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Special Offer

Here's What's Included in the "Let's Talk About You" Package with Eric Altman:

Special Offer

ITEM 1: Guided Meditation Download
The energy that is infused into this download is extremely potent. The particular type of massage included virtually, has been practiced for thousands of years, originating in India. These special massages were developed for royalty to keep them rejuvenated and aware.

As soon as you set your intention to receive this healing virtual massage, you will be able to relax, breathe, and begin to feel the magic sensation all throughout your being.

• You will experience a feeling of being back in your Mother’s womb.
• Your nervous system will be totally relaxed.

Special Offer

ITEM 2: Guided Meditation Download
To be in love with oneself is a concept that most people don’t understand. It involves you being completely open to new ways of loving yourself both inside and out. We are always searching for the perfect relationship with someone else.

This download helps us to see that we are perfect just as we are, and if we drop the old stories of judgment and fear, what shines through is pure love!!

• Erroneous ideas of you will start to drop away
• Will give you true power in your life each moment
• Gives you back that magical, unconditional love of self

Special Offer

ITEM 3: Guided Meditation Download
We all look for imperfections both inside and outside of ourselves. The experiences and opinions of others seem to have more merit than ours. This becomes habitual, and we lose faith in our own belief system. The perfect moment seems to elude us because we look for it outside of ourselves.

My purpose for designing this download is to totally support you in taking back your true power. You will begin to see that NOW is the perfect moment. It exists every moment of every day. All you have to do is be present with YOU, and you will experience all of the perfect moments in life!

• You will live in pure freedom by recognizing that you don’t ever have to fear making mistakes.
• You will gain the ability to look yourself in the heart and know that you are perfect love.
• Your stress will be reduced by creating a knowing that you will be alright.

Special Offer

ITEM 4: Guided Meditation Download
Often times, we are afraid to discover the truth of who we really are. We tend to avoid uncomfortable events in our lives because those events contain the very information that we try so hard to hide. This creates so much stress, which leads to illnesses of all kinds.

This download will lead us down a path of unity with ourselves, becoming our own best friend. We will be able to live with complete trust and love with ourselves and those we love.

• You will start to support the generating of a smooth, easy flow in your life.
• Old stories will melt away and no longer be of interest to you. You now live in the “present.”
• Your listening abilities become more refined. You will be much more aware of the “magical” you!

Special Offer

ITEM 5: Guided Meditation Download BONUS!
This is a potent hypnotic pathway mixed with the Heart field transmissions from Eric Altman. As the frequencies soothe your body, mind and spirit, it continues and builds in patterns that are absolutely perfect for you. The energy travels into the deepest crevices that are stuck, unsure, and rarely visited. This will activate the heart so you experience the full potential of living.

• Smoother life
• Deeper Connections
• Creates optimal self care

Special Offer

ITEM 6: Personal 30-minute Private Session with Eric Altman
Please join Eric for a private 30 minute session. He is very well known for having an amazingly awakened heart, and he will help guide you to share in the experience of your own perfect, awakened state of being.

• You will feel all negative vibrations exit your being.
• You will discover the ability to feel “endless love.”
• Eric will activate and support this love infinitely.

Special Offer

ITEM 7: Four Weeks of Remote Healing Sessions with Eric Altman
Each Week, Eric holds regular Healing Session for a local chapter in Portland, OR. You will be added to this group session and recieve the energies remotely for 4 weeks. This will be following your personal session with Eric to allow you to integrate the experience and energies.

Special Offer
Special Offer

30 Day Guarantee is NOT Valid after your Personal Session

You're invited to an Online Healing Retreat with Eric Altman

Eric Altman

Online Healing Retreat - Heart Field Transmission Session

with Eric Altman

Sunday, April 12

Eric Altman shares a profound Group Healing Session for Physical and Emotional Healing in this two-hour, expanded and personal session. Eric’s system of energy healing transmissions, Heart Field Healing™, uses personal assessment, reflection, and energy healing to assist you in building pathways for a deeper connection with yourself. He guides you in activating your innate healing abilities, resetting your nervous system, and communicating pure unconditional love to your entire being. In turn, this supports expansion of your awareness and consciousness, resulting in profound and lasting psychological and physical benefits.

Learn more and register $22.22

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