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Online Healing Retreat Description:

There is one way of breathing that is shameful and constricted. Then, there's another way: a breath of love that takes you all the way to infinity.” – Rumi.

The Heart of the Matter:

In-Spire means to breathe in, yet inspiration is more than just breathing… Breath is key to accessing our creative ability. By knowing HOW to breathe for the best body functioning, we access our personal creative talent and inspiration manifests through action in life. Kriya Yoga involves specific breathing exercises that have been tested by science and proven to alleviate symptoms of many illnesses, disorders and syndromes that plague humanity such as: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Depressionv Alzheimer's
Crohne's Disease
Chronic Fatique
Auto-immune disorders

About Peace Production:
In a scattered and fragmented world, Peace Production's mission is to educate humanity as to our true nature, bringing forth visions, ideas, art, inventions and imaginings for a world filled with Peace, Joy and Love. We produce positive growth and sustainable projects (such as but not limited to) community events and activities, programs, books, films, publications and business models.

Humanity has been inundated with toxic chemicals, GMOs, violent frequencies and thoughts. Veterans come home from war with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and, in reality, most people have some form of PTSD. Whether the source is war, family dysfunction, traumatic experience, chemical induced or just from living in a broken society… Breath will bring us home to our own Wholeness. Southern Oregon, with its unique rural aspects, low high school graduation rates and lack of living wage employment offers a culture where individual inspiration can make a huge impact.

Peace Production brings cutting edge, yet ancient technology, Sudarshan Kriya & Pranayama (SK&P) to Josephine and Jackson Counties through their program Health Assurance. New studies bring this practice to the forefront as s cience discovers the power of self healing through breathing exercises and the workings of the Vagus Nerve. All humanity may benefit from this take home practice of conscious breathing that heals the Vagus Nerve, thereby relieving symptoms of stress related diseases.

When youth experience the awareness of breath and exercises, they are more easily guided into their personal passions. When elders experience the breathing exercises and wisdom shared, they begin to heal their bodies and open their hearts. Those recovering from addiction find inner strength to make positive changes in their lives. And when veterans experience the healing of the practice, they are able to see themselves more clearly and reprogram their minds from the military programming and trauma they experienced on the battlefield.

Our Expertise:
Andras Maros, Founder of Peace Production,
is an artist, filmmaker, former athlete, and Heartist with a passion for peace. Born during the first bombing of Budapest in 1944, Andras has witnessed what humanity does to one another. Seeking self knowledge, Andras studied Method acting with Lee Strasberg and was part of the Actor’s Studio in NYC. He was introduced to breathwork at Yogananda’s Self Realization Fellowship and then trained as a teacher of SK&P with the international Art of Living Foundation. Andras traveled with Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar as a documentary filmmaker. His unique merging of athletics, arts, acting, and breath work has become Health Assurance. A Magyar from Hungary, Andras has played many roles in the stage of his life and has been witness to how humanity treats one another. He is the original "Heartist in Resonance" with a vision of peace... and how to produce it in the world.

Mayana Kingery, co-Founder of Peace Production, is an Angel with wings to help humanity navigate through the multi-verse. Wisdomkeeper, mustyc, dancer of life and dreamer,.. dreaming of a descended and embodied humanity evident in all sectors and societies. She is a Caller, building coalitions and blending circles with magnetics, geomancy, and sacred geometry. Mayana was also co-founder of Literacy Outreach, a 501(c)3 in Washington that pioneered learning through play in after-school programs. A business and educational consultant working with s chools and nonprofit organizations, she takes organizations to their next level up. Mayana developed and implemented a survey of state educational agencies through the National Center for Educational Statistics and built the Idaho Highway Safety Coalition. She led a global movement with Children of the Sun Foundation and grass roots projects with Art of Living Foundation. Mayana has experienced self-healing through breath (as she recovered from Fibromyalgia ten years ago) and has much wisdom to share from her personal experiences.

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Sunday, Feb 8

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SAVE 66% - Purchase the Spring 2015 Season Event Pass: $99.99
Enjoy all 13 Online Healing Retreats from AcousticHealth.com in Spring 2015 from the comfort of your home
via live webinars with downloadable recordings of each event.
Gather Your Friends in your home and make it a special retreat!

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