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The Golden Awakening
with Judy Cali

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Online Healing Retreat
The Golden Ascension 2.0

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All life on the Planet is going thru a Collective Ascension Experience known as The Shift of the Ages. We are shifting from Fear based living into Love based living. This has never happened on this Planet before. The 77 Energy Pods of New Children are leading the way as we shift & step into The 7th Golden Age of Wisdom.

Have you noticed how much you & your life has changed in the past 15 years? You have Aches, Pains & Fatigue that seem to come and go with no real reason. Your Memories are fading & you are less interested in the drama of life. The People, Places, Jobs & Relationships are changing, some quite suddenly. You feel more at Peace as the World seems to get crazier. Time is speeding up & you are having erratic sleeping patterns & dreams. You are less attached to keeping everything the same & feel like your Happiness is a priority for the first time in your life while Family Dynamics are more tense at times.

Come & join us in the fun as we discuss & share what Golden Ascension means for you, as an Individual & for the Human Race.

We will download, activate & initiate

  • Your GOLDEN Guides,
  • Angels & Totem Animals.
  • Bluebird of Happiness
  • Treasure Chest of Health, Pearls of Wisdom & Wealth.
  • Gifts, Talents, Abilities, Skills & Tools
  • Christ Consciousness.
  • The Goose that lays your Eggs of Opportunities
  • Sacred Heart, Mind & Bodies to Flow in
  • Harmony.
  • Akashic Records, Intelligence, knowledge & Understanding
  • Rainbow, Crystalline & Diamond Energies.
  • Your Golden Clarion Call

Judy will Channel a personal message from The Golden Light Angels & they will activate your Golden Mastery to assist you to awaken & Remember Who You Are.

"I offer all to your I AM Presence. All is in alignment with the Highest Integrity & Light of your soul in whatever way, shape or form Honors you."

Session 1
Golden Archangel Michael
Adamantine Particles of Light
Golden Guides, Angels & Totem Animals
Golden Bluebird of Happiness

Ancient Egyptian Golden Goddess Queen Isis Is assisting us to Remember our Mystery School Mastery, Sacred Knowledge, Wisdom & Understanding

Session 2
Golden King Midas & The Golden Touch
Golden King Soloman & Unlimited Golden Wealth
Golden Treasure Chest of Health, Pearls of Wisdom & Wealth
Golden Goose that lays your eggs of Golden Opportunities
Golden Merpeople

Session 3
New Earth Gifts
Jesus & Mary Magdelene Golden Christ Consciousness
Joyfully Creating Your Sacred Heart Dream
Golden Archangel Gabriel 7th Golden Age of Wisdom & Peace Clarion Call
Lemurian Telosian High Priest Adama's Message

Judy Cali Services

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A Note From Judy Cali

Magical experiences happen more & more as we align with our Golden Sacred Heart in Oneness. We are experiencing Heavenly Earth with each breath, as we allow The 7th Golden Age of Wisdom to unfold within us. I will be sharing, activating, initiating & downloading various Healing Techniques including your Golden Wisdom, Knowledge & Understanding & also your Golden Gifts, Talents, Abilities, Skills & Tools, so you can live more authentically with each breath. All will be experienced only in whatever way honors you & is in alignment with your I AM Presence thru Love in Ease & Grace.

I will call forth various Ascended Masters, Archangels, Star Brothers & Sisters & more with messages & suggestions to assist each caller. Lemurian High Priest of Telos, Adama, will come in & Bless each person on the call individually & give us info & messages that speak to your Hearts. You will know the Truth for you more easily after this time together on this Webnar. There will be a Questions & Answer Time during the call.

Your Divine Mission is to Remember Who You Are & to share A Sacred Gift only you have to give to the World. You are a Divine Being of Joy, so says, The Golden Dolphins. Please join us as a Sacred Member of Our Spiritual Family of LightCreators. You are valued, loved & cherished.

Here's What Participants are Saying About This Expansive Course

"I Really Enjoyed the Healing Retreat! I am deeply humbled and grateful that I Am/Was A Part of “The Selected Group of People” who has received The Divine Gifts, Activations and Initiations..during - THE GOLDEN AWAKENING- Three Days Healing Retreat with Judy Cali. This was the most expansive, the most graceful healing retreat I have ever experienced. Is a golden opportunity for each of us to become a true, empowered, masterful co-creator of love, harmony, joy, abundance and peaceful coexistence as we have stepped into the new higher frequency, Personal Infinity Portal. The Magnificent Potential..... Judy Cali you are beautiful and blessed beyond words! You know how to make the difference...... Blessed and honoured who has met you!" ~ Eternal Love, Erietta "I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having brought Judy Cali into my field of awareness. I feel so much bigger than I did before taking part in this workshop. There was so much there, such richness, I really don't know how to thank you both. This is such am amazing time. I'd been told a short time ago that I had a powerful time just ahead, and I've had no idea what to expect, but into this space has come all of this richness. I will do my best to honor what I have been given here, and to send it on to all others in whatever way that I may. Thank you, fellow traveler." ~ Kristi

"I feel immense gratitude in my heart for the gift of this incredible 3 day retreat with you and Judi Cali. I learned, I cried, I grew, I forgave and have been able to let go of a huge insecurity . The I AM Presence technique helped me confront my husband and say the things I had to say that I could no longer hold. I did not value myself as I should have and now I know the importance of caring for myself and stop thinking I am less than. Lauren, my dear friend, Archangel Gabriel is helping me write this to you. If it were not for you and the sessions you bring to light in your on-line healing program for all of us to share in I would not be where I am today. I have had some amazing experiences with your guests even stepped into my multidimensional self because of a program you had on with Sandra Walter. My journey started long ago in childhood but the education started with your shows. You are so needed and necassary for all of us. Lauren you have not only given a place for masters to teach but you have opened a space and place for students to learn. The special offer pricing is affordable and has allowed me to purchase several classes. Matt Kahn and Tammy Majchrak last year and this year Anrita Melchizedek, Sandra Walter, Lisa Transcendence Brown, and Judy Cali so far. I am going to order the special session with Judy today. With Love and friendship," ~ Malinda

"Hi, Lauren. Thank you for your webinar. You have really amazing people on. That's how I found Judy Cali. Thanks to you. And the retreat with Judy was beyond amazing. Thank you for all your hard work. With so much Love and appreciation,"" Diana. "Good morning Lauren, I so very much enjoyed the webinar. In so many ways there were so many conformations that this webinar with it's information and many activations was exactly my "next". I masquerade as a long haul truck driver so I don't have many opportunities to attend events like this, but because it was positively the "next" for me to engage with the Universe gave me time to be parked so I could fully engaged with the frequencies of the event without the distractions of driving. Blessings on your journey," ~" Michael

"This webinar was truly amazing! My body was vibrating the whole time and I felt clear changes in my body. I saw and felt my enormous golden angel wings open, truly fantastic. I also felt a very soft and bubbly energy connection to the group, it felt safe and at home. Judy is such a genuine cosmic being she is very special, and so are you! The way you are handling everything is both professional, old saying, and genuine the things you share are so beautiful and so are you, a truly beautiful Human. I am so grateful for feeling such strong connection to join this webinar it is a blessing. In Love Light and Service" ~ Margareta from Sweden

"Lauren, this was one of the best webinars I have ever been to. Thank you so much for the wonderful speakers that you offer. This was Way beyond my expectations. The activations were so beautiful. Thank you for being vulnerable during the session. It helped me more than you know. Much love and many blessings," ~ Linda

"Thank you both so much for this amazing experience. I have been reading and working with the Seven Scared Flames and the Ascended Masters of each flame for a few years. So hearing that Adama, knew each of us personally meant a lot to me. That each of us was a Golden Angel and a Golden Dolphin gives me such hope ! I am still processing and will listen over and over. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you," Mary

"I am honored to have enjoyed Session 1 with you and Judy.And I havent even listened to shows 2 & 3 yet. Awesome, fabulous, moving. I am stepping into my Mastery!" ~ Heidi

"I saw a Golden Butterfly outside my deck an hour ago as I was journaling about this retreat. And today Wiped out - took 2 naps to integrate session 2 and the Goddess of the Sea energies. So very grateful to Judy that she remembered to answer my question about my son. Very helpful and makes sense as I know I am so connected to mother earth that mostly what I experience is not me but what is going on with her. So no surprise my son is processing her birth too. Good to know now I can deal with it at a different level. I laugh when she brought in St. Germain and the Violet Flame as he is my purple pal and I work with the VF but I guess I need to use it much more often as we move through these next 3 months before our 9/27/15 first wave doorway that Matt Kahn speaks of. ;-) Unceasing Blessings dolphin of my heart." ~ Jillian

Judy Cali Services
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Exclusive! BONUS! Digital Download of Dianne Robbins eBooks­ Messages from Hollow Earth, Telos, The Call Goes Out and more!

Dianne Robbins wrote the 1st TELOS book ever published in 1992, and the only book of telepathic messages ever received directly from the Hollow Earth

Her Telos book opened the way for people worldwide to make their own connection to Adama and the City of Telos. The messages in her book were dictated by Adama, word­for­word, and never edited. Each sentence carries the pure flow of energy from Adama that connects you to Telos through Adama’s own vibration.

Not only is the Earth HOLLOW, but it is inhabited by Advanced Civilizations!

Read about the existence of these evolved civilizations that live in peace and brotherhood in the Center of our Earth, which is HOLLOW, and contains an Inner Central Sun, with oceans and mountains still in their pristine state.

Discover the Lost Library of Alexandria!

This Package includes all of these eBooks by Dianne Robbins

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You Have Waited Thousands of Years to Hear Our Messages....

Greetings from the Hollow Earth!

"I am Mikos and I dwell inside your Earth. I am reaching up to you in consciousness, to impart our frequency to you as you read the words on these pages of our book. These pages are sacred, for its content contains the mighty power to change the world ­ if but enough surface folk read them. This is our purpose for dictating our messages to you. It is to hasten change on the surface so that people will once again be connected to their divine self and source of inner guidance.

You have waited for thousands of years to hear our messages, and it is only now that the vibration is high enough for us to come forward and speak to you. These messages you read, come directly through our hearts, relayed from the heart of God. Your heart is God's receptacle ­ so open it wide, my dear readers, and receive our words directly into your heart ­ where their vibrations will raise your consciousness enough to meld into us directly as your eyes perceive our words.

We await the great day when we will be able to show ourselves to you, when you will be able to peer directly into our eyes and fathom the God within our souls ­ including yours. Many are now still separated from the Lord God I AM of their being, but our purpose for these messages is to bring you the reality of your own God Selves and help you connect to the Light within your own soul.

Life is about connecting ­ not disconnecting into separate units, as your density and negativity and limitation on the surface caused you to do. Life is a flow of energy, connecting everyone, everywhere, simultaneously. We invite you to be in this flow, and flow with our thoughts and our heartbeat as you read our words carried to the surface on the winds of telepathy ­ winds that bring our thoughts and feelings into your heartspace ­ for you to also access as you learn to resonate with our vibration. As you think of Us, you will feel a heightened sense of being as our energy cascades into you. It is a physical sensation that is unmistakable. Move into it ­ for it is Us ­ making contact with you ­ consciousness contact ­ and it feels like energy currents flowing through you, currents of heightened sensitivity and divine bliss, putting you into a protected space of peace during our connection, that lingers about you for the remaining day. We offer you this, as a gift freely given as you read our words. We've been calling to you for so long, and now through this book to the world, you are hearing us. We are joyously anticipating your heart contact and are ready and eager to respond to your thoughts. So tune into us, sit quietly, and feel our vibration engulf your physical body and raise your energy field. We wait for your call."

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Special Offer

Option 2: Judy Cali Personal Session plus everything in Option 1....

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Personal Session with Judy Cali

Get Everything in Option 1, plus a Personal Reading with Judy to channel messages for you, assist you in clearing old beliefs of long ago or past lives, so you can step into your full-beingness in this lifetime.

This is an in-depth session that often goes 90 minutes and it will be an experience that will take weeks and months to integrate as it allows you to step into your wholeness. An Amazing Experience Awaits You!!

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