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Angel Awakening Package

Item 1 : 4-5 hours of skype session some recording some live session. Perfect for the angelic healer or curious about angels

Value of Program 200.00

Angel Awakening! With Marcia McMahon, M.A. A course in Intuitive development! Do you want to Transform Your Life? Inquire within for wisdom!

“I and my Legions of Warriror Angels standby to assist earth angels whenever you are in need. Form communities of light, directing seekers to their own light within! For once the connection is made, no one can severe it! “

4 recorded conference calls lasting one hour with archives tailored to our group, practice sessions in intuitive development and angelic guidance.

“Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach and man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime!” Do you want to eat the bread of life that Jeshua spoke of? His secret teachings will be mentioned!

This is a MUST Have Course for the Serious Spiritual Seeker, Healer or Reiki therapist that wants to add this to their practice!

“Marcia will be the next Master Teacher for the next 20 years!” Archangel Metatron through Carol May,

Marcia is a gifted intuitive channel, teacher, artist, radio show host and spiritual coach! She has been featured world wide for her work for world peace with Princess Diana in many countries around the world and has served as counsel for top world diplomats.

Item 2: Audio Sound DNA Activation /healing recording wit h Archangel Metatron 10.00

Ascension Teachings with AA Michael  e book

Item 3: Notes from John, Messages from Across the Universe (cost usually 10.00) e book

Item 4: Archangel Metatron DNA activation 15.00

Item 5: 1 MP3 files of, my show series Holy Grail Mysteries, or ascension Series on the Peaceful Planet 50.00 at just 10.

Item 6: Names JPG of Lady Aurora

Special Offer

What People Have To Say About Marcia McMahon

" Marcia is a gifted intuitive Soul, who has clear and strong connections to the Angelic Realm. Her classes on how to work with Angels and Archangels are very insightful, as she guides us to develop our intuition.  Angelic Reiki is powerful, and the adaptation of the messages she has received, e.g. the Metatron Meditation, brings new tools to the healing practice.  Marcia's teachings and insights contributes to attuning our bodies and mind to 5th dimensional crystalline energy, which is in line with our evolutionary trajectory, as well as that of our sacred planet.  Marcia is so giving and fun to work with.  Every time I see her or talk to her I am soulfully rewarded.  " Catherine Cogorno

RIGHT AFTER I CONTACTED YOU FOR A PAST LIFE READING AN SESSION, I IMMEDIATELY FELT A SOUL CONNECTION TO YOU. VERY MUCH AT EASE WITH YOU AND COMFORTABLE IN YOUR PRESENCE. You know you are a very wise woman.  Because Marcia’s guidance in helping me piece together fascinating past life information was so healing, I decided to take her Angelic Healing class.  Working with her in this way has opened the door to a very powerful synergy between us.  We have both experienced visions of the unfolding of my life journey, and have both experienced the release of kundalini energies during her Metatron meditation.  Marcia is an evolved soul who is attuned to high level spiritual beings, so the wisdom and power she and I have tapped into together continues to be a source of amazement and joy!  Dr. Laura, Boston, MA.

"Dear Marcia x Oh yes yes@ this is sure affirmation of Angelic beings I am so amazed@!!!!thank you for the wonderful reading of my  records. I felt elated last night and eventually retired to bed I fell into a lovely sleep and during the night awoke to turn my radio off twice and my bedside light a few times I said hello and went back to a deep sleep. It is impossible for these to just switch on! I then dreamed " love and alight Michele C., UK

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MP3s and Transcripts of Healing Conversations

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