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Miracles, Miracles, Miracles
Are You Ready To Experience Miracles As A
Natural Part Of Your Everyday Life?

Here's Why This Program Is Being Called A Game Changer....

Real People Just Like You Are Experiencing Real Tangible Results.

18 Randomly Selected People Were Given One Video From The Program And Were Asked To View It Once A Day For Seven Days.

What They Had To Say Blew Our Minds and Expectations Away!

95% experienced a tangible result after just 7 days including the arrival of unexpected money, healing in the body, looking younger with a glow, taking action steps towards their dreams, making a decision.---WOW

100% experienced a change in feeling state to a higher vibration such as happiness, peace, joy, calm, and feeling more grounded which then in turn positively affects their day to day living. With insights and realizations.--Double WOW

100% experienced a deep knowing and feeling that something within shifted. The place where all change begins.---Triple Wow

"This Miracle Creating Program is truly a Labour of Love and over one year in the making. I am excited to offer you these high impact frequency videos and help you to awaken to the Miracle That You Are. Creating this program was a Miracle for me. Now let's work together and co-create everyday Miracles in your life!"

~ Esther

Esther was Divinely inspired to create these videos during a meditation on the Moon Pyramid in Bosnia during the 8-8 Lion's Gate of 2015.

Using sound, colour, imagery, motion and the right and perfect Universal frequencies these Divinely inspired videos assist you in blossoming from within the Miracle that you are, drench you in the vibration of Miracles, attract to you what you are----A Miracle.

12 videos each featuring a specific topic, carefully selected image, audio support and dripping with high frequencies to burst forth the I Am A Miracle energy from within; putting you in the space of creating Miracles.

The Videos Are Designed to:

  • Manifest miracles not as a surprise, something unexpected, out of the blue but as a natural
  • Awaken the knowing and remembering that you are Divine, Love and Light
  • Create an expansion and embodiment of the Light Being You Are
  • Shift your vibration into higher frequencies
  • Open you to more consciousness
  • Access Universal Wisdom lying dormant inside.
  • Create your desires

This Program Is For You If You Thirst To:

  • Create conscious awareness that You are the Miracle
  • Embody and Live as Miracle Energy
  • Release blocks and limitations standing in the way of Miracles
  • Stimulate inspired action
  • Manifest Miracles in your life!

What Miracle Will You Create?
Imagine The Possibilities......

Enjoy loving, supportive relationships? Attract more money to travel, start your own business, buy and eat healthy foods? A promotion? Heal your body? Knock off items on your bucket list? Own your own home? You fill in the blank _________.

This Program Is A Game Changer

My Energy Is Off The Charts + Cravings For Sugar And Caffeine Vanished + My Skin Is Glowing + Stress Release...

“I HIGHLY recommend this program if only for the quantum shift in vibration because that alone shifted every aspect of my life. This program is the best support system. Bravo Esther. This is the game changer I've been waiting for, thank you! I've already experienced powerful results with your past programs and this program adds a whole new layer/level to the work.

I used the videos Tranquility, Music of Spheres and Money Miracle to help regulate any stressful emotions or anxiety that came up over the week. In fact, my physical and mental energy this past week was off the charts! As a result I experienced one of the most productive weeks I've had in ages.

My cravings for sugar or caffeine vanished and I didn't miss them at all. My skin was literally glowing. People kept asking me what I use on my skin and I noticed it too when I was looking in the mirror. I started wondering what facial product is doing this, and then I realized it was the Forever Young video in combination with the other videos. The internal light that we all have is shining through! I attribute the Primal Release, Shatter Illusions, Activate Your Inner Crystals videos in dismantling anything that was being hidden or covered, much like a diamond in the rough.”

~ Monet

Meet Monet Euan from California
Founder of Transcend by Monet
Monet previewed Esther’s Miracle Creating Frequency Videos for seven days and reported her experience including tangible results. She had a lot to say so we broke it down for you.

I Did Not Freak Out At The Dentist + Healing Gum, Tooth, Nerves

“This past week I had to go in for dental surgery, and I was incredibly stressed about it. Normally I would freak out. This time I went in and felt balanced despite a minor complication. I did not freak out. I was incredibly calm and something inside me knew I could and would handle whatever came up. That was the moment I totally let go and felt my own strength in my ability to handle whatever happens. Tranquility, Soul Essence Expansion, Create Miracles, and Creation videos balanced me out putting me in a relaxed, receptive state in preparation for the day. I've also been using the Body Pain Release & Create Miracles to heal the gum/tooth/nerve, and all are healing well without complication.”

~ Monet

I Found Time! So Much Time To Move Forward With My Dreams

“As a result of all that I've mentioned above, do you know what I found myself with? An abundance of TIME! So much of my time and energy was freed up. I no longer found myself thinking, there's not enough hours in the day or how can I get all this done? Instead, I found myself having to deal with, wow I have so much time, what should I do next? Now that I have the time and energy, I'm in the perfect space to move forward with my dreams and intentions.

~ Monet

Creativity Boost, Relationships Flowed

My creativity levels got a boost. A new business idea popped in, as well as news ideas for writing projects, and laser like focus. ALL of my relationships flowed smoothly.

~ Monet

Powerful Tangible Effects ~ Beautiful Videos To Watch With An Intergalactic Feel

“At times, I entered a trance like state while watching the videos mesmerized by what I was seeing and feeling. I can remember looking behind me in one moment because I felt like I lost my footing in the 3rd dimension and had literally entered a portal or another dimension simply from the experience of watching the video. Many of these energy programs make claims, and I've never had the powerful, tangible effects I have had here with this program and with your work in general Esther. These videos are beautiful to watch. I was pleasantly surprised by the production value and creativity. I was excited to watch each day. The intergalactic feel most of the videos had was especially fun for me.”

~ Monet

Planting Seeds For Birthing Miracles. It’s An Inside Job.
You Are The Miracle.

Ready To Get Started?
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You Are The Miracle

Item 1

You Are The Miracle, 12 High Impact Frequency Videos

General Overview: The videos were created to be watched and received in Oneness through image, sound, colour, motion and frequency. All elements are present in each video and work together in harmony; as One, facilitating the remembrance that you are The Miracle. They activate the frequency of Miracles within, seeding and birthing Miracles as a normal part of your everyday life.

Experience a 60 sec sampler of The Creation Frequency Video offered in this Program and start on the path of creating Miracles right here, right now!

Item 1

Create Miracles: The Vibration of Love

Miracles Embody the vibration of Love and allow it to gush forth like a well spring to help you draw “Miracles” into your life. The music is an original composition created specifically for this video in 528 HZ frequency which is known as the Miracle tone and activates remarkable and extraordinary change. It is also the tone that is used to return human DNA to its original and perfect state. Plus this tone stimulates imagination, intention and intuition to operate for your highest and best purpose. 528 HZ is called the Love Frequency and resonates at the heart of everything. It connects your heart, your spiritual essence to the experience of heaven on earth.

Runtime: 2 minutes

Loving and Respecting Self

Kairi“Watching this video I am definitely learning more about myself, respecting and loving myself more. I am calmer when people "lash" out at me. I just wish them well. I am steering clear of not so good feeling people, places and situations. Because I now feel more worthy and love for myself I can walk away or not engage.”

~ Kairi Jeffries, New Jersey

Item 2

Money Miracle:

Money Miracle photoMoney is energy and the energy of money abundance lies within. You are abundance. Clear your space and allow the frequency of money miracles to flood forth. Expand the vibration of money. Adjust your financial set point. Anchor your Divine money blueprint. Clear beliefs and patternings standing in the way of wealth. Let go of past life carry over; generational patterning. Opening money flow and end struggle.

Runtime: 3:30 minutes

Unexpected Cash + A Client Paid Their Past Due Bill

Monet“After seven days of watching this video things began to move. I received an unexpected $300 and a client who owed me money for months unexpectedly paid up without any of the past drama. I believe these frequencies were removing subconscious blocks and reorganizing my beliefs. As a result I have noticed that fear of lack energy has dissolved and my financial attitude has shifted in a positive direction. I feel way more comfort around money than I have ever felt before in my life.”

~ Monet, Los Angeles

Item 2

Soul Essence Expansion:

Star Tetrahedron Combining the energies of the Star Tetrahedron symbol, Light Language and the right and perfect frequencies, this video helps you attain your full potential and higher levels of conscious awareness. It will assist you in awakening to, remembrance and embodiment of your Soul Essence. Who you truly be as light, colour, sound, tone, frequency and spirit. You are a Divine Being of Light.

Runtime: 3:30 minutes

Magic, Creativity, Trust, Healing, Joy, Release, Love, Expansion,
A Miracle I Experienced It All Immediately

Marg “I sensed strong vibrations and shifts immediately. It felt magical, creative, blissful with a sense of higher consciousness. I moved into a deeper trust and my throat chakra was healing. Over a few days I felt a stronger opening of my heart, freedom to have fun; more joy. It was like being taken to a sacred place with unlimited possibilities. Mind expanding, feeling alive, cared for, supported by a higher power, a being I can trust who has my best interest at heart. I cleared deep anger and sadness from the past while experiencing a higher dimension encoding, sensing more love, peace and harmony within myself . I do feel I am a miracle, a part of an ever expanding miracle taking place beyond time, space and dimension.”

~ Margaret, London, Ontario, Canada

Item 2

Music of the Spheres:

Image Music Of The Spheres Music of the Spheres is a term used to describe the Song of the Universe; The Living Word. The Word of God. The still small voice inside. Tap into the Music of the Spheres within, awaken the wisdom of the Universe and experience re-calibration of human consciousness. As the energy of the planet rises up, the frequencies in this track will stimulate a greater awakening. The recording is alive with frequencies which are constantly being updated and upgraded by Universe. Each time you view this video a new vibration is at hand and a leveling up of consciousness occurs opening you to the sounds and wisdom of the Universe.

Runtime: 3 minutes

Two Miracles In Just Seven Days

Juanita “By Day 3 of watching the video I had a "Miracle." I decided at the last minute not to accept a new job. The position seemed to be perfect and would have alleviated my financial struggle, but I had been getting messages from my Star Family very clearly for the previous 24 hrs that I should not start the job. I told the people face to face that I had changed my mind. This was a leap for me as I tend to avoid uncomfortable situations. This action of saying No was a miracle.

As I watched the video for four more days, I found I was able to be more fully embodied with my Higher Self for longer periods. I also noticed my awareness, communications and visuals of the Star Beings, their ships and the energies around me sharpened. My general state of being is distinctly lighter as is those who I come in contact with including my partner who is softer, caring and more patient towards me. Another Miracle!

~ Juanita Hall, New South Wales, Australia

Item 2

Activate Your Inner Crystals:

amethyst-1394397__180 The human body is considered by many to be a giant crystal. Dr. Bruce Lipton says cells are liquid crystals. Marcel Vogel, the world-renowned crystal expert writes body fluids have crystal qualities. Our bones, inner ear, tooth enamel all contain crystalline properties. In Spiritual Circles we consider the heart, pineal and pituitary glands, chakras to be personal crystals. The crystals in your body act as an antenna for incoming vibrations and frequencies, New Light and information from the Universe and amplify all of it throughout your mind, body and energy field. Activating your personal inner crystals will assist you in raising your vibration, connecting more deeply with Source Energy and accessing the wisdom of the Universe. Thus placing your body in a more harmonious state to allow for self healing. It is a good track to use once a week for continued expansion and remembrance of who you truly be...Divine. Sound: Crystal Bowls. Image: Quartz Crystal a source of healing, power and amplifier of energy. Considered by many to be the greatest of all healing stones.

Runtime: 3 minutes

Heart And Third Eye Activation, Empowered, Self Confident

“After watching this video I feel more empowered, self confident and ready to go! I felt my inner crystals activate especially in my heart and third eye. The sound of the crystal bowls really helps to trigger the opening. As a result I have taken steps to better my health because I am worth it. Plus I find I am more open to spending time with people. Feeling social again.”

~ Anne, Ontario

Item 2

Body Pain Release:

Chinese Lanterns shutterstock_138463910 (1) Place a gentle focus on the body pain and hold the intention to release. The pain may be physical, emotional and/or mental. The energy will discover, explore and lift up and out the pain. Allow for the revealing of insight and awareness. Follow through on guidance.

*This frequency video is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please see a health-care professional if you are experiencing physical pain or if you need help with depression, illness or have any concerns whatsoever. Use the energy processing in combination with professional assistance.

Runtime: 3 minutes


Decisions Made, Relaxed About Money, Less Reactive,
Body Speaking Loudly

“During 10 days of watching the video body pains surfaced and cleared showing me limitations and issues interfering with the vibration of miracles. I feel more relaxed about money even though I am in debt and less reactive to situations at work. My husband and I also finally made a decision regarding property owned overseas.”

~ Gabriele Pietz-Vogel, NY

Item 2

Shatter Illusion:

shatter-shutterstock_334985936 An illusion is a false, deceptive, misleading impression, idea or belief of what is. Separation from Source is an illusion we held for eons and which is finally being brought to Light as deception used to keep us locked down into heavy energies. Throughout our life-times we have gathered and absorbed many illusions about Universe, Self, money, love etc... False stories which have been running our lives and the world. Generated in the mind. Based not on inner wisdom and knowing, but rather outdated concepts, beliefs, perception, memories, etc... The truth is that each of us are a Divine Being of Light in a human body. You are Love, Light, everything you desire. Part of the illusion’s programming was to keep us from knowing everything we need and desire we already are and have. It lies within.

Runtime: 4 minutes

I Busted The Illusion That I Must Fix Everyone + Speaking My Truth

Laura KI realized: I can’t fix everyone, that I keep drawing people into my life who only take from me, how I do things for people just to keep them in my life, that I deserve more out of my relationships. Watching the video has also helped me feel more grounded. Being grounded has helped ease my anxiety and panic attacks. Dealing with a difficult friendship I was able to speak my true feelings to the person which I would not have done in the past.”

~ Laura, Kilip, Oakville Ontario

Item 2

Primal Release:

sol-652211__180-1 Unearth and release density and limitation from your mind, body and energy field. Symbol: The tetrahedron is a sacred geometry symbol for fire and the power creating change. The colour white helps to clear clutter and obstacles, purify thoughts and actions to create a fresh start. You can simply watch the video and allow the layers of heaviness to peel off organically or hold an intention of something specific you want to let go.

Runtime: 3:30 minutes

Cleared Victim Energy

“As I watched this video I realized I am creating blocks because I am going into situations as a victim. As I kept watching it dawned on me that though I have worked on victim energies, there was still victim perspective residue blocking my receiving. By repeated viewing of the video holding the intention to release victim energy, I have been able to clear this perspective and now I more easily move towards support and connection.”

~ Shafin, Toronto

Ancestral Patterns Cleared ~Loved The Drum Beat

“I was resistant to Primal Release initially. It is the most different of all the videos in tone and feel. But I fell in love with it. I feel like it's been important in clearing out really old patterning and energy passed down from my ancestors. The drum beat with the imagery of the sun gradually rising and shining is a beautiful metaphor for life and the level of work we do here as light-workers. That drum beat cleared old primal trauma so that I am not running off old programs lodged in my cellular memory.”

~ Monet

Item 2

Forever Young:

dna-strand This frequency video works to restore a state of youth, health, wellness, vigor and well being from within; your natural state as an Eternal Being. Chalked full of anti-aging frequencies to activate your youth DNA, crumble aging beliefs, paradigms, illusion etc... Image: Blue DNA strand

Runtime: 2:30 minutes

Thyroid Healing + Released Fear Of Getting Old

“With absolutely no expectation I jumped into watching this video and from the moment it started I felt a tingling in my throat. I believe my thyroid was being healed/activated. Then I saw an image of my mom and grandmother and heard myself say: Oh God I don’t want to get old and look like them. I realized I dread getting old. I became nauseous but continued to watch, breathing letting the heavy energies move out. I have now watched this video several times and can honestly say that I have released fear of getting old and looking like mom and grandmother. I am appreciating all as beauty and I still get the tingles of body changes within. This is great!”

~ Bev, Austin

Item 2


Metatrons Cube Shutterstock Whether you simply want a fresh start in life or have a specific focus of creation, this video will assist you in rebirth, renewal, transfiguration, creation, change and enhance your spiritual practice. Magenta is the colour of new creation. It supports universal harmony and emotional balance, strengthens intuition and psychic abilities; assists in helping us rise up in vibration to a greater awareness along with a host of other benefits.

Metatron’s Cube: Creation, inner peace, spirituality.

Runtime: 4:30 minutes

Miracles Are Happening!
My Psychic Abilities And Intuition Are So Much Stronger! Connecting To The Living Supreme Power Within My Soul

Rosana Laborde “From the first moment I started watching the Creation video I tapped into a much higher dimension. I honestly feel I connecting with the I AM that I AM. I experienced my ethereal bodies, my multidimensionality, the interconnection of everything that IS. I connected with the living Supreme Power within my soul. I was able to see how all my true desires already exist in a different dimension, a dimension where what we call miracle is its reality.

I also experienced that as I align myself with my true self I align myself with Divine will, and as this takes place, miracles occur. We are the miracles we are wishing for .

Update: Miracles have continued to happen!! I am getting my heart's true calling accomplished. I realized I have been immersed in the energy of SHAME and it was now time to clear it. I know the video is helping me SO MUCH! I watch it several times a day, and keep a journal. I am also watching the video of LIGHT/LOVE/DIVINE which has been amazing too.”

~ Rosana Laborde, South Carolina USA

Item 2


Blue Tranquility This video invokes peace, calm, tranquility, stillness, neutrality, the zero point into the mind, body and energy field. When you tap into the space of neutrality, the zero point where nothing exists and everything is possible you respond to life rather than react resulting in joy, ease and creation! The frequencies soothe your nervous system. Stimulate relaxation. Great to experience before bed or any time you seek peace and quiet inside and in your outward reality. Blue is a colour that seeks peace and tranquility above all else just as you feel calm when you lie on your back and look up into a bright, blue sky.

Runtime: 5 minutes

Toxic Thoughts Released From My Body

Josée “The video is soothing and centering. The words on the screen had an effect of pushing me back into my body. I intended that the bubbles were toxic thoughts released from my bodies by the music and turning back into the light. My body experienced joy and peace!”

~ Josée Bouchard, Montreal

Item 2

Video: You Are Light, Love, Divine

Light As we move along our Soul’s Journey of Ascension we become more of the Light and Love that we are. We feel the joy, expansion, peace, calm and lightness of our True Self. Manifestation happens more quickly and the high vibrations eventually become our new normal as we slide into this space and get comfortable. And then something rises to the surface for release or we gain new awareness and unlock more wisdom and consciousness from within and we amplify the Light, expand and rise up again becoming even more of the Light that we are. Each step taking us to an experience of fully recognizing and embodying the Light, Love, Divinity we are. This video offers visual and audio support with the right and perfect frequencies to help you through the process.

Runtime: 1:45 minutes

Released Severe Pain In My Body And Raised Energy Levels

“Immediately I felt my vibration and energy rise. I used the video one to two times a day and experienced a couple of things. First I noticed after watching the video a couple of times, that the light would stop at my chest. I asked my body to release whatever was stopping the light, and instantly my entire body filled with light. Several days later, I also experienced severe pain in my left knee, bad enough that I could hardly walk. I again used the frequency video to clear the pain, and it was almost entirely gone by the next day. I have also been using the video to release pain in my right foot, which has been very effective. I am currently working in a job that is not my passion and I have found that using the video when I break for lunch and meditating on the light for just a couple of minutes, raises my energy level so that I can make it through the day.”

~ Mischelle Frasier

The videos have been tested and are accessible on PC and Mac Computers and Laptops, Tablets, Surface Pro, IPad, Iphone and Android Cell Phones.

Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Some of the videos are quite large due to the potency of the frequencies and sound. If your computer is running at a slow speed or if your internet is slow it may take a while to download the videos.

Special Offer
Special Offer
Item 2

All of Package A Plus:

Item 2

Live Call #1 With MP3 Replay
Self Mastery: You Are The Miracle

December 1, 2016 Energy Transmission Call 12 Noon Eastern Time
Accessible via Web-cast, Web-call, Telephone, Skype
Length: 60-90 Minutes

Item 2

Live Call #2 With MP3 Replay

Self Mastery: You Are The Miracle
Accessible via Web-cast, Web-call, Telephone, Skype
Length: 60-90 Minutes

Item 2

A Powerful 12 Day Remote Healing Journey to Miracles

Esther leads you on a powerful 12 Day Journey to clear away inharmonious energy holding you back from vibrating with the energy of Miracles. Transmuting, shifting, changing, neutralizing and adjusting the energies coming up for release, and infuse into your energy field the highest vibrations available to you on the planet. Each day will correspond with a specific video to watch. As a Group, watching the same video on the same day + the energy work will amplify the Miracle Creating process just as group prayer swells the energetic response.

You don’t have to do anything. Just be open to receive the energy. Go about your life. Everyday for 12 days Esther will work with you energetically often for hours at a time. You get Energy Work without any doing! How amazing is that!

The Official 12 Days of daily pure energy work begins December 1st .

Item 2

Esther will send you 12 email updates throughout the 12 Day Journey to Miracles.

Updates on what is being cleared and released from your field.
Information on what is being infused into your energy body.
Channeled inspiration and motivation to help keep you on track and focused on embodying the energy of Miracles. Esther’s clients find these emails invaluable and look forward to receiving them throughout her programs.

I Feel The Energy Work & Look Forward To The Emails

“I am enjoying the program and especially the Distant Healing Daily Energy Work. I feel the energy working and often meditate for a few minutes to absorb the energy more deeply. I look forward to the email updates and hearing about what is being addressed. They help me to understand what I am experiencing. Thank you.”

~ Stacey

Item 2

Weekend Energy Immersion Remote Healing

Because we all love a little extra support once a program has ended, I will facilitate a Weekend Energy Immersion Healing Retreat December 17 & 18th, 2016.

Each person individually and our Group as a whole will receive three downloads of energy transmissions per day geared to further ground and anchor in the change from our 12 Day Journey to Miracles. The Bonus Weekend Energy Immersion Remote Healing will create further expansion and the next levelling up of You As The Miracle.

I Got My Sexy Back!

“In the months since your Confident Attractive You Class, this fifty something year old woman went from a size 4 to a size 2, works out more regularly, and is flirting and texting with a delightful guy. I feel sexy, and body confident that I never really had in my younger days. Thank you!”

~ S.T. In the USA

Special Offer
Special Offer

Item 2

One on One Personal Session With Esther Addressing The Issue of your Choice. Via Web Call, Skype or Telephone with MP3 Recording.

Take your personal transformation to the next level with a private session. Esther is lauded for her ability to get to the core of an issue and make deep change in a short amount of time. During this session one very specific issue will be focused on for exploration, clearing and re-engineering. The result? Harmony. Wholeness. Change from within creating change in your outward reality. It is the perfect add on to a stellar package of transformation.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Esther’s full schedule, personal session times available are in December 2016 and January 2017 onwards.

Special Offer


I Look Refreshed, Full of Energy, Peaceful and Young
“Your video 'Forever Young' provided me with inner strength, inner wisdom & clarity of thought. I experienced long lasting vitality & physical endurance while maintaining a constant positive outlook. I looked totally refreshed, full of energy, peaceful & 'young'. One of the emergency nurses asked my Mom if I was her daughter or granddaughter. Imagine that! That comment was truly awesome.”
~ Rosanne P Canada

Full Chakra Clearing of Negative Energy + Deep Connection With Higher Self = Happiness
“Watching the Creation video triggered release of negative energy from each one of my chakras. As I watch the video, my central core is cleared out, my Higher Self comes in and by the end I feel renewed, re-energized, and centered. Back to a happier state. I have been in a state of neutrality in my body. I no longer allow things to blindside me. I no longer choose to overreact. This video can cause a full chakra clearing if that is what you wish to happen. Esther it is amazing the way you create things that are truly assisting me on a higher level. You are a blessing to me!”
~ Sandhya S.

Feeling Happy, Unflappable, No Worries That Is A Miracle! Felt Connected To Everything
I felt positively euphoric while watching the video Money Miracle. I'm feeling happy, content and pretty unflappable! This in itself is a major miracle for me as I've always been a worrier! I went into a state of what I would describe as "oneness". I felt connected to everything and everything WAS me. With this experience I knew everything was accessible to me if I wanted it but I didn't feel I needed anything! I was just IN the experience.”
~ Kate Iredale

Body Renewed and Rejuvenated Each Day
“Forever Young feels so good! I felt like my DNA, telomeres, and cells were being renewed and rejuvenated each day. Icing on the cake was the external glow I had as a result. INFINITE LOVE AND GRATITUDE for the depth, range, love and so much more embodied in this program.”
~ Monet

Shattered The Illusion: We Don’t Need To Suffer Anymore
"I had a profound realization that in general people do not appreciate a quality job done. Maybe it's our nation's ancestral roots, but maybe it's just fear of change. We don't need to suffer any longer. We as nation or individuals of our nation, can and are able to rise and excel. Shattering the illusion.”
~ Dace Ezermale, Riga, Latvia

Special Offer