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Option 1: Ascending Through the Chakras + 4 bonus audios - Over 3 hrs of clearings and activations!

A chakra is a wheel-like spinning vortex that spins in universal energy (also called prana or chi / ki), processes it, and spins it out. Since the chakras are the centers in our bodies in which energy flows through, by clearing and balancing your Chakras, you balance and strengthen your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

If you go back to your childhood, you might recall being taught that everything is energy. The human body is no exception. It is energy as well, just as everything in the Universe is. There are 7 main energy centers called Chakras. A chakra is like a spinning wheel that as a result of its spin, creates a vacuum at its center, attracting whatever comes its way. These wheels of energy are constantly attracting and radiating energy and are sometimes called The Wheels of Life.

When our Chakras become damaged or blocked, they either do not open much at all or only open a percentage of what they can normally open. They become blocked because of storing unresolved experiences, emotions or memories. Even one damaged or blocked chakra can throw the entire chakra system off, leaving us in a spiritually unbalanced state.
a result, balancing our Chakras determines our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

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1.Root Chakra — Represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded.

2. Sacral Chakra — Our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences. Relationships, connection, creativity, sexuality. Color: Orange

3. Solar Plexus Chakra - Our ability to be confident and in control of our lives. Color: Yellow

4. Heart Chakra — Our ability to love. Color: Green for healing, pink for romantic love

5.Throat Chakra - Our ability to communicate. Color: Blue

6. Third Eye Chakra — Our ability to focus on and see the big picture. Color: Indigo

7. Crown Chakra — The highest chakra represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually. Color: Violet/Purple

8. Chakra Eight

Some of the benefits you may experience from the Balance Your Chakras program are:

Item 2

Bonus One: Clearing & Resolving Mother Issues

As adults, we become the product of the energetic emotional environment we grew up in. Whatever your parents were feeling, whether they expressed it or not, was what you picked up on and internalized as a small child. This audio  focuses on the emotional energy you picked up on and internalized from your mother. Listen to this to help free yourself  from those unresolved emotional mother issues so that you can be your best possible Self.

Item 3

Bonus Two: Clearing & Resolving Father Issues:

This audio  discovers, clears and frees you from those unresolved emotional father issues so that you can live a fulfilled and inspiring life!

Item 4

Bonus 3: Clearing and Activating for Healthy Relationships:

It's time to free yourself from the unresolved baggage you've carried around from past relationships. In this audio, you'll cut cords to relationships that have ended and you're ready to be free from. Once you have closure from the past, you'll be ready to experience the healthy, supportive, inspiring and passionate relationship you've been looking for!

Item 5

Bonus 4: Clearing the way for Financial Abundance!

Having gone through 2 bankruptcies, Joy knows that it's never about the money or lack thereof, it's about believing in yourself, recognizing your value and being willing to allow the opportunities to flow in and to have the courage to take action on them.. Release the lack and limitation thinking and get ready to allow the money to flow in. Be a magnet to money and clear the space so that money is a magnet to YOU!

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Special Offer

Item 1

A personalized Remote Scan & Clearing PLUS everything in that's included in Option 1

Option 2 includes everything that is in Option 1 PLUS a Remote Energy Scan & Emotional Clearing specific to YOU! This 75 minutes of remote energy work includes between 45 to 60 minutes of laser focused recorded clearings. All Joy needs in order to do your personal Scan & Clearing is your picture. Since the energy in the picture is enough for Joy to do the scan & clearing, it's not necessary for you to be present or to set up a time to have this done. This is the ultimate in convenience!

Your first recording consists of your Scan in which she identifies what is in your energy field and then goes through each chakra. Core beliefs and emotions are identified as well as patterns which are keeping you stuck and preventing you from moving forward. Your recorded scan is approximately 10 - 20 minutes.

The Clearing is done immediately after the scan and clears out not only what was seen and identified in the scan but also anything else that shows up to be cleared. As old stuck energies (Emotions; Energy in Motion) are cleared out, feelings such as happiness, gratitude, appreciation, acceptance etc awaken within you and are brought to your conscious awareness. Your personal Clearing is approximately 25 - 40 minutes. Once your Scan & Clearing has been recorded, you'll receive your 2 recordings via email and are then free to listen to them at any time that is convenient for you and as often as you like. Each scan and clearing is as unique as the individual receiving it and can range from a simple tune up to a life changing awakening. 

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Special Offer

Item 1

A 30 minute laser focused one on one session with Joy PLUS everything that's included in Option 1 & 2

Receive all that's included in Option1 & 2 PLUS a 30 minute laser focused one on one session with Joy done via phone or Skype. Joy will intuitively determine which clearing modality will support you the most and will focus in on the topic of your choice! If you have multiple topics and are not sure which one you'd like to clear, Joy will use muscle testing to determine which issue is the priority to clear. Often, when the priority issue is cleared, others will collapse and you'll feel release from them all!

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"Joy! Thank you so so so so much for this beautiful session. You gave me so much to work with and I will be doing some healing around the solar plex/power struggle and the throat. I'm so grateful you are now offering these sessions and I just know they are going to help so many people. Thank you thank you!!"
Emmanuel Dagher

"Joy, thank you very much for these recordings. I wanted you to know that they were 100% accurate. I could check off each statement with True 100% because I have examined all my thoughts during this time of growth and I journal, do clearing work and your word choice actually matched mine. I didn't have to make anything fit. Amazing!"
Barb Lammi, Chilliwack BC Canada

"I was blown away by my scan & clearing with Joy because she was able to pick up on stuck energy from my teenage years that I've kept buried for years...and with accuracy! The information she received from her guides was spot on and there is no way that she could have known that information. The recordings helped me to release that which was no longer necessary from my teenage years and to see the connection between the unconscious beliefs I've been carrying around all these years, and ways of being that are no longer supporting me in who I've become.  Since listening to the scan & clearing, I'm now able to catch myself when I start procrastinating and to choose to take action instead. Thank you Joy for helping me move forward in my new endeavors!"
Donna Whittington -- Host of the Peace, Joy, Love and Bliss Transformation Show

"I was delighted and in complete awe when I heard the Angel Scan and Clearing from Joy. At the time she did the reading for me, it was an anniversary - a year since my diagnosis of Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. I'm now cancer free and healing well but I was filled with sadness and overwhelm. I felt as though I was at a cross road in my life, unsure of what to do professionally, and when to  start. Other than knowing it was my anniversary, Joy didn't know what was going on for me emotionally. The information she gave me from the Angels and ArchAngels was profound - every uncertainty and question I had in my mind was answered. I have so much more clarity now and I feel deeply supported. Joy has such a gift and she delivers the information clearly with specifics, rather than with general suggestions. Even though this was a distance reading, I felt as though she was in the room with me. Thank you so much Joy!"
Annabel Fisher, author, speaker and cancer thriver

"Thank you so much for the recordings. I woke up that morning knowing you had worked on me the night before. Your work is amazing, I have done a lot of different things in the past, but you are helping me to finally realize why I am the way I am, this is something I’ve always been looking for."  
- Margit Miller, Germany

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