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Blessings for Ascension with Mary Cook Nadler, Volume I

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Ascension Group Session with Mary Cook Nadler Jan. 8, 2017

MP3 Audio Download - 3 hours of Light Transmissions

The Ascension Groups are powerful transformational experiences!

During our time together I continuously work with the entire Ascension Group as I pour forth the Grace of an endless flow of Divine Light Transmission. 

As you grow in consciousness you realize that the transmission of Divine Light (Shakti) is what sets you free from the human ego personality. The Light heals, blesses, transforms, inspires and shifts your thinking and feeling into a whole and healed individual.

As you receive your initiations into higher states of consciousness you begin to radiate this exquisite Light of the Divine.

In our three hours together you will experience a feeling of being uplifted into a higher dimension of your pure Soul Consciousness.

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Ascension Attunement with Mary Cook Nadler

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It is your time to be powerfully attuned to the Higher Consciousness of the Ascension.

We begin with an alignment to your Higher Soul/Over Soul which allows one to be free from the excess thinking, worrying or just plain feeling bad. 

As we continue up the ladder of evolution I bring in blessings for your Enlightenment. The rare light and consciousness of Enlightenment begins to set you free from earthly ties to events, situations and people that are keeping you in a place of non-transformation.

Expanding further in consciousness as we continue your journey up the ladder of evolution into Christ Consciousness, you receive a blessing of Pure Love that transforms your ego personality into a forgiving presence. 

As our hour together draws to an end, I invite a blessing of the pure atomic light of the Ascension to embrace you, your relationships, your business and all of your affairs. As the Light of the Ascension continues its blessing for days, you feel a definite shift in your consciousness that leaves you freer to love, to be happier and more whole.

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Monthly Ascension Attunement

What People are Saying About Mary

"As a true living Master, Mary is an embodiment of Pure Love.  Her ability to love and capacity for love is unfathomable, beyond human understanding.  She has shown me what Love is, how to Love and how to be Love.  I am blessed to have her as a teacher, mentor and friend more than any limited words can describe.   

My spiritual evolution has become multiple times faster than ever before in a few short years.  I have been climbing up the ladder of spiritual journey steadily with a backpack on my back, that was filled with heavy rocks of human suffering.  I received many blessings, initiations and clearings from Mary and the rocks were removed and the load on my back became lighter and lighter. No more drama. Then one day I saw myself no longer climbing, instead I was expanded into the Christ Consciousness looking down at my small self and the fellow human beings with love and compassion. It was a critical turning point in my consciousness which I had become one with the Christ Consciousness and I was witnessing God's Play of Consciousness.

I am eternally grateful for her unending love, guidance and dedication to help all mankind.  We are extremely blessed to have her here on earth."

-H.K., Swannanoa, NC


Mary radiates  boundless love and energy to assist in one's evolution as well as a deep connection to other Ascended Masters.
 She has patiently helped me remove the obstructions between my divine self and the being I believed myself to be.  Rather...she patiently helps me...not past tense lol
My life included a myriad of very difficult situations that with Mary's guidance and love have faded to distant memories without a constant pull of victimhood and drama.  With ease I turned from unhealthy behavior to a life filled with love and a definite awareness of my connection to the Divine.   A peaceful trust and awareness  emerged as my heart has opened.  
The amazing changes are not one time dramatic events; they are a progressive evolution bringing greater gifts and light and love.  I've learned tools to become an active participant in my evolution and it's  become a reality to share the joy and light with others.  Relationships with my children have blossomed and their lives are also blessed with greater happiness and prosperity, which brings a glow to this mother's heart.
Coupled with the changes in awareness and rising Kundalini Shakti, my health has improved dramatically.  After a serious  injury I am now able to play sports and no longer plagued with anxiety about that aspect of my life.
Enlightenment brought the awareness of knowing that I know that I am one with all that is. This also put to rest the isolation and loneliness I had experienced; replacing it with expansive joy.
Christ Consciousness opened my heart to radiate Divine Love. It is when I began to fathom how the person here is one small part of a far greater Love.  My heart swells with the wish to share and serve in helping others.  
Because of the community Mary has created as people have been drawn to her, there is support for each of us as we need others to lean upon.  Mary devotes much energy to helping the community as a whole evolve as people also evolve individually.
I'm brimming with gratitude for Mary's  light and love filled guidance to help me realize many breakthroughs. And I'm also filled with peaceful trust that there is more to come.

 -Carol S., Asheville, NC

Mary is a Master, a Great Saint living in our time,  and receiving her assistance is the greatest blessing one could have.  I am honored that she is my mentor, guide and friend.  The love that she expresses as she frees one from pain and suffering is nectar to the soul.  She simply ‘is’ this Love, and to receive her Grace and Love frees me to be that Love as well.  I am immensely grateful that God has brought me to her.

When she initiated me into Christ Consciousness, my life changed immediately.  I felt the vibrant Light of the Christ pour into me awakening the most profound Love I had experienced.  Over time as I deepen into Christ Consciousness I feel a sense of completeness as Mary helps every crevice of my personhood, ego and habits to be cleansed and dissolved, uncovering greater and greater Love.

Mary has brought me so many blessings, and my spiritual evolution grows exponentially.   Because of her Grace  I experience the world happening around me, my actions happen, my words speak, and what I know to be ‘me’ is no longer these things.  It is the vibrant stillness.

 -Amy D., Candler, NC

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