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Transformational Energy Balancing (TEB)

Find out EXACTLY what frequencies your body and energy field needs RIGHT NOW in the following areas:

•Flower Essence• •Planetary & Earth Energies• •Meridians• •Essential Oils• •Gem & Crystal• •Colors• •Body Systems• •Vitamins & Minerals• •Herbs• •Detox & Drainage Areas•

This is HIGHLY personalized and can change everything in your body with a powerful and personal frequency track that you play into water or your energy field. When you add these missing frequencies into your body, they shift your mind, emotions, thought processes, energetic patterns, DNA and much more. They open your field to higher frequency and expansion and enable you to attract wealth, health and abundance on an entirely new level of being. In fact, this literally changes who you are, which then shifts every area of your life.

We will send your customized MP3 as well as a personalized report that explains what is out of balance or what is needed at this time.

BONUS: Dr. Kimberly has created a ground breaking product called "Protection" an electrical Orgone based MP3. This is powerful spiritual protection and you will receive specific instructions and suggestions of how to use this in your home and spaces when you purchase one of the packages below!

NOTE: All of these scans are done personally by Dr. Kimberly using her own proprietary process that she created.

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Package Includes:

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With the UPGRADE, in additional to your package, we will work the frequencies into your field for 30 Days. This is Perfect for busy lifestyles and just as effective as personally using your track.

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