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Arcturian Healing Method - Introduction
with Gene Ang

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Arcturian Healing Method Introduction

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This Online Healing Retreat will reveal the Arcturian Healing Method via Gene Ang which is a group session of Arcturian Healing Frequencies of Light. This contains the Arcturian Blueprint Activation of the Adam Kadmon image so the Divine Self can physicalize in all dimensions, plus the Arcturian Regeneration of Cells and DNA, And the Arcturian Dimensional Bridge.

Experience the vibrations of indigo, violet, and a spiritual wave carrier energy. You'll be exposed to these vibrations in this Online Healing Retreat in three activations:

- The Arcturian Blueprint Activation - experience a frequency that allows you to align more closely to your divine Blueprint, or your Adam Kadmon image.

- The Arcturian Regeneration of Cells Activation - experience a frequency to heal the body of phsycial symptoms at the cellular and DNA level.

- The Arcturian Dimensional Bridge, this frequency helps to merge whatever dimension you are in with the Arcturian Dimension so you can receive energy for any place that needs assistance.

This Event is included in Gene's Special Offer

Special Offer