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Signed copy of Orion Council, Here book; Orion Council 44-card Oracle Card Deck; Ascension Downloads (mp3s on the Onness Program and Perception Integration totaling approx 1 hour)

ITEM 1: Signed copy of Orion Council, Here book

Find out what it is like to channel non-physical energies: Is it safe? Who is in control? How to evaluate the messages? This book documents the first experiences of internationally known trance channel Krista Raisa, as she works with her mother, Katherine Hilaire, to channel the benevolent collective energy known as the Orion Council. In these heart-activating teachings, angelic teachers come in to discuss "reality" with unique humor and wit. Through the client sessions, they explain how we are all creator-beings with limitless light and potential. The Council has said, "This will be a book of light." And so it is.

ITEM 2: Oracle Cards

Completely new transmissions from Orion Council are now available in 44-card deck form with original art by Krista Raisa!


Smooth 2.75x2.75 square cards are neatly packaged in shrink wrap and safely shipped in an eco-friendly burlap drawstring bag.

Use these cards to sense the energy of Betelgeuse, Orion constellation.

All art is owned by Krista, copyright 2016.

We hope you enjoy the Ascension guidance and LOVE from our amphibious, other-dimensional & non-physical friends (including Master Mary).

ITEM 3: Ascension Downloads (2 MP3 Audios)

MP3 #1

Perception Integration: In this channeled session with Orion Council through Krista Raisa, the benevolent group {including amphibious extraterrestrials, angelic and multidimensional beings} discusses "Perception Integration." Topics include:

MP3 # 2:

Oneness Program:: ORION COUNCIL channeled through Krista Raisa

Includes topics such as:

Signed copy of Galactic Symbols from the 9th Dimension: Gatekeeper Time Codes book; 9-D Leadership Activation Course (mp3) + Everything in Option 1

Item 4: Signed Copy of Galactic Symbols from the 9th Dimension: Gatekeeper Time Codes book

Earth is Ascending and Krista shares with you activation codes to trigger the subconscious memory of who-you-truly-are. With a benevolent group of E.T.s and Central Sun Intelligences, she translates the love of creation through a unique set of alien symbols. In her second, channeled book, you will resonate with Lyran chant words, an Annunaki grid-map, Pleiadian Peace-insignias and more. The book has never-before-seen intel that promises to change you forever.

ITEM 5: 9-D Leadership Activation Course

9-D Leadership Activation Course

-audio file for download upon purchase

-3 parts

With subconscious coding through the Orion Council, as channeled through Krista Raisa, you will learn researched information about our origins as creator beings and what you can do, today, as an awakened starseed.

If you have purchased my book, galactic symbols from the 9th dimension: gatekeeper time codes, this lesson will help you to go deeper into the channeled symbols.


"The rules of this game are changing."

"El Ra, the time keeper of 9D, is also called Tzolkin. "

"...what happened a long long time ago, was that we came in through something similar to a star gate."

"Enki disrupted the process by leaving for the Pleiades and implementing his DNA into the human-like species..."

"Basics of leadership is knowing photons..."

"The ringing of the ear-"

"They need to see your presence and if you don’t want to come out of the spiritual closet..."

" I have heard of a Golden Age in 2032"

"Anna Hayes has talked about “activation years” and after 2013 we are supposed to be activating 9D"

"If you look at a picture of the magnetic grid, you will see each new line, coming from the center, creating a new pathway back to source."

"These were known as the original ascended masters, unasai, ultra terrestrials, the Melkizedek order"

"I learned a common route about starseeds"

"This is symbol 2a, for unification of mind and spirit. "

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Special Offer

Option 2) COMPLETE STARSEED PACKAGE Krista's latest book + meditation +  psychic reading with Krista PLUS! Everything in Option 2

ITEM 1: StarSeed Survival book

This is not a fluffy Ascension book, like Santigold said, "Brooklyn, we go hard." As En Ra from Orion Council says, "to write is to adjust and to channel is to self-realign." Both the personal experiences and channeling transcripts in each chapter serve different energetic purposes. Krista's latest work covers: healing stories for self-love, cosmic and Earth instructions, updated psychic protection information and 9-dimensional templates. A magical work written for star people, you'll witness what's behind-the-scenes with new members of the council of light in Betelgeuse. This was made with vulnerability from soul-expanding lessons.

ITEM 2: Meditation and Psychic Reading with Krista

Enjoy a Personal one-on-one session with Krista who offers private readings and life coaching via Skype or telephone. Her years of experience as a gifted trance medium will help you find answers and tools to bring balance into your life.

EXPERIENCE: 9 years, 1000+ people LANGUAGES: English, Finnish  SPECIALIZING IN: Galactic energies, Mediumship, Careers, Relationships, Life Path & Soul Healing


☆ I DO:

Promote peace, love, compassion, freedom, acceptance, boundaries, health, Contact, FUN, JOY, HUMOR!

☆ I DON’T:

Predict…. or pretend to “know”. Energy is fluid and constantly morphing. I can only tell you what I have permission to.


Any topic goes, I just need names for love readings. I will tune in using one or multiple abilities and use them accordingly. In some cases I need to check your chakras and the spin direction to see the psychological implications.


Although different from a mediumship demonstration, in a 30-minute psychic reading with Krista you can ask questions to balance your life or use this opportunity to meditatively tune in to galactic consciousness, while being supported in your process. Using a mind-to-mind link, your session can use divination tools such a tarot, pendulum, reiki, or (Krista's favorite:) oracle cards.

Special Offer

Special Offer

Experience the Power of Ormus!

Galactivate Ormus

Brand New Hathor's Milk Version using baking soda at 400 degrees F to create natron. Using a saline solution of Redmons, Israeli dead sea and Celtic salt, it has a ph of 10.

It has been water-cleansed (washed) multiple times to get more ormus.

*3-part filter system with parts from Clayton, Dan Winter and Heinz Fuchs

Here is a video on how we made it:

Ormus was discovered in Arizona by a gold miner in 1975 where a strange new substance emanated like light from the ground. Researchers do not know exactly what to look for because this is not found on the periodic table, it is also in monoatomic form so in other words is a one atom mineral. Ormus stands for orbitally rearranged monoatomic element.

There are properties to Ormus that are unknown, clairvoyant consumers report is behaving like a "portal", affecting various wellness concerns.

This is alkaline. It clears the tongue for instance better than a toothbrush would after you eat a dairy product. It can help balance your system after consuming something acidic like coffee that has a pH of 2.

Channelers and psychics have used this product to rebalance their system after doing readings and sessions.

This product is blessed with Schumann resonance frequencies 7.83hz and also we played 432hz music while in storage

Dosage: Half a teaspoon in one 8 ounce glass of water or juice is advised / Keep away from electrical devices and light (store in the emf protective bag it comes in, in a cool, dark place)

This product was enhanced in a photonic light chamber and with the flower of life.

Disclaimer: Not FDA approved, for experimental use only. For hygiene purposes we cannot accept returns. We are also not responsible for International customs policies

"I instantly felt a heightened sense of awareness when I used your galactivate ormus this morning." -L.M.

Galactivate Oil

This is Photonically enhanced OIL for open minded beings . This is to shield and ground your lightbody plus get the conductivaty from skin to air transmission enhanced . You can put it on your wrists to balance out your meridians. You can put it on your chackra points to balance out all or individual chackras. Fingertips to activate your feelers for subtle energies such as crystals. Your feet for grounding. Your crown for awareness and protection. Moist skin means good shielding . As for the sensitive ones you can feel it holding the bottle in your hands like a mild tingling sensation . On your heart chackra/chest you can sense good enrgies.

This product is not approved by the FDA nor does it diagnose heal or treat any illness. The oil is all organic check if you are allergic to lemongrass,calendula or any other natural substance . SO far we had no reports of any allergic reaction from anyone after three years. This is for your own entertainment only . If anything should occure please contact me immedeatly so we can remedy the situation.

Keep it in the bag its emf proof! Also keep away from children . Not for human consumption!!!


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