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Lemurian Heart

Lauren Galey

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Welcome to the Lemurian Heart Temple Meditation Group

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The Lemurian Heart Temple Meditations with Shirley Ponto, Michelle Anderson and Lauren Galey

Experience a guided meditative journey into the OneHeart and OneLove that Lemuria once was and still is in our hearts. Soul Singer Shirley Irene Ponto leads us on journeys that take us into our multidimensional Selves where we meet with Ascended Masters, Archangels and Spirit Guides. This is a special presentation of these on-going, bi-monthly meditations in our heart-centered group. We begin our session in dedication to Healing Mother Earth and we offer you a sound frequency infusion of the Music of the Orchid. This is the actual music of the orchid as the energy signature of a flowering orchid was captured and converted into musical notes. The Orchid is of Lemuria….and it’s beautiful existence here reminds us of the Love Beauty and Grace of Lemuria which still is present in every cell of all humanity.

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Shirley Irene Ponto

Soul Singer and Reiki Master Irene Ponto brings forth her native American heritage and Reiki transmissions in beautiful meditations. She is certified in many modalities including Reiki, Dolphin Reiki, Lemurian Reiki and more. She is like a Cosmic Mother singing us awake.

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Michelle Anderson

Michelle’s heartfelt mission in life is to JOYfully empower all to connect with Source and embrace our highest expression of ourselves. She naturally sees the God Seed in all beings, and courageously chooses to love “Radiantly” (replaces unconditionally). She is a prominent figure in the southern California spiritual community, with a passion to make everyone feel special and bring people together in a Spirit of Oneness.

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Lauren Galey

Spiritual Journalist, New Earth Business Consultant and Host of Quantum Conversations and Online Healing Retreats. Lauren's passion and purpose is to assist the planet and humanity at this time of a great spiritual awakening live from the heart and create New Earth! Before her own spiritual awakening and remembering, she was a news anchor and reporter in radio and television in Asia (and Guam). Following her awakening that took her to the depths of personal despair, she re-discovered her true mission in this lifetime as a messenger for this great awakening of a Spiritual Giant. She has dedicated the last 11 years interviewing the world's greatest masters, spiritual teachers, healers and new paradigm thinkers to open hearts, expand consciousness and amplify the Light of the World.

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Silver Spiral

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Music of the Orchid of Lemuria

Experience a 2.5 hour high-frequency musical infusion of the Music of the Orchid of Lemuria. This music was created by the energy signature of a flowering orchid plant that was translated into MIDI Instruments and musical notes. This is the actual music of the orchid, which is a reminder of the Love, Beauty and Grace of Lemuria. Enjoy this musical frequency infusion of the orchids. Great for meditation, background music while working/playing and getting creative! The most highly coveted of ornamental plants, the delicate, exotic and graceful orchid represents love, luxury, beauty and strength.

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