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Tools For An Awakening World, Basic Toolbox.

Four videos describing the Tools For An Awakening World, access to the online TOOLtorials which support the awareness and consciousness of the Tools and how they assist, access to the Pure Presence Animal Communication audio series to awaken perspectives of harmonious relationships between humans and with other species, a 45 minute 1-1 session with Kerri by phone or skype, a discount code to purchase either of Kerri’s books. This package provides you with a basic set of Tools you can use to navigate your inner and outer worlds with the priority clearly placed on your own Presence, guided with full confidence by your Higher Levels of consciousness. It will assist your integration while welcoming the mind into a loving friendship where no part of you is left behind. You will see your own gifts and abilities begin to expand and become more clear, your relationships unfold with greater kindness and ease, and you will have the empowerment to transcend conflict in communication within yourself as well as with others of any species.

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Tools For An Awakening World Videos

4 Video Series

Video 1: A brief introduction to Tools For An Awakening World, welcoming all into a new paradigm of awesomeness.

Video 2: Mind, Watch The Body - Walking through Mind, Watch The Body, a short video to revisit until this Tool becomes integrated into your consciousness.

Video 3: Breaking Energy - Walking through Breaking Energy, a short video to revisit this Tool until the sensory application of it becomes integrated into your way of being.

Video 4: Expansion - Sharing the essence and simplicity of Expansion as a Tool to guide you into using sensory awareness as a pragmatic action of embodiment and expression in everyday life.


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TOOLtorials Online

Go at your own pace, with links to further online resources; pdf version is about 55 pages

Tools For An Awakening World provide ways to access your innate, expansive connection to the levels of Creation where humanity is already working as a whole. Your unique expression, your unique awareness, your unique Presence are the greatest contribution you can possibly bring to all that you do. The Tools exclude no other modality or teaching, and in fact, this level of awareness and consciousness open the way for every other teaching and tool to become more potent, more valuable.

TOOLtorials share the consciousness and logic behind the creation of Tools For An Awakening World, providing a very integrative view into how so many aspects of our world are working together in your benefit.


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Pure Presence Animal Communication Audio Series

Without the illusion of a "correct" way to communicate, this audio narrative shares insight on how we already do connect and where we might take our connection for both pragmatic and esoteric purposes. The simplicity can be startling.

Download 7 audio files in the series with an extra audio describing a tool that will assist your innate abilities.

"Why Would I Connect With The Animal Kingdom"
"How Do I Connect With The Animal Kingdom"
"Animal Consciousness"
"Human Consciousness"
"Stepping Into The Absence of Judgment"
"A Conversation In Presence"

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45 minute 1-1 Session with Kerri by phone or skype

A 45 minute 1-1 session with Kerri to clarify use and consciousness of the Tools, to accelerate and clear the way for people’s integration and embodiment, guidance and coaching for relationships and communication, healing and regeneration of any or all levels of creation, interdimensional assistance for ascension, expand awareness and expression of gifts and abilities, communication with other species and realms of consciousness and more…

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I feel fortunate to have met Kerri and I have in the last 12 months got to know and respect her in two different ways – I first met Kerri in early 2015 when she came to Australia to present a 7 day program at my facility.  When she returned in October to present again it was not surprising we would became great friends and I have since undertaken an intensive distance coaching agreement of two Skype hook-ups per week!

One of the standout qualities Kerri embodies is great clarity, which arises from being without judgment. I feel safe as a student myself and hence feel confident in recommending her as a facilitator of the highest and purest intent. She has a number of profound tools to call upon for facilitation and expansion in her clients.

My passion is my own journey of expansion while at the same time raising awareness and merging natural horsemanship with Heart and Spirit. I have consulted with Kerri in the capacity of mentor  or the new domain and online project I have registered, as she understands this subject from all perspectives – the horse, the human and the Divine.

All I can say is you are in for a treat at your upcoming workshop! - J.R., NSW, Australia

As for explaining what Kerri does in a workshop, I can remember answering a similar question once with "Kerri doesn't do, Kerri just is

I have done many workshops in my time but Kerri is unique. There is no set agenda rather she works with what presenting at the time for each participant giving them the tools to get in contact with their own deep intuition and guidance and to trust their own experience rather than always deferring to experts whether good or bad.

All this is done from a place of absolute love and non judgement that I have never truly felt before.

As a high sensitive Kerri has helped me recognize what a brilliant job that I have done in coping with a world full of constant bombardment and how I was being affected even though my defense mechanism was to think I felt nothing. I can honestly say having her help and guidance has been life changing.

In case all that sounds a bit heavy the one thing I can also promise is whatever Kerri facilitates it will be full of fun and laughter. – K.D., Melbourne, Australia

Every conversation with Kerri holds a nugget that has valuable transformative potential. And in her humility she acknowledges the teacher in each of us, while whole heartedly knowing her worthiness and the gifts she brings to the world. Perspectives from the kingdoms of nature, refreshing, playful, uplifting!
- K.L., Kapaa, HI

Kerri identifies specific actions and or perspectives that help bring about much needed change and growth over time. She is as comfortable working with the "issue of the moment" (hour, day, week...) as with the overall vision of a company or a life. - K.W., Half Moon Bay, CA

I found Kerri on the internet, when my beautiful horse George had decided to start charging at me! Of course he was merely trying to say something and it is this that Kerri helped me with. After many one on ones over Skype for various things, we organized her trip to the UK, where she has now run a few workshops and held one-on-one's.

What can you expect at these events - I guess the best thing to do is not to have any expectations as Kerri’s uniqueness shines through in her workshops and when she sees you one on one. Kerri guides the course or the individual as conversations arise and allows these conversations to exist.

There is never any judgment and though you have access to lots of answers and ideas after meeting with her, she never says "you should do this." Instead, she helps you to believe in yourself and to reconnect with your physical body by having total awareness of how your body is feeling. If you are trying to work through something she guides you through it, always bringing you back to how the body is responding, which allows one to feel safe and grounded when uncomfortable moments arise. If you are trying to find answers to problems or situations, she will guide you through any blockages, allowing you to discover what is right for YOU not those around you, but you. In short, Kerri, gives you the opportunity to reconnect to your truth, to your heart; to feel and to believe.

Kerri is truly special. I hope you have fun and enjoy working with her. – Lynne, New York City

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