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Online Healing Retreat Masters of the Matrix

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Online Healing Retreat: Masters of the Matrix with Magenta Pixie

Explore the teachings of the Masters of the Matrix in a Live Webinar with Magenta Pixie. You’ll learn about conscious ascention and sacred geomety known as the Language of light. The realisation and activation of these "ancient codes for a new dawn of man" is an alchemical process available to us all. Now is the time that collectively we move forward into a fully conscious ascension, and embrace the new archetype of "Master of the Matrix".

In April 2016 Magenta was given the title "Masters of the Matrix", and began to receive the download for the material for the book.

What does shifting or re-patterning your matrix mean? How can you do this? What is sixth dimensional awareness? How can understanding the geometric and multidimensional realities help us in our lives?

Magenta will talk about some of the principles presented in the book such as sacred geometry, the language of light, integrated emotion, the healthy matrix and how to live multidimensionally by moving into mastery and sovereignty within your life.

She will show how through alchemically combining sacred geometry, integrated emotion and visualisation with focused intention you can create new codes within your matrix field and change your reality, affecting the greater reality on planet Earth.

Magenta will provide an incantation to shift your matrix into the healthy pattern needed for this work and also provide an analysis of the incantation so you may process and understand the activation through both the logic of the left hemisphere of the brain and the experience and expansion of the right hemisphere of the brain.

Magenta will discuss the chakra/matrix connection which is the integrative template she calls "Matrix Mastery"

This higher activation is happening globally to everyone across Earth, in various ways, within most especially the Starseeds as we collectively ascend into a higher dimensional form and begin to experience living in a fifth dimensional reality.

PLUS Your registration of the Online Healing Retreat Full Package ($55) includes the following Bonus Items:

ITEM 1) All of Magenta's MP3 meditations that are currently for sale on her website.



Draw the elemental realm close through these channelled guided meditations from Magenta Pixie.

The elemental realm, a harmonic between the third and fourth dimensions, is an ideal place from which to create and manifest.

The archetypes you will meet within these meditations are aspects of the universal mind, presenting keys, codes and triggers for your spiritual awakening.

Utilizing the sacred language of the DNA, the "language of light", each archetype carries coded light language in the form of colour and symbol.

This communicates with your DNA, the aspect of you that holds the wider perspective.

The visual journeys through the fields of the imagination are keys to your own dreamtime.

These meditations are suitable for beginners and advanced meditators and dreamers alike.

Open to your own inner joy and love as you embrace the Elemental Dream.

MP3 Series 2: Sacred Quest

Magenta Pixie presents her SACRED QUEST collection of guided meditations.

Journey through a rich tapestry of inner visions as Magenta Pixie guides you through enriching fables, mysterious landscapes and sacred soul teachings.

You are invited to embark upon an adventure, indeed aSacred Quest.

Become a character in a story as you follow these guided meditations into the deepest recesses of your inner visionary potential.


The higher dimensional collective, The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine, bring forward these transmissions through their conduit, Magenta Pixie.

MP3 Series 3: Gateway Within Collection



MP3 #5 Unicorn Ride to Kuthumi's Castle (The Yellow Ray) ~

PictureDNA Activation - Language of Light.

Embracing the Yellow Ray / Cosmic Solar Plexus Chakra for Higher Intelligence, Focus, Laughter and Play. An excellent meditation for strengthening psychic ability and fine tuning one's intuition.

MP3 # 6 ~ Key to the Language of Light ~

PictureA guided hypno-meditation to take you into a deeper level of hyperspace awareness, so you may receive the Key to the Language of Light.

The merge and connection between the physical body and the Light Body is triggered and DNA activation takes place as you connect with the fractal nature and sacred geometry of the Universe and higher dimensions. Meditation channelled from the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine through Magenta Pixie.

MP3 # 7 Inner Firewalk (Language of Light - DNA Activation) ~

PictureMagenta Pixie presents "Inner Firewalk" - a unique 26 minute hypno-meditation for activating the Inner Rainbow, DNA restructuring into the Crystalline Change through the Cosmic Sacral Chakra (The Orange Ray - The Ray of Fire). Upgrading, cleansing and balancing the chakras.

Moving into the multidimensional energy body (Merkabah Geometry).

Re-mapping the brain pathways into the "beyond the theta state" - triggering

communication between the conscious and subconsious mind.

Re-birthing the Light Body through the Inner Firewalk of Hyperspace.

Each guided meditation is a trigger into your own DNA activation, expansion and healing. Each meditation is, in itself, a spiritual journey.

Together, all seven meditations create the Sacred Quest.

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ITEM 2 An MP3 recording of the meditation that appears in her "Masters of the Matrix" book.

Exclusive meditation only for listeners of

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ITEM 3: An MP3 recording of an incantation that appears in the "Masters of the Matrix" book.

Exclusive meditation only for listeners of

Special Offer

ITEM 4 - A short PDF of certain sections of the "Masters of the Matrix" book relating to the above mentioned MP3 recordings.

This will also relate to the content of what she will be discussing in the webinar.


The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine, through the channel Magenta Pixie, bring forward this transmission at a time of great change on planet Earth.

Discover the true story of our origins as an energy system, how we "lost" the original template for our destiny, and how we are now in the process of "re-membering" those lost codes. Learn how humanity may reclaim the sovereignty which is rightfully ours, bringing us back into wholeness, integration and full understanding of who we are, what we are, why we are here and what we are here to do.

Spirituality, metaphysics and science merge as the sacred geometry known as the "language of light" is downloaded and decoded. The realisation and activation of these "ancient codes for a new dawn of man" is an alchemical process available to us all. Now is the time that collectively we move forward into a fully conscious ascension, and embrace the new archetype of "Master of the Matrix".

Magenta Pixie is a channel for the higher dimensional, divine intelligence known as 'The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine'. The transmissions she receives from 'The Nine' have reached thousands of people worldwide via the extensive video collection on her YouTube channel. She has worked with people from all over the world as an intuitive consultant and holistic life coach. Magenta lives in the New Forest, UK with her partner, her son, one dog and two cats.

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A Masterpiece! Sensational! This book is full of high voltage encoded information. Complex insights regarding your relationship with the matrix - explained clearly, with simplicity. The depth of wisdom and treasures inside these pages are profound. One of the best books available explaining the multidimensional perspective.

You REALLY let the cat out of the bag with your book! Bless you for doing all that you do! Congratulations to you, you are a brave pioneering Wayshower of our time! I'm very happy to have it! It's going to explode how I do things and I'm only on page 10. I love you! Want to know more about the ascension process? I absolutely loved this book... it contains volumes of relevant information for anyone interested in the ascension process. It is in my top five list of the best.

"The time has come in our current reality to awaken to the truth of our existence and to discover who we truly are. That discovery can only take place from a journey inward, to the place we call 'within' or 'inner space'. It is a journey through the vast expanse of our imagination. In this lies the key to our past, present and future and the answers to every question we have ever asked ourselves."

I found the information to be very clear and the words carried a very high resonance for me.

I could not ask for more than this. Thank you to Magenta Pixie, love your channels

I've now read the first six chapters and I just want to let you know that I'm very delighted of what I read so far. It's going deep into the subjects and is cleverly formulated. Enlightening! May it be well known and much read.

Enlightening and reassuring. Feeling peaceful and looking forward to my own new story chapters. Comforting to read information that affirms what I've been experiencing as I refine my version of this story. Sacred geometry has fascinated me for many years and the more I work with nature and understand the energetic patterns and alignments... I am joyful just writing about this! Thank you Magenta Pixie and The Nine (a most significant number). The meditation is transformational!

Excellent book, tough concepts but well presented. Definitely appeals to and is appreciated by specific audience. Relevant information that is informative but not fear inducing or negative.

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