerve plexus. Your higher dimensional consciousness has already received, interpreted and integrated within the NOW, beyond time.

When you come into alignment with your chakra systems, your consciousness instantly expands into higher frequency brainwaves. Then you don't just "receive" and "translate" the Light Language, you simply plug into it, let go of your ego self, and "allow" the inter-dimensional information to come into you.

This acceptance of light occurs many times through out your busy day. We are all in constant communication with our Higher SELF, but we get so lost in our 3D life that we become "unconscious" to the amazing Light Language messages that flow into us on a regular basis.

The degree to which the chakras are balanced and in alignment enhances your consciousness and allows you to consciously perceive Light Language. Once you become adept at receiving Light Language, it will begin to come to you from higher and higher frequencies/dimensions.

"Reading" Light Language, actually means that you are choosing to consciously attend to certain bodily sensations, emotions, and thoughts that you have learned to identify as a "MESSAGE FROM HOME."

You will be "reading" your Light Language via higher frequencies than 3D words offer. In fact, Light Language arrives as "bundles of information." Since you will absorb the information, rather than interpret it, you will BE what you have absorbed into yourself.

When you remember to consistently receive and surrender into these higher frequencies of Light Language, your consciousness follows these energy fields back to their sources, which are increasingly higher and higher frequencies of reality.

Look into the core of your own self and see if you are ready for this information. If you are ready to RECEIVE this information, are you ready to LIVE it?

This material is reinforced when you read the PDF Transcripts that accompany this course.

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Light Language & The Human Chakra System Course 2
Course 2 with MP3 Recordings & PDF Transcripts

$97 value

Online Healing Retreat Description - Course 2:
3 Sessions (2 hours)

Learn how to interpret frequencies of Light Language! Join this Series with the Arcturians who offer messages and meditations to assist you in expanding your consciousness into higher dimensions. This 3-Sesssion Course (2 hours each).

Utilize the enegies of the September Equinox to expand your perception of Light Language. In Course 2 of Light Language with the Arcturians via Dr. Suzanne Lie, you'll learn the following:

* The Importance of Maintaining Higher States of Consciousness
* Raising Your Personal Vibrational Frequency to Perceive Higher Dimensions
* Understanding the Frequency Band of Vibration
* Experiencing the soft form of the Light Field of Energy
* Transcending 3D reality to Perceive Light Language
* Understanding Brain Waves and their relationship to Colors
* Learning to percieve Light Language in between 3D Polarities
* Light Language is 5D and beyond

Each course includes a discussion on these topics, plus Guided Meditations and exercises with the Arcturians which allow you to experience and percieve Light Language. You'll also be given exercises and "homework" to follow in the week between the group calls.

As you expand your consciousness into the 5th Dimension and beyond, you are beginning to perceive thought forms and energy packages. Your Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience abilities are coming online, and with all of these skills arriving now, you are preparing yourself to be able to perceive,receive and interpret Light Language.

GUIDED MEDITATIONS AND EXERCISES will be procided in this course including but not limited to:
Meditation to Perceive Brainwave Frequency
Guided Imagery on Colors in the Arcturian Corridor
Communicating with Your Higher Self

New Earth and Light Language Message for You: Hello, I am a greeter on New Earth. We have an agreement here that whenever a new being appears, we stop what we are doing to offer assistance. I say “being” rather than “person” because non-human life forms are also entering this higher frequency version of Earth.

In fact, many of the animals and plants that have become “extinct” on Matrix Earth are alive and well on New Earth. Since all life here is conscious and able to communicate with other life forms, we are able to assist plants, animals and elementals, as well as humans.

It is a wonderful experience for us to be able to communicate with animals, plants and the Sylphs (air elementals), Undines (water elementals), Gnomes (earth elementals) and Salamanders (fire elementals). These wonderful beings do not speak English, as I am doing now, but neither do we.

On New Earth all life speaks a language that is free of time and space. It is the language that humans, plants, animals, and elementals have always spoken. Hence, we are quite amazed and pleased that we can communicate with them. It is also an amazing experience for us, especially the new humans who have always felt separate from Mother Nature to commune with all the plants, animals and elementals.

On the other hand, learning this manner of communication, which we call Light Language, is one of the biggest challenges for the New Ones. They try to move their tongues and express separate words in a linear fashion. This manner of communication is appropriate for a reality based on separation and linear thinking that come from time. However, that means of communication does not work in a reality which resonates to the HERE and NOW.

Communication on New Earth is a form of communing with each other by merging our consciousness. In this manner, pictures, emotions, and thought-forms are automatically transferred to each other, as well as into the group consciousness.

In fact, whenever there is a new arrival, their entire history of incarnations in duality is instantly copied to the crystalline field that contains our world. This information also goes into the Quantum Biological Computers that we can all access. In fact, I am communicating with you now via a Quantum Biological Computer. We call them QBC’s.

When we first come here, we usually access QBC via an interface within our living quarters. However, as we adapt to our new life, we realize that we can simply direct our thoughts into the Group Consciousness of the crystalline field and all answer will be instantly available.

Since New Earth serves as an interface between the third/fourth dimension and the mid-fifth dimension, there are many “devices” or “machines” for the “new arrivals” to use until they can become comfortable with their own powers within our group consciousness.

Learning these new forms of communication is their second challenge upon entering our world. Their first challenge is to totally master their every thought and emotion so that they can stay here. Do you remember that I said that I often helped Matrix Earth when I first arrived? My assignment was to assist those who could not master their thoughts and emotions.

Therefore, they would arrive here, but quickly lost in their fear-based emotions and/or thought. These fearful thoughts and emotions instantly lowered their resonance back down to the third/fourth dimension, and they disappeared to this reality.

I was assigned that contribution because when I first returned to Matrix Earth I could not release all my fear-based thoughts and emotions. Fear-based thoughts and emotions are created when we feel limited and/or separate from any person, place or “thing.”

Since the New Ones come here with the habit of separation, so many different forms of life often frighten them. Furthermore, many are new to the concept of thought transference and believed that they could not communicate with different forms of beings.

Fortunately, I crossed over here with a group of people. Then, as soon as I saw them, we hugged, exchanged stories, and comforted each other’s fears and doubts. With the support of my friends, I was able to gain a level of mastery over m thoughts and emotions and was able to stay here on New Earth.

When new ones enter our reality they realize that ALL their thoughts and emotions are shared with the unity consciousness of our world. This realization often frightens the new ones, which lowers their consciousness back to the third/fourth dimension.

Because of this situation, many of us are using whatever means we find to teach possible new ones while they are still in the third dimension. It is for this reason that I am writing directly into your computer. We know that education and love are the best ways to heal fear.

Therefore, we have many individual and group meditations that we send to those who are preparing themselves to log-out of the 3D matrix. An “individual meditation” is when the 3D one’s body is alone, but they are still able to tune into our fifth-dimensional group mind. A “group meditation” is when a group of people in the third dimension merge into a unified group to receive a message from our fifth-dimensional group mind.

You see, our Group Mind serves as an open window or portal into the lower octaves of the fifth dimension. Often awakening can only the “half-way” mark where they can still maintain many concepts, traditions and habits from their long sojourn into the third/fourth dimension.

In this manner, their adaptation to a totally different concept of life can be gradual. Also, many greatly enjoy this transitional stage as all that we have wished for in our third dimensional reality is instantly experienced on the higher resonance of transitions frequency. There can be great healing and contentment within this transmutation energy field.

When they are ready to move on to New Earth they will no longer have the experiences of separation or limitation that still occurs within the transitional stage. Either way, we never perceive a line, or threshold, which divides New Earth from 3D Matrix Earth.

From our point of view, we are in the process of a gradual, or swift, alteration in our thoughts, feelings, states of consciousness, perceptions, and creative force. Our adjustment to this reality is an ongoing adventure filled with unconditional love, unity consciousness, and inter-dimensional adventures.

We wish to prepare you for your visit to New Earth by offering the below videos which will assist you in opening your Third Eye to better expand your conscious so that you can REMEMBER SPEAKING LIGHT LANGUAGE

This material is reinforced when you read the PDF Transcripts that accompany this course.

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Light Language & The Human Chakra System Course 3
LIVE Webinars with MP3 Recordings

$197 value

Thur. Fri, Sat, Aug 17, 18, 19

Course Description: LIVE Webinars on Thur, Fri, Sat, Aug 17, 18, 19
11am Pacific / 12pm Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern / 6pm GMT

Join us again as we create in the Now with Dr. Suzanne Lie and The Arcturians! This 3 Session Online Webinar will be two hours each session and offer information that advances on what we learned in Course 1 & 2.

A Message from Dr. Suzanne Lie

We learn (remember) to read Light Language by pulling together all the components of a face, a body, in fact, we will be learning how to "Read LIFE." As we begin to expand our vision of, and concepts about, Earth into higher and higher dimensional realities, we will be experiencing many, MANY different forms of life.

These "life forms" may be shocking to us at first. Therefore, it is a good idea for humanity to expand our concept of "what is real" to include beings, atmosphere, sizes and shapes that were never before considered to be "life forms."

In the same manner, these life forms may also be very surprised, shocked, or even repelled by our human life form. We are coming into some VERY exciting times, so "hold onto your hats."

I decided to turn my perception around, to perceive reality from a new perspective.

Light Language can mean very different things to different people because it is "not words." Instead, Light Language is energy fields that intermingles, moves through and communes with your consciousness, as well as the consciousness with the ones to whom you are speaking.

You all speak Light Language every day, but we do not know that because you are used to language being based on words, which create inner pictures. With Light Language, you allow the "inner pictures" to be projected "out" into the consciousness of others.

However, if the "others" are unable to expand their consciousness into at least the higher fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness, they will have NO awareness of the energy field that carries the message or messages.

Furthermore, as you all did before, we ask that you look at the picture and write what it says to you. I am aware that I have put this page up before, but this is the beginning of the storyline--that is my storyline, but you may interpret a different version of this story line.

While living on 3D Earth with 3D language, the flexibility of Light Language can be confusing. So we, you Galactic Family, remind you that part of the confusion is humanity "trying to put a square peg into a round hole."

Therefore, allow your mind to experience confusion, that you can it to EXPAND beyond all 3D/4D limitation and into the freedom and flow of 5D Light Language.

This Live Webinar Series is available on it's own click here to learn more and register for Course 3: $97

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Goddesses Ascending Earth
Online Event Series with MP3 Recordings

$197 value

Online Healing Retreat Description:
4 Sessions (2 hours)

Are you a God/Goddess Ascending Earth? Are you ready to tap into the Ancient Wisdom of the God/Goddess that you once were? This webinar series will connect you to your Inner God/Goddess as you explore thru meditation past experiences of being in these Higher Aspect of Yourself, Your Consciousness.

This 3-part audio series features the triad of Dr. Suzanne Lie, Lauren Galey and Shawnna Donop who will offer insight, guidance and techniques for you to bring forth the Goddess within you to fully emanate the Goddess energy into your world. It was recorded with group participation sharing their insights so you too, may understand your own insights and experiences better. Some see color, some have visions, some feel or smell,and everyone's experience is accurate so you will learn how to awaken to your own inner guidance even more.

The Arcturians have guided this creation and they will be present to offer messages and guidance on this process. A Message from the Arcturians:

We the Arcturians are neither male nor female. Rather, we are the integration of male and female. We are initiating the “Goddesses Ascending Gaia” event to redefine the term “Goddess” to include the term “Protectors.” In this manner, the female “Goddesses for Gaia” can integrate their male components of protector, and the male “Protectors of Gaia” can integrate their female components of goddess.

Gaia’s humans can NOW release their third dimensional gender roles to remember their myriad incarnations in which they served Gaia either as a female or a male. Igniting the memory of how you served as Gaia’s Protector Goddess will greatly assist in living your daily lives on a planet that on the cusp of transmutation into the fifth dimension.

Both women and men have always served Gaia. Hence, when we say “Goddesses,” we mean the protectors of the planet who hold the goddess energy within their bodies. This “planetary goddess energy” expands your personal perceptions to include your planetary perception. Thus, you will perceive your reality from the viewpoint of being ONE with ALL of Earth.

Gaia has been identified and thought of as a female energy field because she is the Great Mother, who has the power of birth and creation. We are now asking that all our Goddesses/Protectors of Gaia to recognize and expand your own innate power of creation, as well as giving birth to that creation.

It is the NOW in which we ask that you merge the separation of genders because beloved Gaia is transmuting Her body into a higher frequency. Therefore, She needs YOUR help to release the polarities of the third dimension, by transmuting them into the Unity of the fifth dimension and beyond. Gaia needs your creative thinking as well as your ability to “give birth” to these creative concepts in your physical reality.

Gaia is calling on Her Protectors to assist Her in healing the darkness that weighs heavy on Her planetary body. Therefore, Gaia asks that you cease the prejudice and disputes between male and female Goddesses that were actually forced on Her planet by the beings of darkness.

When each of her Goddesses, not matter what gender of form they wear in this incarnation, release their own inner darkness and transmute it with the Violet Fire, they serve to assist Gaia to release and transmute the darkness that has accumulated on Her form since the closing cycles of Atlantis.

As you, the protectors of Gaia, use the power you have always had, the power of creation, the power of birth, you can assist your Great Mother to create and birth Her fifth dimensional expression of Earth. To assist you with this process, we offer the webinar “Goddesses Ascending Gaia.”

In 4 sessions we will:

1) Session 1
Recover memories of your own innate wisdom, power, and love so that you can use the all-knowing Mother Gaia to reignite your innate, inner goddess energy

Remember the qualities of the Goddess by taking you back to the Goddess Temples on Venus and the Pleiades where the Goddess is strong, confident, creative, and nurturing.

Meditations: A trip to Venus. A journey to the Pleiadies

2) Session 2
Discussing and remembering how to display the Goddess energy in your every day life

We will assist you to reveal how the Goddess is within you because YOU are the Goddess. Once you find the Goddess within yourself, you are called upon to project that Goddess energy out into your world.

Meditations: Finding the Goddess within. Projecting out your inner Goddess.

3) Session 3
How to use the Goddess Power of unconditional forgiveness, unconditional acceptance, and unconditional love to disallow victimization of your life

Unconditional forgiveness, unconditional love, and unconditional acceptance are the tools used by ascending masters to rid themselves of all third dimensional illusions so that they could flash into Lightbody. However, in this NOW, you are taking Gaia with you!

Meditations: Perceiving/feeling/ projecting
Unconditional forgiveness
Unconditional acceptance
Unconditional love

You can only perceive, feel or project what you can imagine inside of your SELF.

4) Session 4
Realigning your self-image from being one person to being ONE who is in daily service to the Great Mother - planet Earth

When your Goddess energy is no longer trapped within your 3D vessel, you will naturally move into the higher states of consciousness which are needed to actively participate in your own ascension.

Your expanded states of consciousness will also expand your ability to “heal Gaia” by unleashing the great creativity within YOU to work as ONE to “Birth New Earth.”

All the plants, animals, insects, fish are ready to transmute. It is ONLY humanity that is delaying Gaia’s return to Her/Your, true fifth dimensional expression.

Meditations—to be determined within that NOW

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The Inner Pathway to Ascension
Online Event Series with MP3 Recordings

A 5-Part Series in MP3 Download

$97 value

Online Healing Retreat Description:
The Inner Pathway to Ascension is a 5th Dimensional course with the Arcturians who offer messages and meditations to assist you in expanding your consciousness into higher dimensions. Each session is available on it's own, or you can join in the full series.

A Note from Dr. Suzanne Lie, channel of the Arcturians

Gaia has already ascended, and moved thru Year 1 of her 5th Dimensional Being-ness. There are only a few of our grounded ones who can actually percieve this reality. However, more and more people everyday are allowing the higher light to move into their pineal gland and to move into their bodies to activate their multidimensional mind so it can connect circuitry to your 3rd dimensional mind. In this manner, slowly and gradually, you can begin to perceive the higher frequencies of realities while still within your mundane life.

Within this first year, many of you were having these perceptions, however, they were perceived more as lost moments, "what was that flash in the corner of my eye?" or "how come I forgot why I came into the room?" In other words, your multidimensional mind was already having wonderful experiences in the fifth dimension on New Earth. Your third dimensional brain was in the process of connecting with the components of yourself that could indeed experience that which is beyond the matrix of the third diemsnon, beyond the world of illusion and physicality.

Join us as we discover together the inner pathway to ascension.

I invite all of you to also invite your higher expressions of SELF, so that we can discover togehether our own Inner Pathway. this is not a path of solid ground, but a path of consciousness that we creaet alone and within the unity of Gaia and ALL of Her inhabitants. We have taken an earth vessel during the most important times of Earth's history.

As usual, great darkness proceeds great light because the impending light goes deep into the consciousness of all beings forcing the darkness to the surface so that it can be set free with our unconditional love. We know this for we have all been experiencing great challenges. Many of us have been facing these challenges alone.

However, the ascension of a planet can only be revealed by the immense power of unconditional love and unity consciousness. Furthermore, only unity consciousness can guide us to unconditionally love all that has cause us fear, anger and sorry. One-by-one and in ever-expanding groups, we the vanguards of our new world, must work as ONE to take us into the NOW of ascending Earth.

Because this is a fifth dimensional process, I do not know what will occur until it happens. I am pretty sure that the great diversity of Earth will create many inner pathways, all slightly or greatly different. However, all these paths will join into the ONE of fifth dimensional Earth.

We are much live the people who took their wagon trains across an unknown wilderness of Earth. At first, these wagons were full with all that they thought was important. However, that trail soon became riddled with that which was not important enough to lug across the wilderness of the unknown.

In the same manner, our old emotions and memories will need to be discarded. Fortunately, we now know of our power of transmutation, so we need not riddle our inner path with that which is over. Instead, we can transmut it into pure energy to keep moving forward.

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