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Arcturian Activated Abundance Codes Course

The Abundance Codes were the first set of Codes I was downloaded with in 2017. Allow yourself to fully realize and embody the truth of abundance in your physical reality and beyond. By tapping into the multidimensional, most expanded version of you/us, you allow yourself to discover the truth of your creative potential and the abundance you are ready to surrender to in your waking life. Manifest pure potential in material form as you allow yourself to surrender, trust and expand infinitely into more.

When we 'think' of Abundance, we often think in relation to the material world. Those of us tapped into a higher consciousness will 'think' of this term on a more energetic scale. The key to this IS most certainly energy, but aligning it to a higher frequency that most are not used to. On top of this, it is a learned expansion of consistently holding this 'BE-havior'. The embodiment of the Abundance Codes starts within your DNA, awakening several sovereign experiences that have been unconscious for many lifetimes here on Earth. The next phase is an expression of Truth in your waking life - learning to embody this extremely expanded frequency, tap into infinite potentials within your reality, and for many, opening up to grounding in a brand new identity.

The Abundance Codes are an experience of expanding into this potential beyond what many have energetically, consciously or physically allowed themselves understanding yet. These frequencies will be emitted by Jennifer Lee via a group activation as well as just through her speaking. She welcomes you into the love and light that IS the Truth of who you completely are by bringing you this encompassing journey of collapsing your multidimensional self into one form of be-ing. They awaken the potentiality of a brand new abundance that is far beyond what we have chosen to learn, be, think, feel or see. She will be channeling through the Arcturians with this experience as well as welcoming in any other Beings that choose to connect with this frequency.



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Access to The Universal Codes Course

Step into the complete power, magic and potential the Universe holds for you by downloading, activating and integrating the Codes of the Universe into your system. More than just 'light codes', these codes connect you to ALL that there truly is and ALL the power you may hold as a human being here on planet earth. By activating these codes and utilizing them in quite literally EVERY area of your life, you step into your power to create with the entirety of the Universe by your side. Transform fear and doubt into pleasure and love, deeply heal the physical body and activate your DNA, expand your mind and heart into your most evolved state of spiritual gifts, actualize clear communication and heal wounds in relationships, redefine difficulties and unlock fast paced wealth creation & more.

They will help you harness:

You will receive:




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Empowered Truth Channeling Course

The Empowered Truth Channeling Course allows you to learn how to communicate with your multidimensional self and all realities you truly exist from. This is a course expanding you at an accelerated rate into your Divine gifts, your Divine knowing and turning you into a crystal clear channel for Source. Watch as you go from foggy, unclear and disconnected from all you are wanting to tap into, into pure connection to beings, entities, light language, sacred geometry and more.

Is channeling calling you?

Is your Higher Self ready to come through?

Are you desiring to understand how to embody a higher vibrational resonance?

Do you feel called to connect with the Higher Dimensions and our Galactic Guides/Family/Friends?

Have you felt stuck at an intuitive level when you know you are ready to tap into higher gifts?

Want to make an impact in your life and the lives of those you help?

Ready to understand more of your Truth and bring that forth to the Collective Consciousness?

Desiring to embody more of the 5th Dimensional experience?

Join us for a 6 Week Channeling experience! We will be coming together as a Collective to learn how to channel, shift realities, connect with an abundance of Galactic Sources and share our new higher experiences.

This channeling course will teach you:


The Course will include:

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ALL THREE COURSES! PLUS 30-minute wealth activation channeling session with Jennifer Lee

Gain full access to Source with Jennifer Lee’s channeled connection as we tap into your wealth of energy, guides and Galactic/multidimensional frequencies to discover the power you hold to activate more wealth, more creativity, more love and more expansion in your here and now. We will be activating you into an expanded version of yourself, allowing you to embody new amounts of your full, multidimensional energy in your physical world. You will be asked to answer a few questions for your recording to guarantee we connect you with the specific guidance for your greatest and highest good at this time. Channelings with Jennifer Lee may include, but are not limited to the following: sound/vibrational healing, connection to any/all Galactic/Universal beings and dimensions, connection to your Starseed heritage, DNA activations, wealth strategies, energetic alignment, light language and more! Please allow up to 7 days for delivery of your MP3 recorded audio after submitting your questionnaire.

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Here are what People are saying about Jennifer Lee

"The Abundance Code Activation Course with Jennifer Lee was truly one of the best investments I have ever made for myself! I am blown away by how phenomenal the activations were, and how many SHIFTS I experienced during the 6 week course, and am STILL experiencing since it ended! I learned such a wealth of information during the course - and Jennifer is one of the most connected, sweet galactic souls I have ever met! She most certainly is responsible for where I am now on my galactic journey, and for blowing the top off my old life! Thank you, Jennifer!! So much love to you from one Arcturian to another!"

– Kathy M.

"This is not a testimonial, more of a love letter from my soul. When I first stumbled across Jennifer Lee on the internet, wiping my sleepy eyes, aimlessly trawling, it was like I'd plugged myself into the mains. No... so more than that! Its almost impossible to put into human words. A vibration(s), a recognition, an activation of such pure galactic energy that all the cells in my body flipped out and spun/span though loops. Working with her has been the single most best act of self-love I have bequeathed myself. I'm actually still high-fiving myself that I took that leap. I've not looked back, or even sideways, I've quantum leaped. The space she holds for those awakening is powerfully sublime. Welcome home x Above all....THANK YOU xxxxx"

– Lynne D.

"I took all the courses and I can really say that I have shifted and evolved. So many layers and I feel free in body and soul, and it will continue to evolve for months and years to come as I understand some of it now, and I know it will continue to open up more and more wisdom. Jennifer Lee ‘s open mind and loving guidance is so valuable, I'm so glad You were there when I was ready to jump higher. Love, Birgitte"

– Birgitte V.

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