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~ Online Healing Retreat ~

The StarSeed Journey: Mastery & Transcendence
with Patrick Prohaska

The StarSeed Journey: Mastery & Transcendence
with Patrick Prohaska

3 Powerful Sessions in downloadable MP3 Audio Recordings.

Online Healing Retreat Description: The Starseed Journey: Mastery and Transcendence

In this powerful 3-session event, master healer and Thrive Energetics founder Patrick Prohaska assists you in overcoming the limitations of the 3D reality and human embodiment, so that you can navigate the physical world with power and ultimately transcend it.

If you’ve ever felt lost and alone, frustrated by the inexplicable limitations of three-dimensional life, and longing for the multidimensional power you know is your natural state, then this Online Healing Retreat is for you.

Session 1: Release from the Limitations of Human Embodiment

The three-dimensional reality of the physical human body is a source of pain for many Starseeds. As multi-dimensional beings, we’re simply not used to navigating linear time and space. We’re strangers in a strange land, thrust into this world with no guidebook, and this can be both frustrating and traumatic. For many of us, human embodiment feels like a prison sentence, and we wonder why we’re here, whether we’ve been abandoned, why we’d ever agree to this, and what we’re supposed to do to survive.

We begin our journey by releasing all the traumatic residue, resentment, shock, and frustration of human embodiment, so that we can begin to shine with joy and power, and navigate this world with abundant grace and ease.

Session 2: Navigating the 3D World with Power and Ease

Multi-dimensional empowerment is the focus of Day 2 of our journey. Patrick will guide you through a whole host of DNA activations, morphogenetic field enhancements, brain upgrades, energetic infusions, and intuition boosters so that you can begin to master human existence rather than yearn to escape it. So long as you’re here, why not have some fun in your human form? We’ll also explore embracing your passion and your mission in life, so that you can have a stronger sense of place and purpose, and maybe even a sense of home.

Session 3: Transcending 3D and Walking on New Earth

We finish by digging deep into advanced multi-dimensional tools, so that you can slip into higher dimensional awareness any time you’d like. Stargate communication and Stargate astral travel are our central focus today. Learn how to communicate freely and safely with a whole host of guides and spiritual beings, and maybe even a few old friends. We’ll also explore astral projection, lucid dreaming, advanced intuitive techniques such as remote viewing and holographic vision, and you’ll even receive a Light Language activation. Finally, we finish with a powerful set of Lightbody activations, including Merkabah and Crystal Gridwork activations, so that you can inhabit New Earth on your terms.

Listen to a Healing Conversation with Patrick Prohaska - Click Here

The StarSeed Journey: Mastery & Transcendence
with Patrick Prohaska

3 Powerful Sessions in downloadable MP3 Audio Recordings.

Special Offer

Special Offer

Item 1

Empowered Prosperity - Thrive Energetics Activations

A Powerful Series of Energetic Processes to Eradicate Poverty Consciousness and Activate Abundance Now

Track: Tilling the Field

This introductory session provides subconscious reprogramming and energetic support to eliminate any blocks, fears, and limitations that may prevent you from getting the full benefit of this program. We finish with the Grace and Ease Activation, which allows you to receive and integrate activations and other energetic processes without a painful healing crisis.

Track: Clear Poverty Consciousness

Subconscious reprogramming and energetic support to eliminate poverty consciousness, including negative attitudes about wealthy people, fears about being wealthy, vows of poverty, the idea that money is dirty or anti-spiritual, fear of hard work, and so on.

Track 3: Addiction Deactivation

We become addicted to the energy residue of our traumas. This is why we hold on to that residue so firmly, and why if we wash it away that residue often comes right back again. This de-activation releases any form of addictive energy, whether one is addicted to drugs and alcohol, or to drama, poverty, and victimhood.

Track 4: Heart Opening Activation

The heart is the nexus of all energy flow in the body. The open flow of money energy requires an open heart. In fact, the heart itself, with its continual dance of energy flowing in and energy flowing out, is the perfect model for the dynamic you seek in your bank account.

Track 5: Activate Wealth Consciousness

Subconscious reprogramming and energetic support that allows you to embrace wealth consciousness. Step into the energy of having wealth now.

Track 6: The Happiness Activation

If I were forced to choose one single activation in the entire package to do, this is it. Step into the energy of Happiness Now – it’s the foundation of all fulfilment.

Track 7: Money Magnetism Activation Suite

This set of activations and deactivations includes:
• Poverty residue wash
• Money magnetism infusion
• Activation to recognize hidden opportunities
• Activation for the willingness to take action
• Financial flow – what flows out is replaced in kind
• Financial overflow – the power of giving from your surplus

Track 8: Financial Set Point

The wealth set point is that habitual financial state of being we always seem to return to, even after large windfalls or losses. It’s why most lottery winners quickly lose everything. If your financial set point is negative, this will shift your natural state to surplus. If it’s positive, let’s add a zero.

Track 9: Guided Manifestation

Choose something you desire, explore why you want it, and then command it into being through this guided manifestation process.

Track 10: Effective Money Management

Subconscious reprogramming designed to eliminate fear and confusion about money management, and to allow you to recognize and attract a team of financial advisors and accountants you can trust.

Track 11: Special Processes for Women

Women face special financial challenges simply by virtue of being female. Eliminate the subconscious beliefs (picked up from the mass consciousness, from our parents and ancestors, from our past life experiences, and even from our DNA) that prevent women from finding their voice and fully stepping into their financial power.

Track 12: Special Processes for Star Beings

Many of us are Star Beings who come from planetary systems where money is not the primary means of exchange, therefore we’re either befuddled by money or simply not interested in managing it well. This activation helps to clear that fog.

PLUS 3 Free Bonuses:

Free Bonus 1: Money Magnetism Live Group Call 1
Recorded Live July 28, 2015
Length: 1 Hour, 48 Minutes
Value: $35

Free Bonus 2: Money Magnetism Live Group Call 2
Recorded Live August 5, 2015
Length: 1 Hour, 20 Minutes
Value: $35

Free Bonus 3: Money Magnetism Live Group Call 3
Recorded Live November 17, 2015
Length: 1 Hour, 23 Minutes
Value: $35

Special Offer

Special Offer
Item 1

Everything in Option 1 and 2 PLUS Online Heailng Retreat Master Class: 5D Thrive Energetics AND Unleash Your Intuition

Step Into the Vortex

This introductory session establishes an energetic connection between Patrick and the listener and induces the Theta brainwave state. Whether you enjoy a single activation session or the entire package all at once, for best results it’s best to listen to this recording first.

Item 1

Clearing Limiting Beliefs

This session provides subconscious reprogramming and energetic support to eliminate any blocks, fears, and limitations that may prevent you from fully stepping into your intuitive powers.

Item 1

The Foundational DNA Activations

In this session you receive and integrate the three foundational Thrive Energetics DNA activations: the Basic Intuition Activation, the Youth and Vitality Activation, and the Grace and Ease Activation.

Item 1

Enhanced Intuition Activations

Here we activate and enhance your “6 Clairs”: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairgustance, Clairolfactance, and Claircognizance.

Item 1

Intuitive Dimmer Switch

The Intuitive Dimmer Switch Activation allows you to turn up, turn down, turn on, and turn off your intuition at will, so that you are never overwhelmed by your intuitive gifts. This session also provides an activation for an automatic reset button for your intuition, so that it returns to your optimal levels each night as you sleep.

Item 1

Enhanced Intuitive Communication

This session provides subconscious programming and energetic support that allows you to better communicate with other people via telepathy, to connect with your guides and angels, to interact with spirits and ancestors, to interpret messages from your physical body, to channel safely, and more. You also receive a morphogenetic field activation that that deters unsavory entities from taking advantage of your openness to channel.

Item 1

Spiritual Ego Deactivation

Nothing stops the Ascension process faster than spiritual ego and arrogance. The activation will help you recognize when you are participating in the “Spiritual Olympics” and allow you to thrive with an open mind.

Item 1

Enhanced Energetic Gridworks

These advanced activations stimulate and lubricate your 3D Energetic Gridwork, your 5D Energetic Gridwork, and your Sexual Response Gridwork, and allow the Kundalini energy to flow freely with grace and ease.

Item 1

Lightbody Activations

The Merkabah Activation merges the physical, mental, emotional, and etheric bodies so that you can enjoy higher dimensional awareness while still within your physical body. The Crystal Gridwork Activation anchors the Merkabah so that your bodies can remain unified for longer periods of time, allowing you to navigate and enjoy New Earth.

Item 1

Advanced Clairvoyance Activations

These advanced activations are the Third Eye Activation, the Remote Viewing Activation, and the Holographic Vision Activation, all of which are higher dimensional versions of Clairvoyance.

Item 1

Lucid dreaming

In this session you receive and integrate energetic processes that support and enhance lucid dreaming, along with an activation that allows you to draw the lucid dream state into full waking consciousness.

Item 1

Final Integration

The final integration is extremely important and should be practiced at the end of every session, to allow the energies to fully integrate with minimal discomfort.


Item 1

Ignite your Intuition Intensive Workshop

This 2-hour intensive workshop was recorded live on July 30, 2015. This class consisted mainly of students of Theta Healing and Awakening Dynamics™, but you do not need a working knowledge of either system to benefit from this recording.

Item 1

Youth and Vitality Group Call

This session goes way beyond the Youth and Vitality DNA activation to explore multiple supporting and advanced morphogenetic field activations for vibrant health.


Item 1

Unleash Your Intuitive Genius Manual (in .pdf format)

Bonus Items

Bonus 1: Future Vision Activation Package

Track 1: Future Vision Clarification & Anchoring
Track 2: Future Vision Meditation
Track 3: Future Vision Activation (encoded with binaural beats)
Value: $39

Bonus 2: Pineal Gland Support Soundbath

This recording awakens the pineal gland and supports it as new energies are received. It includes isochronic tones with a frequency of 42.7 Hz and a pitch of 288Hz. The tones are a bit raw, perhaps even annoying. Simply listen and allow. Headphones are recommended but not required.
Value: $25

Bonus 3: Foundation SoundBath No. 1

This is a binaural beats encoded meditation program that opens a vortex of energy that surrounds your body. It also helps to induce sleep. Instructions: You may listen to this recoding in any position you'd like, but I recommend lying down, face up, preferably as you are drifting off to sleep. Listen with headphones for optimal results. If you feel the mattress beneath you begin to undulate, don't panic - just observe in a detached manner.
Value: $25

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PLUS You'll also receive Patrick's Online Healing Retreat Master Class

~ Online Healing Retreat ~

5D Thrive: Embody New Earth
with Patrick Prohaska

5D Thrive: Embody New Earth
with Patrick Prohaska

3 Sessions of 2 hours each
MP3 Audio downloads

Overview: In this 3-part series we will explore and experience a number of tools that allow you to thrive powerfully in our 3D world while growing into higher dimensional awareness with grace and ease.

We will do the following, and much more:
• 20 powerful DNA activations (or more)
• Genetic restructuring and upgrades
• Subconscious reprogramming
• Energetic vortex work to cleanse and purify
• Timeline manipulation
• Light body/merkabah integration and supporting activations

How to get the most out of this Mastermind

• Let go of everything you think you already know (no spiritual ego)
• Stay hydrated
• Ground yourself when necessary
• Get plenty of sleep to allow the new energies to integrate
• Do not drive, chop vegetables, or operate machinery while listening
• Accept the “symptoms” of density release as they emerge; don’t go into resistance
• Don’t give your power away to an outside authority (I’m not a guru; I’m merely here to remind you of what you’ve forgotten)
• Observe with neutrality your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions as they emerge for release
• Lean into resistance (squirming is a sign you’re on the verge of a powerful release)
• Recognize “distractor” emotions such as sudden anger, fear, or shame
• Forgive yourself and accept yourself where you are right now
• Let go of competition (it’s not the spiritual Olympics)
• Let go of victimhood (it’s not the victimhood Olympics)
• Let go of the need to understand what’s going on intellectually when you’re having an energy shift

Section 1: The Foundation

“Metahealing” – reprogramming subconscious beliefs about the possibility of DNA activations, instantaneous healings, intuitive awareness, higher dimensional action, etc.

The following activations will be presented with introductory explanations and supporting subconscious reprogramming:

• DNA activation 1: ignite your intuition
• DNA activation 2: youth and vitality
• DNA activation 3: grace and ease
• DNA activation 4: enhanced 3D energetic gridwork (chakras and nadis) for kundalini flow
• DNA activation 5: enhanced 5D energetic gridwork (chakras and nadis from 5D perspective)

Section 2: What are the Dimensions?

This is a lecture segment that is designed to allow time for the DNA activations to integrate.

• Overview of the characteristics of 3D, 4D, and 5D realities
• Notes on frequency, vibration, harmonics, and entrainment
• What is the role of the Theta brainwave?
• What is the Merkabah and how is it achieved?
• How do you release the “density” that anchors you to 3D?
• What is New Earth?

Section 3: Clearing a path

Subconscious reprogramming and energy vortex work on:

• Trauma related to higher dimensional awareness (for example, past life persecution)
• Safety issues and fears
• The ego, and limited dogmatic beliefs
• Shame and guilt as tools of control
• A trauma clearing on one specific experience chosen by the listener

Section 4: Enhancements to Intuition

• DNA activation 6: Clairvoyance
• DNA activation 7: Clauraudience
• DNA activation 8: Claircongnizance
• Subconscious reprogramming to enhance discernment

If time permits: Section 5: Additional activations

• DNA activation 9: Openness to receive abundance and flow
• DNA activation 10: Openness to the flow of unconditional love
• DNA activation 11: Addiction Conversion (channels addiction energy and obsession into healthy channels)

Section 6: Q&A

Session 2:

Introduction and Welcome

I want to briefly touch on the 4 major reasons people seek out a healer – health, wealth, relationships, and spirituality, before going deeper into 5D anchoring and the merkabah activation.

How to get the most out of this Mastermind

Review of some of the tips presented on day 1

Section 1: Physical well-being

• Subconscious reprogramming about the nature of disease
• Energetic support for physical issues and the symptoms of “modern life syndrome”
• Weight and exercise
• DNA activation 12: the healthy body set-point
• Genetic restructuring for health
• Genes and aging (telomere support)

Section 2: Career and Money

• Manifestation and Abundance
• Life Purpose Clarity and Support
• DNA activation 13: Conscious manifestation

Section 3: Relationships

• Growth timeline synchronicity for couples
• DNA activation 14: the sexual gridwork

Section 4: Spiritual Growth

• DNA activation 15: Third Eye Activation, with pineal support
• DNA activation 16: Merkabah Integration
• DNA activation 17: 5D Kundalini Flow
• DNA activation 18: Crystal Gridwork (sustains the merkabah integration)
• DNA activation 19: Higher Dimensional Vision (holographic sight)

If time permits: Section 5: Lucid Dreaming

• Subconscious reprogramming about dreaming
• DNA activation 20: enhanced lucid dreaming

Section 6: Q&A

Session 3:

Introduction and Welcome

How to get the most out of this Mastermind

Review of some of the tips presented on day 1

Section 1: Check in

Discussion with callers about their experiences, both with the activations themselves and with the integration process

Section 2: Miscellaneous DNA activations

Completion of any activations we didn’t complete in the first two days

Section 3: Q&A

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Special Offer

Special Offer

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