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Activate Your Divine Design with Katherine Parker’s Resonance Alchemy System

Experience Katherine Parker, internationally acclaimed spiritual healer, author and visionary founder of Resonance Alchemy, a new system of transformational energy medicine based on cosmic creation codes.

Resonance Alchemy is a holistic energy medicine system that uses Cosmic Creation Codes for healing and transformation. Katherine Parker received the Resonance Alchemy system over twenty years ago in a direct spiritual transmission from a group of Pleiadian light beings. Since that time, hundreds have learned how to use this remarkable technology through Katherine’s teaching and mentoring. In addition, thousands of people have received healing and transformation around the globe from this powerful resonance frequency energy healing technique.

Katherine has been passionately engaged in the fields of holistic health and transpersonal psychology for thirty-five years. The foundations for her current work with Resonance Alchemy include a fifteen year private practice in Denver, CO as a certified massage therapist, astrological counselor and transpersonal therapist.

Why Activate Your Divine Design?

Your Divine Design can empower you to realize your life purpose, gain clarity and vibrant health while reconnecting you with your higher essence. As the frequency of the planet is raising to a new frequency, its important to also raise your consciousness to a higher dimensional perspective. This higher frequency connection will change your life in a profound way- quickly and painlessly!

Humanity is entering a new era full of unimaginable potential. This ascension is a part of our Divine Design, built into our blueprint and part of our DNA potential. Reconnecting to your Divine Design enables you to access this potential and fulfill your souls purpose. Activating your Divine Design turns the ordinary into a revelation of the extraordinary!

Resonance Alchemy reconnects you on all levels:

• Physical

• Mental

• Emotional

• Spiritual

This mini-course will help you release conscious or subconscious fears and contractions, raise your vibrational frequency effortlessly and allow you to embrace your multi-dimensional potential. After Your Divine Design Activation, you will feel different- more hopeful, energized and connected to your soul and your true essence. The transformations are remarkable!

Here is what some of Katherine’s clients have said about Resonance Alchemy sessions:

“More awareness and expansion is beginning to open for me as I relax and continue to release deeply. Words fail to express my deep gratitude for the divine grace and assistance that Resonance Alchemy has brought to my life and spiritual evolution.”

~ Diane S., Colorado

“Your work is stunning. I feel balanced and relaxed today and in control of my energy.”

~ Lucy Beale, speaker and author of Complete Idiot’s Guide to Glycemic Index Weight Loss.

I wanted to thank you for the syllables, they are changing me in such a deep and powerful way! Your book is truly and monumentally life changing!

~ Mark, Maine

I believe this work with you is going to be game changing for myself, my son and my family. We have done so much work with various healers, over the years and this shift and lifting I’m experiencing is like nothing I’ve experienced before. I am ready for sessions to come. Thank you!!

 ~ Autumn W. Nebraska. 9/27/16

“Katherine is a wonderful person, healer and teacher, who walks her talk. Her work is very inspiring and her healing presence is radiant and empowering.” ~Shanti Dechen, Aroma Apothecary Healing Arts Academy


Activate Your Divine Design

Katherine has created eight video trainings with support materials and two meditations to Activate Your Divine Design. Each one of these powerful video sessions can help you access your higher knowing and reduce the stresses in your life. You now have access “to live in the flow”!

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Video One: Activate Your Divine Design Introduction

In this 5 min. video, Katherine will share insights into how you can Activate Your Divine Design with this powerful system. She introduces you to the use of sacred alchemical syllables combined with tapping on specific energy centers on your body. These ‘active’ meditations and videos will:

• Open your heart, so you can live in love

• Bring you mental clarity

• Connect you to your higher knowing

• Energize your body, mind and spirit

• Clear negativity

Item 1

Video Two: Resonance Alchemy Overview

In this 6 min. video, Katherine explains the 2 main concepts of Resonance Alchemy Activations:

• The silent syllables or ‘cosmic creation codes’

• RA process of gentle tapping to open energy centers on and off the body.

These codes were given to Katherine over twenty years ago, and provide an efficient way to tune your frequency as a receiver and a transmitter of coherent energy. She is still in contact with these Light Beings today, as they offer new, effective remedies for our ascension.

Handout included.

Item 1

Video Three: Caduceus Tuning

The Caduceus, or Staff of Hermes, known as the symbol of the medical profession, actually represents three main subtle energy channels in the human energy field.

In this training, you will be introduced to an easy and effective way to activate these channels of energy in your body using light tapping on specific places and silently repeating Resonance Alchemy’s sacred syllables.

You will learn:

• How to easily open and activate your Core Channel and the Right and Left Channels for balanced energy

• How to access and call in your Divine Mind connection for centering and unifying your energy field.

• How to Clear, activate and tune your energy channels with specific sacred syllables that will bring you greater energy, balance, presence and clarity.

Handout included.

Item 1

Video Four: Activating Your Light Body

This video will show you how to increase divine light and love into your nervous system and cellular matrix, while clearing old dysfunctional imprints and programming. Katherine will guide you to tap on specific locations on your body while repeating Resonance Alchemy’s sacred syllables to:

• Release emotional blocks

• Release mental blocks

• Allow more divine light to flood your nervous system

• Increase your LQ, or light quotient

• Experience and embody your true divine essence

As you do this work, more blocks may be uncovered. Katherine also shares what to do to clear them if they appear.

Handout included.

Item 1

Video Five: Clear Fear and Shame #1

In this 14 min. video, Katherine covers the programming that is coded into our DNA of fear and shame that can be released to Activate Your Divine Design.

Katherine will show you the places to tap on your body to open the auric energy centers, DNA centers, Subconscious mind, and then will share the Resonance Alchemy syllables to:

• Tune Your Energies to Your Divine Design

• Clear obstacles to experiencing the Life Force within

• Clear obscurations that block you from experiencing your full creative potential.

• Clear blocks to your Higher truth

This powerful session will release Fear and should be done first because it may need to be done several times. When you are ready, then you can go on to # 2.

Item 1

Video Six: Clear Fear and Shame #2

In this 9 min. video, Katherine covers the programming that is coded into our DNA of shame that can be released to Activate Your Divine Design.

Once again, Katherine demonstrates the easy process of tapping the body to open your energy centers of your auric field, your DNA and your Subconscious mind. Then she guides you to release any obstacles from generations of Shame that have become locked in your DNA to:

• Tune Your Energies to Your Divine Design

• Clear obstacles to experiencing the flow of the Life Force

• Clear obscurations that block you from experiencing your full creative potential.

• Clear blocks to your Higher truth

Handout included.

Item 1

Video Seven: Heart Field Coherence

In this 16 min. video, Katherine demonstrates the Heart Field Coherence process that tunes your heart fields to resonance with the higher frequencies of unconditional love.

This video shares new tapping points and new Resonance Alchemy syllables to:

• Align you to the living field of coherent energy

• Enable you to clear anything that is blocking you from your divine connection

• Tune you to the unified field of the sacred feminine energy

• Connect you to the 6th dimensional energies of unconditional love

This powerful practice brings your heart field into coherence with all your other energy bodies and unifies the field. This process can change your life quickly and painlessly. It also can make a big impact on the coherence of our communities and the earth. Your participation in doing the Heart Field Coherence practice daily can support great collective resonance, fostering stability and peace in your life and in the world.

Handout included.

Item 1

Video Eight: Unity Field Movements

In this 10 min. video, Katherine demonstrates how you can use the RA syllables with Qi Gong like movements as a moving meditation. It’s a great way to start your day because it supports you to ground and center your energy, aligning you to the Unified Field and your higher self. This integration of physical postures, breathing and focused use of RA syllables can help you release negative emotions any time of day. Benefits include:

• Renewed focus

• Centering to release stress

• Alignment to the Unified Field

• An easy way to focus on what you desire

• Grounding your body so you can be more productive

• Gentle stretching to make your body more flexible

Handout included.

Item 1

Meditation MP3:

This 30 min. meditation and visualization offers you another way to Awaken Your Divine Design. Explore your sacred architecture, activate all four levels of your consciousness, and awaken the gifts of each level. Experience and live from your embodied wholeness. Access your full vitality, intuitive knowing, I AM presence and cosmic consciousness with this guided meditation.

Diagram Handout Included.

Meditation MP3:

Discover your wholeness, I AM presence, and connection to the Tree of Life and Unity Consciousness with this relaxing and centering guided meditation.

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All of Package one PLUS One on One Distance Resonance Alchemy Session with Katherine Parker (45 mins)

Experience a private distance session, to be scheduled in advance at a time convenient for you, with Master Healer Katherine Parker. She will address whatever physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or life issues you feel are most important for you at this time, or simply assist you in removing any blocks you may have to the full activation of your Divine Design. Her sessions are deeply relaxing and rejuvenating, and will leave you feeling peaceful, renewed and deeply in touch with your own essential being.

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