~ Online Healing Retreat ~

Activations for Soul Connection
with Gregory & Gail Hoag

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Online Healing Retreat - Activations for Soul Connection

7 Activations in Video(wmv) & MP3 download Package
With online video & individual downloads of 6 video Activations, PLUS Energized Music downloads

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Online Healing Retreat Description:
Connect with the power of Sacred Geometry with 7 Activations that will connect you to your Higher Self. Gail and Gregory Hoag, of Metaforms.net, offer this Sound & Visual Journey of Sacred Geometric Activations, using special music encoded with the energies of Sacred Geometric forms from his property in Lyons, CO. You will FEEL the connection with these spiritual tools! These activations can be used on their own, but they are even more amplified with the IConnect. An image of the IConnect is included in this retreat and shown during the activations to amplify your experience. You may also purchase an IConnect for your own use by clicking on the link below.
7 Activations in the Online Healing Retreat include:
Connecting to Your Purpose - Connecting with the Creator's Spirit. Open the avenues to Spirit.
Activation for Physical Body - Recreating the greatest level of health - Enliven your Physical Cells.
Activation for Prosperity and Abundance
Expanding Your Heart Space Activation
Activation for Intuition & Higher Connection
Activation to Take Your Next Steps
Activation for Heart Pendant

Click on the Video below to hear more about this Online Healing Retreat with Gail and Gregory Hoag:

About Greg Hoag

Gregory Hoag, scientist, best selling author and artist, has researched Sacred Geometry and consciousness for 40 years. Following a major spiritual awakening (Kundalini) in 1982, he started creating energetic tools through Metaforms, that provide transformative experiences to foster spiritual evolution and the expansion of Source. His land in the Colorado Rockies has numerous energy vortexes and strategically placed geometric forms for the purpose of activating the planetary grids and energizing some of the tools produced by Metaforms. He is recognized as one of the leading experts on Sacred Geometric technologies for improving health, raising consciousness, reducing stress, manifesting intent and clearing emotional and electromagnetic interference.

Online Healing Retreat
Activations for Soul Connection

Video (wmv) and MP3 Download Package

Click Here to Purchase $22.22
Includes online video and download for home-study use, with individual downloads of 6 video Activations PLUS Energized Music Downloads

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