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Online Healing Retreat: JOURNEY INTO THE GIANT SELENITE CRYSTAL CAVES OF MEXICO & Connecting into the Planetary Crystal Grid WITH RARE IMAGES PLUS

A Visual Presentation into the Journey into the Giant Selenite Caves of Mexico

Saturday June 10
11am Pacific / 12pm Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern / 6pm GMT

Leela HLeela Hutchison is an Author, Speaker, Teacher, Certified Graduate Gemologist and Master Healer. She was the first female to be allowed to explore the incredible Giant Crystal Cave in Mexico. Her presentation on the astonishing attributes of Selenite Crystals is a 'must see' presentation. The mysterious giant selenite crystals of Naica, Mexico are now known to be the largest crystals discovered on planet Earth. Join Leela Hutchison as she takes you on an adventure as one of the earliest explorers in January of 2001, into an Alien world right here on Earth. Come discover as if you were there yourself and find out why scientists from around the world visit this magical Crystal Palace far below the earth's surface. Considered one of the most hostile environments with temperatures once at 128 degrees when the caves were first discovered in 2000, a human can perish in less than thirty minutes while in these caverns Leela shares on the sacred water knowledge that connects the giant selenite crystals and the new global emergence of consciousness.

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Enjoy a private session either on SKYPE or phone with Leela as a guide/counselor for assisting with healing the “inner waters” (our emotional bodies) and assist GAIA with her ascension

Description: Chakra energy re-balancing and assisting with the healing of fissures in the auric field using gemstones and crystals for directional use of brilliant crystalline light and tuning forks for sound healing, An energy grid is placed on your etheric body in a remote Healing Session. Session includes consultation and questions with and by client to identify and clarify what may seem to be the outward appearance of the obstacle, blockage and/or challenge. We will work together assisting your higher self by navigating through the deceptions of the shadow consciousness (ego protection for survival) bringing forth into awareness the essence of ” the creator” in all things manifested. Knowledge brings forth healing of that which was formerly hidden from “your viewpoint”. Thus releasing the miasms of crystallized (instead of flowing) stuck energy and bringing forth restoration of vital energy to heal many layers of the auric fields of the human body.

As an intuitive energy healer, I have over 15 years experience as a bodyworker. As I started to access my past lives, I began using crystals in my work. Then in 2001, I received the supercharged experience of exploring the largest selenite crystals in the world and my passion to teach and serve others through crystal sessions took off to new levels.

I also use quartz and Selenite crystals to assist with the flow of Chi throughout the body and release blockages or miasms within the physical, emotional and etheric planes.

With the use of master gemstones such as Ruby, Fire Opal, yellow diamond, topaz or sapphire, emerald, apatite or zircon, aquamarine, iolite or blue sapphire, amethyst and white diamond or topaz in the chakra layouts on the body, and the use of tuning forks and aroma therapy, people experience an energy release, then flow and integration of their multi-dimensional bodies.

Healing sessions with Leela are 45 minutes to 60 minutes in duration and I am enthusiastic to take you on your journey through healing with gemstones and light and sound.

Leela has her certification in Massage Therapy from the School of Land and Shiatsu Massage in 1996 with over 3,500 hours of hands on healing and a Graduate Gemological Degree from the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, CA. Her company, Leelasgems, the Divine Play of Light through Gemstones is based in Sausalito, California where she has been a resident of the Bay area for 18 years

My work as a healer and wisdom counselor offers a Navigating Session for you to begin to fully expand and claim your legacy as a DIVINE HUMAN that is now entering a Galactic society! Become awakened to your infinite potential as a co-creator and create responsibly. Manifesting is now happening at lightening speed. Your integrity, focus and alignment has everything to do with it!

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What People are Saying About Leela

You have been the catalyst for a spectacular explosion of Spirit in my life! The most extraordinary and joyful things have come to pass since I met you… I am grateful beyond words to have met you and to have experienced your presentation and meditations.

I devoured your book and thoroughly enjoyed it… Well done indeed!

My journey of selenite has only just begun, but already it has changed my life and my understanding of Who I AM in profound ways.

I treasure you and your bright spirit, and I have expressed to The Universe my strong desire that our paths should cross again in the near future.

To say “thank you” seems hopelessly inadequate, but please know the depth and breadth of love that comesto you with those two little words.

With great respect and affection,

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