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New Earth Alchemy
with Joanna Ross

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Online Healing Retreat
New Earth Alchemy

3 Sessions
2 Hours Each Session in MP3 Downloads
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Online Healing Retreat Purpose ~ Create, inspire and build upon what you know about ascension, expansion, and enlightenment and what Gaia is offering us as we move up into a new, never-before experienced earth frequency.

Join Joanna Ross and The Star Council in this 3-part series. * Some energies always with Joanna in her every day life that also emit information and frequency work to her energy field are; 6th Dimensional Plutonians, Arcturus, Pleiadians, myriad of beings from Sirius, Alpha Centauri, Orion, Tecarian, and many others.

We are already on New Earth and the transition that will happen that many have talked about. We are in our own universe, because we are the master creator that we are, we take anything inspiring to us, we can transform something from nothing. We have this profound opportunity
“This is the era of the illuminated Master and humans have never had this potential before, but we do now and that’s what makes this so exciting!

We now know we are the master, we are the alchemist we can choose to change our vibration. When we master universal laws and universal energy, we can manifest beautiful lives.

A 6-Hour Online Healing Retreat over 3 Sessions

• In every aspect of our Discussion today we will allow spirit to come through and assist with all aspects of the personal expansion, collective celestial energy will move through this special group gathering and allow us to enhance our current core frequency
• It is key to attend with an open heart, open mind, so that you get the most out of any spiritual offering and remember to drink plenty of water to assist in moving the energy through you
• MAIN TOPICS ~ Personal Ascension, Planetary Ascension, Enhanced 5th Dimensional Living, First Contact, New Earth,
• We will move through various meditations, enhancements, and discussion about these key ascension topics;
• Personal Ascension, Planetary Ascension, Celestial and Universal Unity and Oneness, First Contact, Multi-Dimensional enhancements and understandings, and the Benevolence of our existence,
• Tapping into profound Universal laws to experience the life we truly desire

Retreat Purpose ~ Create, inspire and build expanded understanding on the current earthly, planetary, and collective changes and what all of this has to do with unleashing the profound human potential. We all know what multi-dimensional means, but how do we truly enhance this new earth energy and create a moment-for-moment brilliance? We will tap into every key ascension topic, planetary ascension, and how it will ultimately allow us to offer the energetic potential for first conscious contact with our celestial teams that have been guiding, supporting, and assisting us on this path of expanded consciousness.

You will gain  greater ability to discern what requires refinement within your life, to align and engage at a more intimate and deeper level, enhance and entangle with those that are contract to assist you as you walk this path of awakening. All aspects of this multi-dimensional experience and what this really means and how we can enhance and prepare ourselves in every way; physical, emotional, energetically etc.,

You will gain  greater ability to realign and / or shift or create the frequency that inspires inter-dimensional entanglement ~ elementals, wildlife, nature and Gaia energy.

This movement is more than a mere ‘trend,’ it will allow humanity for the first time ever, to step up into the frequency that can bring about scientific innovations, abundance, toxin-free food, healthy water, healthy soil and air, and even increase life expectancy and overall youthfulness. All of this is possible as we tap into the infinite potential of the Divine encoding and profundity within. We are truly master creators and there has never been a lifetime to manifest heaven upon earth like the accelerated frequencies that we swim within right now.

SESSION 1: Planetary Ascension
* Gain a firm understanding about planetary ascension and why has our planet seen such dramatic awakening in every sector of our world
* Gain an understanding of why we are moving through such profound enhancements and what affect it will have upon humanity
* Understanding why we see and experience what we do if we are experiencing

SESSION 2: Personal Ascension
• Gain unwavering knowledge about what personal ascension means to you and how you are able to shift, change, and enhance what you experience
• Gain a sense of wonder in how benevolent and perfectly designed this process is, how profound you are as a master creator living within the world of the ‘unseen’ Universal energy
• Gain an understanding of your own human potential, and how ascension can unleash your unlimited potential
• Gain an understanding about how human potential will allow us to experience a shift in every system we live within; socio-economic systems, banking, education, and how we have the potential to experience abundance for all,
• Gain an understanding about the level of entanglement and engagement you emit, is directly related to the reality you experience
• Gain a thorough understanding of what new earth and first contact is truly about and how it will look, feel, and be experienced
• Gain greater insight and understanding about the increase in UFO, or Lightship sightings, visitation experiences, and multi-dimensional understandings are seemingly topics that many are awakening so quickly
• Gain understanding how ascension and expansion is triggered and what to look for, symptoms, and how to move through energetic surges with greater ease and enjoyment
• Gain greater understanding for the wisdom you hold within and how to unleash it with clarity, boldness, and profound results to live within a glowing 5th dimensional new earth
• Gain understanding about our personal blueprint, soul purpose, and life quest and the celestial teams that support us in this journey

SESSION 3: First Contact
• Gain understanding and insights on what ascension has to do with first contact and what it would look like, where it would occur, and when
• Gain understanding and ability to connect with your teams and link in with the beings that will make first contact

Joanna’s Connection with the Star Council
The Star Council is a 6th and 7th Dimensional group of beings that meet and gather to help and align with resolutions, mediation, and equanimity of those within the council. The Star Council is a group of beings that focus on star systems that resonate at the 6th and 7th dimensional frequency, but also link in with those that are of 5th dimensional, as we are now resonating at. These beings operate to resolve planetary concerns and as we ascend, transcend, and morph into our more illuminated galactic human, we release the socio-economic systems, and unfair structures that we have now.

We will be inspiring new earth, with potentials of a ‘self-governing’ way of life. We are moving into higher potentials of creating new earthly systems, education concepts, and exchange in resource and monetary support services. The Star Council and it’s vast experience with newly ascended planets and star systems, will be cradling earth into the rebirth of an ascended status. We are supported and love beyond words, and now it is timely to begin unleashing the true power of the illuminated galactic human.

Realign to Your Illuminated Galactic Higher Self
Ascension allows for the expansion of all aspects of our reality, and if we align with the moment-for-moment ability to redefine what we know to be true, the path unfolds with flow and grace. It is in these momentary choices that define the potential of our most illuminated state of being, and why I implore you to really tap into your profundity and innate brilliance to sense the life and blood of Source that is swimming within you. Those of you who are on the path of ‘intentional or conscious creation,’ will have the opportunity and potential to summon and offer in energetic healing led by your team. It is in this, that the door for our constant and continued refinements and knowingness of the aspects of yourself that have been left invisible to you, until you reach the frequency to navigate with your newly found energetic skills.

To experience this in all ways that we can, and reengage, realign, and re-enmesh ourselves with Source, Creation, and our Higher aspects. We do this so that we can unfold in the most authentic way, the most profound way, and align with what we have designed within our Soul Blueprint and it is culminating and unfolding in every moment we act in our true authentic state of being. Our highest state of being and it is why you are here. To allow yourself to unfold in the most enlightened way, purist way and most elegant way as we re-connect in this life time to further the work, the path, and the learning that we have done in other realms, other parallel earths, and tap into the ascension energies here to propel this work in a whole new way.

As we explore aspects of who we are as the ascending human, upon an ascending planet, we tap into the concepts, the aspects, the attributes that allow us to explore all that we are. We are profoundly infinite, creative, compassionate, and loving, and we are here to unleash the potential that resides within us all. For awareness is the key to knowingness, and knowingness is your key to unlimited potential. Should you desire anything; material, experiential, and spiritual, it is within you at any moment. Our expansion and ascension allows us to taste it, feel it, and entangle within Creation in a way that has never been done before upon our beautiful Gaia.

Participant Feedback ~ Joanna ~ Universal Unity

"What an exciting, beautiful, and powerful experience! The First Contact Symposium with Joanna at Universal Unity was such a magical blending of people and information--it was amazing to be in a room with people of similar vibrations and intentions for the expansion of our individual selves, humanity, and Gaia. Joanna and her team filled the experience with so much love and enlightenment. I cannot wait for events and programs to come! Thank you so much!" –Sarah

"This experience was filled with so much love, just like the blogs and Facebook posts I subscribe to. Joanna is an open vessel with a pure willingness to allow higher consciousness to flow through her. She orchestrates on all levels, communicating with our multi-dimensional selves. Whether I am listening to her Ustream or Blog Talk Radio, there is always an information download--and the downloads I received at the Symposium were profound! Thank you for a truly enlightening experience! I look forward to upcoming events." –Rilee

Really awesome, you and the guest speakers! Absolutely fabulous! The talks were perfect in timing, expression, conveyance of everything you were talking about. So great! Thank You! Ashley Williams

I feel the most feelings of importance, beauty, validity, peace & so much more than ever before in my life. Thank you for validating my life. I hope youknow how much this means to me Joanna!! Jalva Eakins

Joanna is an open channel with information flowing right through her! She has so much precise wisdom to share! When I walked into the workshop space, the first feeling was of beauty and peace. Joanna created a space of love in every part of that room and beyond – each table had crystals and a gift for each and every ONE of us. Her open, giving heart radiated everywhere. Then there’s all the knowledge and wisdom she prepared so thoughtfully and to top it off she’s giving us a free video clip of the Symposium so we can keep integrating all of it in our own time. I look forward to reading her book when it’s out! She has a story to share and help all of us on our path to being our 5th dimensional selves. Yesssssss! Thank you Joanna! You are pure light! Rhonda Ann Clarke

Online Healing Retreat
New Earth Alchemy

3 Sessions
2 Hours Each Session in MP3 Downloads
Click Here to Purchase $111.00

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This Online Healing Retreat is Included in Joanna's Special Offer

Special Offer

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