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Online Healing Retreat: Communicate with Loved Ones Beyond the Veil

with Juliann Calvey

A two-hour online workshop with Juliann who will share her techniques for identifying and communicating with your Loved Ones who have crossed over. She'll share insights and meditation techniques you can use to connect with your loved ones and spirit guides. Includes an MP3 recording for home-study use.

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60 Minute Session with Psychic Oracle Medium Juliann Calvey

A 60 minute session with me. This is a collaborative session in which the two of us will go deeply in to the unconscious to reach a core wounding, an aspect of the you who has gone into hiding and is driving the you as if the wounding has happened today. As I am clair-everything I can easily guide you to bring this aspect back into wholeness in a unique way. This session brings back soul fragments, dissolves what is not true to you in the emotional and mental bodies and ultimately heals the physical body. This session will result in a feeling of more wholeness, happiness as well as expansion of consciousness to the 5 th and beyond, as well as En-Lightenment and knowing the Truth of You.

Item 1

An MP3 Meditative journey which will bring to you an experience for fifth dimensional living as well as manifestation.

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I felt very happy after the call, very giddy. Lol. Nothing seems to phase me. My sister told me that she might lose her job. I told her don't worry, you'll find another one even better. She wasn't too happy with my response but then said, yes, I will find another job.

I am so much happier and feel more embodied. It’s as if my body feels bigger although my clothes fit the same and I haven’t gained any weight. I don’t take on the feeling of everyone around me. When I opened my eyes right after our session I could see what was me and what was not me. That’s it – I feel like me for the first time in my life! I had no idea how angry and fearful I was inside. Bring this into consciousness and the process you lead me through was pure genius. Thank you so much. ~ Carina

I had no idea what to expect but what a fabulous session. I go through my days now feeling lighter and brighter than ever before. I had been struggling with an auto-immune disease that caused me brain fog and fatigue. I no longer need Ambien to get to sleep and I don’t need as much sleep. I have plenty of energy to get through the day without taking a nap. This is like a miracle to me. Nothing else had helped me and I had given up on the medical system. Blessings to you! ~ Diane

I have had two sessions with you. My childhood was a nightmare. But I had no idea how these “aspects” of me really felt – wow – we really do have a natural coping mechanism put in place in order that we can stay alive. I think I would have killed myself if these aspects of myself had not gone into hiding. There is no reason for that now only because of this process you guided me through. But I needed to be in it with you. You did the guiding but you kept asking questions. This made me feel in control and important to the process. You taught me so much about kindness and loving myself. I will book another session with you very soon. ~Julia

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