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Item 1: Orion Council Returns -audiobook ( $10 value )

Item 2: The Orion Council Oracle Card Deck ( $30 value )

Item 3: 3-Question MP3 Mini Reading ($ 60 value )

Item 4: Long-distance 15 minute Reiki Transmission ( $ 40 value )

Item 5: Light-Language Transmission on Paper ( $ 40 value ) 

Item 6: Galactic Symbols from the 9th Dimension: Gatekeeper Time Codes signed book ( $30 value) 

You will receive a 2-hour audio with relaxing, galactic background music with direct trance channeled messages from the Orion Council to align you to your cosmic self. In the mail, you will get a unique oracle card deck in a custom tuck box with 44 cards for daily ascension guidance from the O.C. in their own, extraterrestrial language. Your mini-reading which answers 3 questions you have, will be accompanied by a long-distance Master Reiki transmission with the help of Krista's Golden Guide for peace, clarity, inspiration and wellness, but mainly, where you need the energy the most. After you receive the mp3 recording via email, all we need you to do is give energetic permission and accept the purple reiki energy, while finding a moment in your day to relax for 15 minutes. Answers will be for the Highest Good and do not include predictions or love spells, you will receive what is permitted to be given. (Topic suggestions: relationship help, career advice, "reading" energy, Spirit guidance.) These are mediumistic in nature. Your mailed package will have a written channeling of galactic symbols from the Lyran E.T. family working for the council to accompany your 9D symbols book which activates leadership on the celestial layer of your energy field.

Special Offer

This is what people are saying about Krista: 

"Krista is wonderful, talented, honest human being. I recommend her whole-heartedly!" - Niina Bagdasar, Financial Manager

"You did a reading for me a few months ago and I asked you about my pro wrestling company. Just asking you alone gave me motivation to move forward with it. What I got out of it was to take little steps towards the goal and it will happen. Well, it did happen. I successfully ran my first wrestling event. I was able to change my train of thought regarding finances and changed my poverty consciousness to be more abundant. I feel really, really good about this. I wanted to thank you for your attention and reading." -Romy Nava

"Amazing as always. I love working with Krista. It's high-vibrational, loving and affirming on a deep soul level. I always leave feeling inspired and ready to do some kick-ass, high-vibe work!" -Kamilah Smith

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