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At (tune)ments for Building your Light Quotient, Elevating your Frequency and Holding your Vibrational Resonance! Special Offer Package

In this package is a series of Guided Activations /Holographic Journeys/Sound, Language of Light Transmissions, Energetic Upgrades, and Key codes, to help you in your Awakening Process of Embodying your Highest Potential, Your “I AM” Presence within your Human Form!

Listening to these Journeys will assist you in becoming the Divine Master that you are, holding your Light and Anchoring in this Frequency for the Earth and Collective Consciousness. These Journeys/Activations are integrated with playful, spontaneous imagery, and are encoded to upgrade your Conscious Awareness! They are designed to take you to a continual Expansive State each time you listen to them!

It is recommended that they be used sequentially for the first time, you may then utilize individual recordings as you are Guided to do so.

I would advise you to abstain from Driving or similar when listening to any of the Guided Holographic Journeys!!! Enjoy, drinks lots of Water and Breathe...

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Special Offer

Part 1 – Mastery Tools – 101( a) Calibration of your Physical Biofield ~ MP3 58:48

The first part of this Series is about Raising your Frequency and Vibration through specific tools/techniques to “Create and set your Energy for the Day, remaining fully in your Body! How to instantly reset and ‘Dance’ with whatever is presenting...! Exploration of the “Ego’s Consciousness/Sabotage... and more.

The use of Sound and Sound Frequencies will also be Introduced and how Beneficial it is... and more with this mp3 geared to more Short quick Reset/Recalibration.

Part 2 - Mastery Tools – 101( b) Creating a New Life Vibrationally Aligned with 5th Dimensional Frequencies! ~ MP3 1:10:59

Part 2 is geared to changing and Embracing Habits that hold your Light Vibration and Resonance! We will explore tools that will assist you to Live your Authentic Self that are in Resonance with you! Living from Heart Centered Wisdom!

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Guided Holographic Journeys/Activations :

1. Co-Create your Day/Shifting Frequency’s MP3 21:05

A short Journey in Aligning with Divine and Creating your Energy for the Day! This MP3 Journey will Center You and Raise your Vibration. Good for AM or a “quick” reset!

2. Recalibrating the BioField Matrix MP3 52:57

This MP3 is an exploration into the Endocrine/Nervous System, energy Centers and is a complete upgrade with Balancing your “Field” Includes Full Spectrum Color Frequencies, Geometries and Sound Transmissions This was recorded at a Live Event in July 2016!

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Holographic Journeys/ Exploration into the Quantum Field

These Series of MP3’s are about Templates and Activations that assist you to Change your Hologram! There are 2 MP3’s. We will be visiting “Command Central “, through the Field of the Heart, into the Pineal Gland where we will have access to various Programs. You learn how to recalibrate, modulate and Direct your Energy from here!

MP3 1 ~ Creating a Circuit Breaker 18:52

This Journey/Activation is a Specific template Keycode that is important for Moderating your Acceleration / Awakening Process! Very important to have this construct for Mastery!

MP3 2 ~ Command Central ~ The MotherBoard 40:40

This Journey takes you into a deeper place within the “Master Gland” ~ Pineal, bringing in Awareness into the Creation of Constructs and Templates that further assist in Modulating your Resonance/Frequency. Very Powerful and Empowering that you can use at will for the need of the hour.

MP3 3 ~ Shifting Obsolete Patterns/Fear in the Hologram 26:34

A guided Alchemical Journey into the Quantum Field exploring Patterns that you would like to change! Fear busting, Shifting Obsolete Ancestral/Patterns, Cellular Encodements, etc.

Sound Frequencies are used in this MP3. Journey into Dimensions and Time Travel... in a playful format ~ Powerful!

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Magical, Mystical, Masterful You...!

These MP3 Journey’s will take you, playfully into your most Magnificent Possibility Potentiality! Vibrationally attuned to the “Master” that you are in whatever way that Shows up for you!!! WHAT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU NOW???

MP3 1 ~ Activation to Align with Gifts! 24:08

What awaits you in the Greatest Joy is for you NOW? Beautiful Dimensional Journey through the Stargate of the Heart that can be listened to time and time again, will continue to upgrade as you upshift and change! Has the Feeling of (Christ)mas!

MP3 2 ~ Meeting your Future Selve(s)! 41:42

A Beautiful Holographic Journey Adventure in aligning with your Greatest Authentic Future Self, which is already here as All time, is Now! Playful and Magical! A Mystical Journey to the Cities of Light, includes special Activation with the Elementals! Powerful!

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Option 2 includes Option 1 with special bonuses!

1. Bonus MP3 and PDF handouts from my Classes,

MP3 ~ Clearing Metallics – Blessing Food etc 20:41

In this mp3 will be: how to simply energetically clean metallics/mercury out of the Body,
Sodium/Potassium Balancing, how to Quickly Shift Negative Energies (including Entites, etc),
neutralizing anything, Gridwork and more...My students have said that these are very Beneficial!

PDF ( “ Food Blessings + cleaning/clearing metallic)

PDF ( “Fully Embodied Statement etc.)

2. A 60 minute one- on- one Session ($150 value)

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