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Activate Your Quantum Abundance Frequency: Uplevel Package



Quantum leap into your highest creation vibration by clearing and activating your energetic light body and personal Merkaba. Finally DECIDE to magnetize, have and hold onto the wealth and abundance that has been waiting for you in the field of Infinite Potentiality.

Are you ready to Quantum Leap Your Life and Abundance Path?

Are you ready to change your mind, body and spirit so that you can live the life your soul desires?

Are you ready to befriend your inner saboteur, hire your Angel of Abundance, heal your heart and be your greatest self?

Michelle Casto’s Mentoring Program, and Quantum Success Energetics Healing Sessions will help you take your life to a whole new level of happiness, success, and freedom!

You may have learned that your “thoughts” create your reality. So you’ve worked hard to think positive and visualize what you want.

And, if you’re like most folks, you think positive, visualize, feel good about creating money and sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. So what keeps us from “manifesting” what we want?
How can we tap into the quantum field and create a truly abundant life?

It’s time to Raise your ‘Quantum Abundance’ Frequency.
The world needs your light .
Are you Ready to Uplevel your life miraculously?

The question is will you say YES to your YES?!
Discover why lightworkers and sensitive souls are being called to drop all excuses, heal worthiness issues and step fully into their Leadership roles.

Activate your innate codes of “Receptivity and HAVINGNESS” with ease and grace. Learn how to manifest within your unique flow, and clear your energetic light body.

This energy shifting program is designed is to guide you to design the abundant future you’d like to create by giving you the tools, steps and support you require to get there with EASE.

Have you ever considered that the universe is endlessly abundant and constantly wanting to gift to you?

It’s the barriers that we put up to receiving that keep us from creating what we know is possible.

What if you could clarify your vision, amp up your frequency, and move from a mindset of lack into abundance?

Dr. Michelle will be giving you dynamic tools and simple questions to create more abundance and ease in your life than you thought possible.

This “Quantum Program” Is For You If You’d Like To:

Bottom Line: You will quickly shift energetic blocks so you can begin quantum leaping ahead on your path of Purpose.

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Quantum Abundance Activation & Training: Confidence with Money


Length of Program 1 hour

Value of Program $77

This highly energized call will blast away your uncertainty and walk you through a powerful process to increase your confidence with money exponentially.

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Clear Your Abundance Blocks Activation & Training


Length of Program : 1 hour

Value of Program : $77

Michelle will teach you to how to apply the proven three steps you need to take to build a solid, potent inner foundation. Discover the” BED” (Beliefs, Emotions, and Decisions) model to having abundance and success with ease.

Item 1

2 Virtual Quantum Abundance Alignment Transmissions™

Length of Program 2 x10 minutes (energy healing virtually sent)

Value of Program $175

At a chosen point in time, Michelle will deliver personal energy boosts attuned to your individual energy signature to uplevel your ability to receive money and wealth. Sit back, relax and receive the healing frequencies that will bring you into more alignment with abundance.  


Item 1

Jumpstart Your ‘Destiny Discovery’

Discovery Audios and ebook (pdf) format
Value $97

No more “trying to FIND” your purpose. Read the guide book that will show you exactly how to chart your best course to your purpose and destiny. You will receive an e-book of Michelle’s best-selling book, The Destiny Discovery and a self-discovery meditations bundle to facilitate your destiny discovery process.

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Private Facebook Group

Join Michelle and like-minded souls as you embark on this abundance journey together.
Share your goals, experiences and successes. Make new friends and support each other to reach higher than ever before.

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A Live GROUP Quantum Transformation Call

This is loaded with energetic clearings and activations. Michelle will take your questions live. Includes downloadable recording.
Length 60-75 minutes
Value of program: $147

GLOBAL Live Group Ultimate Abundance Activation with Dr. Michelle Casto

Live Group Activation and Experiential with Michelle Casto for this Special Offer Group, scheduled for 11/11/17, at 11 AM Central USA time. Michelle will empower you as you connect with her on this Live telecast. You will receive a VIP invitation email prior to the show with easy instructions to join the telecast by phone or your computer. In case you can't join us live, this Live Activation will be recorded into an MP3 format for you to download to your computer and use as often as you wish

Special Offer
Special Offer
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Access to Wisdom & Get Your Personal Questions Answered!

All of the above + private session time with Dr Michelle + BONUS $200 Scholarship

1 private 30 minute ‘Breakthrough to Abundance’ Energy Coaching & Healing session with Dr. Michelle

Includes a downloadable recording of your session.


Length of Program: 30 minutes

Value of Program : $200

Take your personal transformation to the next level with your personal session with Michelle. Experience a full 30 minute personal session with Michelle as she focuses her attention and skills on the core, foundational opportunities to shift whatever is in the way of you making forward and fast progress.

Item 1

Receive an Extra Special BONUS when you invest in yourself in the Ultimate Abundance Package:

Receive a $200 credit/scholarship for upcoming Align with Abundance mentoring programs or private session work. (Valid for 4 months from your purchase date).

Here are what others have to say about Michelle Casto

Michelle Casto is known for her ‘potent power’ that helps transform people from uncertainty and confusion into crystal clarity + deeply knowing themselves — and then anything becomes possible.

Michelle’s allowed me to discover that I have the power to change things about myself that I thought I couldn’t. She has shown me how to see the “real me” the “Light Me” as well as how my version of Spirituality can give me a New and Clear vision of where I want both my personal and professional life to go. PLUS she is amazing at providing practical steps to get there quickly. I was blown away at the short amount of time things began radically shifting in my inner world and outer world, with a move and job promotion out of the gate!
--Jennifer Frank, Chef

Michelle is creative, intuitive, encouraging, spiritual and motivating. Working with Michelle has helped me set quantifiable goals in all areas of my life both personal and professional. She has helped me clearly define what provides me with a sense of joy and accomplishment then develop action plans to create it. I find my ability to be self-aware, mindful and my own best advocate has increased greatly from our sessions.
--Nekol Tseklenis, Sales

Michelle is one of the best coaches I have worked with, she is no nonsense and gets to the core issues quickly. With her guidance I’ve made several life changes that have brought me into alignment with who I really am. If you are considering a life coach, you can not get a better one than Michelle.
Bryant Jones, Marketing

Before working with Michelle, I was constantly searching for some magical answer, reading every book on the market, and plagued by all kinds of “not enough” beliefs, and now I have stepped more fully into my personal power and leadership. I am in a different mindset now… it’s like we kicked the fear in the butt! Things are falling in place as if by magic and I am moving forward with my art. It’s amazing to see more successful people and opportunities showing up in my life! My possibilities are wide open and I am seriously considering having an art exhibit! Coaching is what has made the difference in my life.
Ginger Maxwell, Counselor turned Artist

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