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Arcturian Healing Method: Master Class Series 5
Quantum Holographic Healing Techniques

with Gene Ang

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Online Healing Retreat Master Class Series 5
Quantum Holographic Healing Techniques

3 Sessions on Thur, Fri, Sat: Aug 3, 4, 5

2 Hours of Healing Transmissions in each session

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3 Online Sessions Sessions with MP3 Downloads (2 hrs each)

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Online Healing Retreat: Arcturian Healing Modalities Master Class 5
Quantum Holographic Healing Techniques

Session 1 and 2: Quantum Holographic Healing Techniques

Learn 10 Quantum Holographic Healing Techniques in two sessions spanning 4 hours!

1) Accessing the Field
2) Torus of the Heart
3) Time Travel
4) Dimensions
5) Spinning
6) Resonance
7) Frequency
8) Symbols
9) Embedding Intention (ie. Talisman Making)
and the original technique 10) Accessing the Light.

This class will contain 10 important concepts in energy medicine integrating concepts of quantum mechanics as applied to healing and transformation.

Session 3: Quantum Spoon Bending

Put the techniques you've learned in Session 1 and 2 to work in changing reality! This is a popular course by Gene Ang, who teaches you how to bend spoons using 6 different techniques based on quantum mechanics and torsion field physics. So why hold a spoon bending class? It is not only about bending spoons! The change in material reality demonstrated by the bent utensil is a model for change. The mechanisms used are all known healing techniques. Experience how to use these techniques in your own life for personal growth and transformation. Bring some simple utensils for this session and put your skills into action!

About Gene Ang

Gene Ang, Ph.D. has a healing practice based in Westlake Village, California and sees clients utilizing a number of healing modalities including Pranic Healing, Reconnective Healing, the Reconnection, Shamanic Healing, and Vortex Healing. In addition, he teaches a number of seminars that focus on the integration of science, spirituality, and healing. He travels around the United States facilitating healing sessions and workshops.

He was formally trained as a Neurobiologist at Yale University where he earned his doctorate in basic mechanisms of how the brain develops followed by a post-doctoral fellowship on how ultrasound can affect the developing cerebral cortex. After his post-doctoral fellowship, Gene decided to step into the role of a facilitator of healing in order to directly interact with helping people.

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This program is included in Gene Ang's Special Offer

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