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Step Into Your Power, Be Infinite Love and Raise Your Vibration — All Beyond Anything You Ever Imagined Possible!!!

This set of Archangelic and Accelerated Light Healing Attunements, Activations and Clearings provided within this package teach you to channel archangelic and ascended master energy in a way that is easy and super powerful. You can use these healing energies in your life, in your healing, in your meditation, and even to help you have amazing and restful sleep

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Item 1: Christ Energies & the Embodiment of Your Master Self

Learn to channel the Christ Energies for Healing and Ascension. Download yourself, your house, your cars and your work environment with the light codes of heaven on earth. Step into the embodiment of your master self. Experience and remember Oneness.

MP3: 35 minutes

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Item 2: Archangel Metatron Attunement & 19th—21st Dimensions Interdimensional Soul Retrieval

Learn to channel Archangel Metatron Healing Energies. Activate your spiritual gifts. Raise your vibration by activating sacred geometric patterns in your energy field. Receive guidance from Archangel Metatron. Bring back any pieces of your soul stuck in the 19th, 20th and 21st dimensions.

MP3: 30 minutes

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Item 3: Archangel Michael Attunement & Clearing the Cords from the Past

Learn to Channel Archangel Michael's Healing Energies. Cut the energetic ties to your past beliefs, emotions, situations, people and things that are no longer contributing to your life. Receive an Archangelic Heart Healing.

MP3: 15 minutes

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Item 4: Archangel Sandalphon Attunement & Enhancement of Grounding

Enhances your connection to the Earth. Clear Your Blocks to Grounding. Activate Your Grounding Channels. Become anchored in your body.

MP3: 8 minutes

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Item 5: Archangel Gabriel Attunement & Ask the Divine Your Questions

Learn to Channel Archangel Gabriel Healing Energies. Receive wisdom from the Divine. Fill your entire being with Source light. Step into experiencing the beauty of the Divine in every moment.

MP3: 15 minutes

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Item 6: Archangel Raphael Attunement with Heart Clearing & Activation

Learn to channel Archangel Raphael Healing Energies. Clear Your Heart Chakra of all it's physical, relationship and love trauma including from your ancestors and your past lives. Clear all the places you don't love yourself and didn't receive the love you wanted from your family.

MP3: 16 minutes

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Item 7: Healing Chamber Activation

Learn to create Sacred Space in the Quantum by activating the Healing Chamber. This will enhance your healing, your meditation and help you to receive deep regenerative sleep.

MP3: 3 minutes

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Item 8: Open & Activate Your 3rd, 4th, 5th Eyes and Angel Chakras

Open, Clear and Activate Your 3rd, 4th and 5th Eyes as well as your Angel Chakra. Enhance your ability to see energy and communicate with spirit guides, angels and Archangels. Clear out your blocks to communicating with spiritual beings.

MP3: 21 minutes

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Item 9: Being Seen & Being Heard Healing

Step into your power and Shine Your Light! Clear all the places you've been punished or for speaking your truth. Clear your vows to never be powerful. Past Life Throat Chakra Clearing. Ancestral Solar Plexus Chakra Clearing. Clear out where you're afraid to speak your truth.

MP3: 22 minutes

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Item 10: Mirabel Sensei & the Art of Being

Clear your blockages to being. Release the need to do and worry. Step into Being in your life. Increase your level of joy. Receive an Infinite Star Love Transmission.

MP3: 19 minutes

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Item 11: Open, Clear & Illuminate Your Heart and High Heart Chakras

Open, Clear and Illuminate your Heart and High Heart Chakras. Clear your blocks to receiving Infinite Love. Download your entire body and being with Infinite Love. Heal the places you've decided you are unworthy of love. Heal tension in your body. Heal the planet by sending it Infinite Love and Illuminating its High Heart Chakra.

MP3: 11 minutes

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Item 12: Interdimensional Shamanic Journeys

Value: $725

3-Part 75-minute Video Teleseries

Experience the healing powers of the 1st – 13th Dimensions. Learn what the 1st – 13th Dimensions are and what their healing functions are. Each week you will journey into 4–5 dimensions and activate a part of your soul that relates to that dimension. On the last call, there will be time for to get your questions answered by Macaya. Call will be recorded and available for replay.

Video 1 — Experience the Healing Powers of the 1st–5th Dimensions

  1. Connecting to the Center of the Earth
  2. Playing in the Fairy Realm
  3. Earth Plane Mastery
  4. Learning to View Infinite History
  5. Infinite Love and Ascended Master Journey

Video 2 — Experience the Healing Powers of the 6th–10th Dimensions

  1. Be Inspired in the Realms of Light, Color, Sound and Sacred Geometry
  2. Hearing the Music of Creation
  3. Experience the Intention for Our Galaxy
  4. Mastery of Time
  5. Your Infinite Nature

Video 3 — Experience the Healing Powers of the 11th–13th Dimensions + a Live Q&A

  1. Experience Infinite Nurturing from the Divine Feminine
  2. Experience the Purpose of the Universe from the Divine Masculine
  3. The Power of Infinite Universes
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Intro to Archangel and Christ Attunements

This MP3 and PDF set explains how to use the energies that you are receiving from this package in your own healing and meditation.

MP3 and PDF

Accelerated Light Healing Tools

Learn to use the RICH Tool for clearing limiting beliefs and stuck emotions. Learn to use the RACE Tool for creating and manifesting what you desire in and as your life. Learn to use the REALITY RESET Tool to reset all of reality.


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Macaya Miracle is one of the BEST healers I've had the pleasure working with. In these stressful times of packing up an entire household to make it fit into one car and not overeat, SHOWS and TESTIFIES just how much of a miracle worker he is. I had only ONE session in regards to the tendencies to shove anything into my mouth to push my emotions down …… with this genius where we addressed my years long emotional eating patterns, I am standing here now slim, healthy, radiant and happy in my body, picking at a salad standing in the void of my home, smiling. WOW! THANK YOU …anyone who wishes to experience a miracle. book with this man!


Thank you so much for my Amazing healing! I am feeling such clarity, peace and excitement for what I am about to create. I have noticed such an expansion of my spirit and it is so fantastic. The same day of my healing with you I received a call from the guy I told you about. I am very happy he has connected with me again! Life is so Magical!! Thank you for your time, beautiful energy and powerful Insight :-) Blessings to you with peace and Joy, Love and Light.


It was like rubber bands released from my shoulders and they relaxed and dropped down instantly after that clearing! And I normally have loud ringing in my ears and now it's pretty much gone.


What an amazing and beautiful healing session. Thank you for creating the space to allow things to surface, I'm so thankful and grateful for all that was released today.

P. Archer

You are the real thing. I thank you both from the bottom of my heart for the Merkaba activation and all the other wonderful magical workshops. Light is flooding out of my eyes; the clarity is most amazing. I traveled to the stars and back. RICHing & RACEing all night long. Again, thank you. I Love you!

Tanya Au


That was… indescribable. Lifted significantly a cloud of depression and desperation… dispelled a heavy cloud of density clinging to my immediate field.

Sunny Gil


Just wanted to tell you that my left leg and hip has changed dramatically I can move how my sacrum joins with my hip, something I have been wanting to do since the 80's in fact my upper left torso and the stomach muscles on the left side are also changing without effort. I love it! Thank you so much. I am totally amazed at what you and RICH can shift in 36 minutes… lots of gratitude!

Judy Wooff


I came across you by accident. I was absolutely blown away. I have listened to the call I found twice! Never heard of any of this before. When I started listening I was so sad but as soon as Macaya started laughing. Well, I felt joy too. I love the way he laughs. So thank you so much for reminding me what joy feels like.

Maja Bogdanovic

Thank you so much for the encouragement, I just wanted to let you know I followed through with your guidance and it has changed my life and it's only been like two weeks since I spoke with you. This new experience has given me loads of confidence.

John Alan Sperry

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