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Journey into the Giant Selenite Caves of Mexico

with Leela Hutchinson

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Online Healing Retreat
Journey into the Giant Selenite Crystal Caves of Mexico

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Enjoy this Visual Presentation of the Giant Selenite Crystal Caves

A Visual Presentation into the Journey into the Giant Selenite Caves of Mexico & Connecting into the Planetary Crystal Grid WITH RARE IMAGES

The Naica Giant Selenite crystals appeared in the depths of our planet when humnan beings had lost the capacity for amazement since we had already seen everything on the earth's surface. the Naica Crystal cave is located 300 meters below ground. Filled with enormous, spectacular selenite or moonstone crystals, it reveals it's beauty in an atmosphere where the icy appearance contrasts with the high temperatures in the depths. Through the magnificence of its crystals, it leads us down a myriad of paths: scientific, technological, artistic, philosophical and one involving the magic of nature. It also brough us face to face with an unavoidable responsibility: our obligation to study, protect and preserve it.

Leela Hutchison is an Author, Speaker, Teacher, Certified Graduate Gemologist and Master Healer. She was the first female to be allowed to explore the incredible Giant Crystal Cave in Mexico. Her presentation on the astonishing attributes of Selenite Crystals is a 'must see' presentation. The mysterious giant selenite crystals of Naica, Mexico are now known to be the largest crystals discovered on planet Earth. Join Leela Hutchison as she takes you on an adventure as one of the earliest explorers in January of 2001, into an Alien world right here on Earth. Come discover as if you were there yourself and find out why scientists from around the world visit this magical Crystal Palace far below the earth's surface. Considered one of the most hostile environments with temperatures once at 128 degrees when the caves were first discovered in 2000, a human can perish in less than thirty minutes while in these caverns Leela shares on the sacred water knowledge that connects the giant selenite crystals and the new global emergence of consciousness.

A Message from Leela Hutchison

For those of you who may have forgotten yet have joined my email list along the way, I was the first woman explorer to journey into the largest crystals found on planet earth in 2001. This was 7 years earlier than the discovery teams of La Venta from Italy and NatGeoTV.

Back then, we had no specialized suits to prevent brain damage and death as we fervently explored the crystals with dangerous little time before succumbing to the paralyzing heat of 128 degrees that caused the fatigue and the near falling to unconscious.

My story was written many years after my initial journey because it needed to be witnessed from a spiritual and historical place of observation from the feminine perspective. This first book does just that.

Today, these crystal caves are submerged forever under water from the giant aquifer from which they were formed. The mines are abandoned. They are now out of reach for people to witness and explore. And for that reason, this story is even more UNIQUE and timely to get a sense of what that extraordinary journey was like on every level.

I am no karst/cave professional by any stretch of the imagination and to gain the insight and experience into what treasures lay beneath our feet and share them with YOU, THE READER is what its all about. How can you benefit from the understanding of this natural wonder?

In 2017, this will be a year of big movement of transparency and disclosure of many things hidden.

In September of 2016, I published the re-edited book on the Journey into the Giant Crystal Caves of Mexico (Edition II) with rare colored images. Some of the first images that were taken inside the mine and caves.

My plans are to keep updating and sharing with you the happenings related to my research in New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming, the jungles of Nyarit, Mexico, the Baja and of course the beautiful quartz crystal sands of Sarasota, Florida and beyond.

About Leela Hutchison

Leela Hutchison is a Graduate Gemologist, from G.I.A., (Gemological Institute of America) explorer, researcher, teacher and published author on crystals, gems and minerals  (See her new book published September of 2016 at Journey Into the Giant Selenite Crystal Caves of Mexico).

She specializes in educating listeners on the remarkable qualities of Selenite, considered by many to be one of the major power generating crystal energies of the emerging new global consciousness.  

In 1997, Leela experienced her first awakening to the greater unified field of consciousness, and the realization of the great love that mother Earth (GAIA) has for all of her children.  This began a passion to travel and experience first hand to see what nature is telling us in the ley lines and energy grids that are in and around our planet.

In 2001, Leela became the first American woman to enter the astonishing giant Selenite crystal caves.  These giant crystals are located 1,000 feet down inside a working silver mine, near the village of Naica, Chihuahua in the Tarahumara Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. These caves contain what are now known as the largest crystals on Earth ranging in size to approx. 40 feet, and weighing as much as 60 tons and estimated to be 1,000,000 (one million) years old.

Discovery and collection of bacteria as far south as South Africa has been found inside the thermal waters that created these colossal crystals.  More recently, in February of 2017, s trange microbes found inside water bubbles in the crystals discovered weird and alien microbes never found on planet earth.

After her journey into the giant Selenite caves of Mexico, a huge surge of divine light and energy flowed through to her and life has not been the same since that auspicious date.  

Her work is about linking grid lines from sacred sights on the earth to the central location of the giant crystals located in Naica and that has begun a world-wide interest in her teaching around the globe to students interested in crystal energy grid technologies. 

Leela's latest research is now revealing how these super giant crystals amplify the crystalline field found in the electromagnetic ley lines in and around the earth. These selenite transmissions have connected into the trigger dates of activating the 144 lines of the crystalline grid. (The double penta-dodecahedron) The last trigger date of 12-12-12 was the culmination of the major planetary quartz crystals coming on line for the completion date of the historic December 21st, 2012, galactic alignment.

She is in the process of writing a second book on the messages of Selenite. These messages are about her crystals that are assisting in the evolution of humanity’s consciousness.

Recently, since 2015, she has been in Mexico doing further research on the southern armature of the crystal string in the Punta de Mita, and Sayulita, area of Jalisco. Also, her work has taken her to the northern armature of the crystal string to the Great Sand Dunes near Crestone, Colorado.

Leela is also a healing arts practitioner with more than 5,000 sessions of hands-on-healing with people.  She specializes in crystal energy amplification with the use of rough and faceted gemstones, quartz and Selenite crystals that are laid on the body.   The work entails balancing the shadow side of ego that is mostly operating in us at the unconscious level of the brain.   Sessions focus on integrating this shadow side of ego that keep us in polarity, safe, locked down in repeating negative patterns that repress us in our ability to see ourselves as infinite beings.  Bringing into integration these shadowy aspects allows us to safely step into a powerful state of our Sovereignty as conscious evolving human beings.

Her crystal presentations, lectures and workshops provide education to utilize these same healing modalities through the layout of grids of crystalline energy patterns on the land.  

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