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The Awakened Heart

You have the power to create and manifest the life you want, to live with true purpose, and to be one with your soul. How do you live and think from the heart? The first and most important step is not to get there from your head. Activating and empowering your heart’s center begins with acknowledging that there is a brain and an emotional center that resides there.

When you put your focus on developing the coherence you have there, you are training your brain according to your heart. And here, you amplify your ability to change your reality, shift the direction of your life, and experience quantum creations.

From the space of your heart your creations serve you on your inner path to wisdom and creativity.

This program is designed to transform you vibrationally bringing you closer to the Universal God-Part of your mind.

Transmute, Transform and Transfigure!

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Healing Conversations

~ Online Healing Retreat
Master Class Series~

Quantum Ascension Transformation
with Dr. Edwige

Online Healing Retreat Master Series
Quantum Ascension Transformation

3 Session in MP3 Audio Downloads
(2 hours each)

Online Healing Retreat Description

Experience 3 Energetic Sessions (about 2 hours each) with Dr. Edwige who will cover the Ascension Transformation and the 3 phases: Transmutation, Transformation, Transfiguration with understanding the Rays of God that apply to each as well as prayers, principles and tools of mastery.

Together we will move through the three distinct stages
one must travel to be ready and prepared for your own ascension..

Session 1: Transmutation
It does not matter what experiences you have, as long as you stay in your heart and allow your Higher-Self to be your guide. However your awakening happens, know that it is perfect. Let me emphasize the importance of your willingness to let go of the illusion that events and circumstances are supposed to happen a certain way. Your authentic awakening requires you to embrace the notion that there are components to the process based on trust alone. Surrendering is where you will discover and become your authentic, true self.

We came forth to master the opposite of what we were Divine aspects of Source. But to do that we had to take on these badges of lack, limitation, fear, guilt, shame, poverty consciousness, pain, doubt, suffering, oppression, you name it all of the qualities on the dual side of Divinity. Lifetime after lifetime of taking on these qualities caused us to forget our true nature, and force us to work through these limiting beliefs. The goal is to evolve the species of man, and at the allotted time we would wake up since our DNA is programmed to do so, and we would begin to remember who we are, or at least begin to ask questions to that effect. Next, the work would begin; you must transmute what no longer serves you and release it, and remember you are as I like to say a "Unit of Divinity". Why is it so difficult, well, the programming was really convincing, we believed the illusion to be true, and these beliefs have seeded all the way to our core, making it much more difficult to wake up than originally planned.

Let go of dysfunctionality: guilt, fear and shame utilizing the First Ray of God: The Divine Will. Understand the Stages of consciousness that you must go through to evolve and master the art of letting go.

Session 2: Transformation
Heaven is not an after death place, but is the living presence of Universal Light, Spirit, and Creator as the central core of your being. This presence is the reality of who and what you are. It is a reality that is absolute. This living presence is the ultimate source of power that you may know, the Creator-Power within. Through knowing this and merging with this presence within oneself, you can experience the biblical "Peace that passeth all understanding."

Whether you accept this truth or not at this time, because you have or have not experienced it, its truth may still resonate with you. There is more to it than just knowing it; it's a matter of living by it. To intuitively sense the truth within, is not enough. While we may live each day knowing the truth, our days will not be as good as when we are living each day by the truth and that truth transforms us.

We move into alignment of our Higher-Selves and begin turning on our DNA. Veils will be lifted and our gifts will reveal themselves to us.

Improve your one to one connection with your Higher-Self and the Divine. Work with Ray two, Divine Wisdom to transform your body, mind and spirit. Become the detach observer allowing more of your soul to move through you with ease.

Session 3: Transfiguration
"I AM MY LIGHT BODY RIGHT NOW". This is a concept that you must embrace to fully step into your power. As we become more aware of our divine truth and accept that we are a part of the greater whole we begin to expand. This expansion then allows us to receive more light activating more of our GOD DNA and dormant codes needed for Ascension. Once we have raised our vibrations and frequencies high enough we can then receive and experience our light body descending into us. And live a life that is more in alignment with our divine soul purpose and aligning us for our I AM Presence to anchor more fully into our body systems.

Work with the remaining Rays that teach us the major qualities of the Universal Christ, qualities which the serious spiritual student needs to embrace. It is important to realize that as human beings we come into body with at least six rays within our structure of the Personality, Physical Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body, Soul and Monad. You can have more than one ray in each of these aspects also. So we are already working with the frequencies of each of the rays which is very important. What many individuals do not realize is that in order to be in full mastery you must be able to command the rays, for it is a pre-requisite of a 7th dimensional initiate and Earth is a 7th dimensional planet.

It is time to shed the old you and move past you fear of losing yourself in the awakening. Surrender and allow yourself to expand and become all that the Divine has for you.

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You're Not Crazy, You're Awakening - EBook

This award winning book will change the way you see the "Awakening" while answering the age old question of "Are we alone?"

Awakening is a word that has become mainstream. Yet, it is not truly understood. While pondering this idea, I ask myself, "Why am I writing a book?" Quite honestly, writing a book was never my dream. I recall an encounter I had at a Spiritual workshop, where I was approached by a gifted Physic, and she asked, "Are you writing yet?"

I thought, "What are you talking about? You must be picking up on someone else's energy." I let it go until it happened three more times. That was before the experiences, as I call them, began happening about ten years ago. I am finally in alignment with telling my story. In so doing, I hope to take you on a journey of discovering who you truly are, not just the physical you, but the real you. The you who has a soul purpose and a reason for being. The you who asks, "Am I crazy? Am I imagining the voices I'm hearing?" Or, the urging, "There's something I'm supposed to do, but I don't know what." If this describes you, read on. There is more at the core. Together we will discover it.

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Spirituality and You - MP3

Learn to embrace the inner journey of self-discovery and higher awareness while utilizing processes that release negative emotions and energy that have been keeping you bound to a life that is not in alignment with who you truly are as a Divine Spiritual Being who has come forth into your human mold as a manifestation of Divine Intelligence, existing this little while on Earth to help carry on the Divine Plan. You are where you are today through your choices. By taking responsibility for yourself you are able to start leading the life that you want and making choices that will lead you to the life you see for yourself.

Discover the process by which you awaken and embrace your Spirit

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Keys to Happiness- MP3

Learn that as you accept responsibility for your life, you can respond to everything that happens with ease. Discover the tools to awakening the master in you, for you have the power to create your own identity based on a position of power, intent and consciousness. Take control of your life - When you become clear of intent, and make a decision to move in that direction, everything falls into place if you are in harmony with the laws of the universe and the laws of nature.

Discover tools to expand you into living in harmony and self-mastery

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Living from the Heart - MP3

As you expand in consciousness you will begin to move and create from your heart space for it is there that you'll find true peace, harmony, love and unity. To live your humanness is to experience joy and suffering-duality. To live from your heart is to enter the domain of peace and loving-kindness and the timeless reality of transcendent being. They are one, and must be balanced, working in harmony.

Discover the secrets of the Masters and make your Heart the Steward of your Beingll

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Meditation/Exercise: Into The Heart - MP3

Learn to move into and become the stillness and calmness of the absence of thought. Dr. Edwige walks you into the space of your heart where you will be able to connect to your Higher-Self and feel the love of the creator.

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BONUS MEDITATIONS: OM Mantra Meditation & VaYaNaMaSi Meditations - MP3s

Om Meditation: OM represents the Divine in each of us. It encompasses all words, all sounds in human language. Repeated 54 times it helps to reprogram the bodies DNA Consciousness

VaYaNaMaSi Meditation: Place the sound VA YA NA MA SI in the third eye, which corresponds to the pituitary gland. Keep on chanting VAYANAMASI as you put this sound in the third eye. It will open, and once the third eye is opened, it helps anyone to create miracles. This is because any thought that enters the third eye, once opened, manifests

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Thank you so much for all your help and healing during my appointment this week. The energy was so loving and strong; I had to lie down for a couple of days to integrate it- very powerful. Thank you too for being kind and putting me at ease at the beginning of the session.

Many Blessings,

Since hearing you on the New Wealth Revolution...some interesting things have been happening to me. First, large chunks of energy come out of my head whenever I listen to you. My life has been turned upside down and well I don't even know where to begin.I'm almost finished with your book and look forward to your next appearance on New Wealth, hopefully we'll do some work together!

Love and light!

I can't thank you enough for our session last night - the energy was huge and very powerful and I felt so much when you were going through each chakra with me and all the clearings were very profound! I loved the karmic shift and felt the light coming into my mouth as well as there being more space, (the area where healing is needed). Today it still feels much better and I feel very expansive.When we did the moving into the heart space I felt this deep peace come over me and as I hit the space you felt it simultaneously and we both sighed - that was such a feeling of connection for me - very beautiful!I know there was a wait for the session but for me it was perfect timing as the issues we worked on were playing themselves out beautifully in my reality. Before would have been too soon and after too late so all in Divine timing! The session was well worth the wait and I thank you for your very gentle and caring energy.

Best Wishes,

I continue to feel calm and centered as well as something I've not felt in over 65 years...whole! You have been blessed with an incredible gift and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gift with me.

Love and Light,

Thank you for changing my life in 32 minutes (that’s my lucky reappearing number) My body started changing immediately after the call, it is more straight up.I am honored to meet you. Thank you for the time and healing you gifted me with.

With love and gratitude,

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