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Chakra Activation Course

Activating and incarnating the Chakras is essential if you are to fully clear the astral/emotional body and incarnate the light body. While the Chakras remain dormant your access to different states of consciousness and parts of yourself that reside in higher and lower dimensions is very restricted and can only be achieved during deep meditation.

Many spiritual seekers learn how to access deep states of consciousness during meditation and gain much knowledge about themselves and other dimensions. But when they stop meditating and go back into their everyday walking state, they again become disconnected and the astral/emotional body and collective unconscious continue to enshroud them.

The Chakras are gateways into different dimensions of yourself as well as dimensions of consciousness. In most people they are often dormant and not working as they should.

This course will give you a full explanation and education on the Structures of 7 Major Chakras. The meditations in the course will help you to awaken and activate the Chakras which in terms will thoroughly purify and clear you astral/emotional body. You will be suggested to use certain crystals and stones during meditations that will come with the course. Crystals and gemstones are here to help humanity to evolve and ascend.

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Food for the Soul: a complete guide to regain your health and raise consciousness with the help of the right nutrition.

Format: PDF EBook

The work of spiritual transformation is basically the clearing of what is not you and the incarnation of more of Yourself.

Another important part is to clean your physical body of all the toxic chemicals that obscure the perception of your reality and negatively affect your health. With this coarse you will be equipped on everything you need to know on what foods to avoid, how to read labels and how to clean your body of all that does not belong in your body temple but has a great effect on your mental and emotional body such as toxins, heavy metals, parasites, candida, fungus , etc.

For your body to be able to incarnate higher forces the physical body’s vibration must be increased and strengthened .

This coarse will teach you how to give your body the right fuel to raise its vibration so the incarnation of the light body can be sustained by your physical body.

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Chakra Essence Set

This set consist of 3 products: “Chakra Essence 1-3” for activation of Root (first), Sacral (second) and Solar Plexus (third).

Contains gemstone essence of Ruby, Garnet, Pyrite, Citrine and Golden Topaz and Jasmin Sambac essential oil.

“Heart Chakra Essence” contains Gemstone essence of Rose Quartz, Morganite, Kunzite, Rhodonite and Rhodocrosite, Pink Azeztulite and Rose Damascena essential oil. This essence is a powerful “heart opener”.

“Chakra essence 5-7”  contains gemstone essence of Amazonite, Aquamarine, Moonstone, Phenacite , Sirius Isis Amethyst and Blue Lotus Absolute essential oil.

This essence will help to open your Throat Chakra so you can speak your Truth, activate your Third Eye and assist with opening of your Crown. Imagine your Crown Chakra blooming like a lotus flower that opens its petals to receive more of the Divine light and establish a stronger channel with the higher realms, guides and angels.

Suitable with the Chakra coarse to use during meditations or can be used at any time as a healthy perfume substitute as well as powerful chakra booster.

This 3 products were charged on the Summer Solstice Sun and Full Moon June 20, 2016 when the Sun and the Moon were both seen at the same time. The energy charge by this planetary alignment was very powerful and it was captured in the essence of this products.

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Special Offer

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~ Online Healing Retreat Master Class ~

Past Life Healing & Light Body Activation
with Natalia Turapina

Online Healing Retreat Master Class:
Past Life Healing & Light Body Activation

3 Sessions: Thur, Fri, Saturday, Oct. 13, 14, 15
11am Pacific / 12pm Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern / 6pm GMT
LIVE Online Webcast with crystal and auric spray support kit shipped to you.

This retreat is designed for people who live in the society and who desire to remain as a part of the World during and after their spiritual transformation. The time for running off to the temple to meditate, while renouncing earthly life has passed. In fact, progress can be made more quickly and with more solid results by remaining in society. The reason for this is by running away to meditate, many aspects of the subconscious remain hidden as the life circumstances that would have provoked them into consciousness are absent and so they may never be cleared and resolved.

Previously it was often necessary for the few who desired real transformation to renounce the world because entering required states of consciousness did take years of meditation and practice.

In the new energy and current planetary shift we have variety of techniques and tools available with a huge number of spiritual beings working with us. Now we are in a time where true spiritual transformation has never been so accessible.

Lesson 1: Past life remembrance journey

1 hour lecture, 1hour regression (meditation), good night sleep and rest to integrate the experience.
Note: this technique is not a hypnosis and an individual will retain full consciousness and control at all times.
The teachings and techniques that will be presented here will allow you to delve deep into your subconscious and release deeply held emotional traumas from this life and past lives. These repressed emotional traumas form the foundation of earthly ego and all mental and emotional conditioning. All illusions and suffering stem from these deep-seated emotional blockages and so without their disillusion is very hard to achieve true freedom or spiritual transformation. The emotional body becomes crystallized through emotional traumas by creating filters through which then you will perceive every aspect of your life. They are ever present in the background of the experience and the light of your Higher Self is blocked and distorted. Your reaction to the World becomes shadowed by emotional traumas and conditioning.

In these processes we will utilize some crystals and gemstones to enable us to get deeper into the meditative states and clear the filters. The crystal kit is included in this course and will be shipped to each participant.
Crystal kit consists of the following stones;
-Mystic Merlinite or Labradorite
-Mercabite Calcite

As an extra bonus and as a gift for willingness to step on the path of spiritual transformation, each participant will also receive one of the Crystal Essences Auric Spray to maintain your increased vibration.

Lesson 2

“Light Body Awakening”
The work of spiritual transformation and incarnation is basically the clearing of what is not you (emotional traumas and ego structure) and the incarnation of more and more of yourself or your light body.

Light body includes the chakras, Column and the Merkaba along with other structures of light which we will activate in the next two classes.

The Light Body is partly incarnated but it is very blocked and is not functioning properly which leads to huge disconnection from the spirit’s essence(home) and pain and immense heartbreak from the separation of its Source. Because of the way we have incarnated into such dense matter, the dualistic nature of the 3rd dimension and the purposes for which we have done this, our energetic bodies are all out of whack.

Our goal is to purify the emotional body, clear and raise the vibration of the etheric and physical bodies, incarnate more of the light body and get its structures and energy centers balanced and function properly. So the Spirit is able to incarnate into matter.

The Column
1 Clearing the column with kundalini.
The column is a structure of light which stretches from the lowest all the way through to the highest dimensions. It is one of the most important structures of the light body and it is vital that it be clear of blockages and damage.
2 Ascending and Descending the Column.
By doing this we can become aware of many dimensions of reality and get very clear communication from your higher consciousness.

Lesson 3

“Light Body Awakening”
1 Merkabah Interdimensional Travel

The name “Merkaba” is derived from three words in the Hebrew language: Mer=light, Ka=Spirit, Ba=Body.

Like the Chakras the Merkaba is a structure of light that should be spinning in a certain way but is dormant in most humans. The Merkaba when spinning creates a vortex into higher and lowers dimensions and allows for the incarnations of higher consciousness.

2 Activating Body Kundalini

There is another force that needs to be activated to make the physical body ready for the incarnations of higher energies.

PLUS These Bonuses come with this Online Healing Retreat:

1. Crystal Kit
Many people are now drawn to crystals. This is because their molecular crystalline pattern increases your ability to tune into other dimensions through the inner planes of reality. The inner planes consist of a gridwork of light that is very similar to crystalline structures. Having crystals nearby can increase your ability to transmit energy telepathically and to work in the inner planes and higher dimensions. In these processes we will utilize some crystals and gemstones to enable us to go deeper into the meditative states and clear the filters. The crystal kit is included in this course and will be shipped to each participant. Crystals and stones are conscious beings. At the dawning of the age of Light, many stones are choosing to be birthed onto the Earth plane in order to assist humanity in healing and evolution of consciousness. They have also come to teach us how to hold a field of conscious resonance with the Light. Each crystal and stone acts as solidified frequency of energy. When we hold a stone or crystal, we begin to resonate, or vibrate, with the frequency of energy that the particular crystal represents. Our energetic systems reflect the frequency of the stone and create the experience of an emotion or state of consciousness. We will be using these impressions in the following meditations, vibrational healing, and in diving the dominant patterns of our lives.

Format: Product
Value: $40

2 “Light Body Activation” Crystal Essence Auric Spray.

This auric spray contains the essence of the most powerful combination of stones yet discovered for evolutionary quickening and raising one’s vibrational level such as of Moldavite, Phenacite, Tanzanite, Natrolite, Scolecite, Danburite, White Azeztulite, Tibetan Tektite, Herderite, Petalite, Satyaloka Clear Azeztulite, Brookite as well as high vibrational essential oils such as Frankincense and White Lotus.

Format: Product
Value: $20

3 “Future Life Progression Meditation” mp3 download plus corresponding crystal for the meditation will be included in the package.

In this meditation you will travel into the future and bring guidance for the present from your future Self. The future is only probable, for what happens is tremendously influenced by our thoughts, beliefs, and unconscious programs. Anytime we release a belief, change a goal, or develop different expectations, we will automatically change our future. Things are not predestined to turn one way over another. The future is determined by what we intent to create and in this meditation you will explore the highest future probabilities for your life to unfold in the next year from the date of the meditation.

Format: mp3 Download
Value: $20

4 “Realigning with Your Higher Self Meditation” download plus corresponding crystal will be included in the package.

The Higher Self is the aspect of ourselves that is aware of the totality of our being. It exists outside of physical reality in the highest dimensions. When we are connected to our Higher Self, our physical body and physical manifestation become direct conscious tools for Divine expression in our life. In this meditation you will experience reunion with your Higher aspect of Self that is sending you love and guidance all of the time, one who knows and can follow the goals and purposes of your soul.

Format: mp3 download
Value: $20

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Everything in Options 1 and 2

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Natalia helped me not only to heal my physical conditions but also to understand the causes of those illnesses and how I manifested them in my life
Irina Schotter

Natalia, I thank God for bringing you to my life. I will follow your recommendations. I will let you know about my improvements in healing and also becoming a life coach.
Thanks, Kiana Mahabadi

Well I cannot tell you the full scope of the information that is emerging from this series that Natalia is presenting. The meditations are astounding and the research and knowledge that we are receiving is off the charts.
Margaret Mcdemott

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