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Online Healing Retreat
Two sessions: MP3 Audio Downloads

Your Ascension Launchpad: How to Dump your 3D Baggage and Supercharge your Ascent

In this powerful two-session event, master healer and Thrive Energetics Academy founder Patrick Prohaska assists you in eradicating victim and poverty consciousness, so you can embrace your Ascension with grace and ease.

Session 1: Obliterate Victim Consciousness T

So many of us find ourselves mired in density, even though we understand spiritual principles backward and forward. In this Healing Retreat we start at the foundation, eliminating any and all vestiges of victim consciousness that keep you stuck in patterns of pain, poverty, and pessimism.

Patrick will guide you through a whole host of DNA activations, morphogenic field enhancements, brain upgrades, energetic infusions, and intuition boosters so you can embody your true Power and become a master of your own reality. All of the energy play we do together will be firmly anchored in a consistent philosophical foundation based on Universal laws and principles.

Session 2: Embody Ascension Consciousness

In this session we’ll explore advanced multi-dimensional tools so that you can embrace your inherent Power and slip into higher dimensional awareness at will. Together we’ll activate your advanced intuitive skills such as remote viewing and holographic vision, and enhance your mastery of Law of Attraction and related principles. Next we’ll explore various pathways to Ascension to find the one that resonates best with you, completely free of spiritual ego and other insidious attitudes that can derail your growth process.

New Earth is emerging for all of us whether we’re ready or not – so why not anchor it in now on your terms?

Special Offer

Special Offer

Item 1

Empowered Prosperity - Thrive Energetics Activations

A Powerful Series of Energetic Processes to Eradicate Poverty Consciousness and Activate Abundance Now

Track: Tilling the Field

This introductory session provides subconscious reprogramming and energetic support to eliminate any blocks, fears, and limitations that may prevent you from getting the full benefit of this program. We finish with the Grace and Ease Activation, which allows you to receive and integrate activations and other energetic processes without a painful healing crisis.

Track: Clear Poverty Consciousness

Subconscious reprogramming and energetic support to eliminate poverty consciousness, including negative attitudes about wealthy people, fears about being wealthy, vows of poverty, the idea that money is dirty or anti-spiritual, fear of hard work, and so on.

Track 3: Addiction Deactivation

We become addicted to the energy residue of our traumas. This is why we hold on to that residue so firmly, and why if we wash it away that residue often comes right back again. This de-activation releases any form of addictive energy, whether one is addicted to drugs and alcohol, or to drama, poverty, and victimhood.

Track 4: Heart Opening Activation

The heart is the nexus of all energy flow in the body. The open flow of money energy requires an open heart. In fact, the heart itself, with its continual dance of energy flowing in and energy flowing out, is the perfect model for the dynamic you seek in your bank account.

Track 5: Activate Wealth Consciousness

Subconscious reprogramming and energetic support that allows you to embrace wealth consciousness. Step into the energy of having wealth now.

Track 6: The Happiness Activation

If I were forced to choose one single activation in the entire package to do, this is it. Step into the energy of Happiness Now – it’s the foundation of all fulfilment.

Track 7: Money Magnetism Activation Suite

This set of activations and deactivations includes:
• Poverty residue wash
• Money magnetism infusion
• Activation to recognize hidden opportunities
• Activation for the willingness to take action
• Financial flow – what flows out is replaced in kind
• Financial overflow – the power of giving from your surplus

Track 8: Financial Set Point

The wealth set point is that habitual financial state of being we always seem to return to, even after large windfalls or losses. It’s why most lottery winners quickly lose everything. If your financial set point is negative, this will shift your natural state to surplus. If it’s positive, let’s add a zero.

Track 9: Guided Manifestation

Choose something you desire, explore why you want it, and then command it into being through this guided manifestation process.

Track 10: Effective Money Management

Subconscious reprogramming designed to eliminate fear and confusion about money management, and to allow you to recognize and attract a team of financial advisors and accountants you can trust.

Track 11: Special Processes for Women

Women face special financial challenges simply by virtue of being female. Eliminate the subconscious beliefs (picked up from the mass consciousness, from our parents and ancestors, from our past life experiences, and even from our DNA) that prevent women from finding their voice and fully stepping into their financial power.

Track 12: Special Processes for Star Beings

Many of us are Star Beings who come from planetary systems where money is not the primary means of exchange, therefore we’re either befuddled by money or simply not interested in managing it well. This activation helps to clear that fog.

PLUS 3 Free Bonuses:

Free Bonus 1: Money Magnetism Recorded Group Call 1
Length: 1 Hour, 48 Minutes
Value: $35

Free Bonus 2: Money Magnetism Recorded Group Call 2
Length: 1 Hour, 20 Minutes
Value: $35

Free Bonus 3: Money Magnetism Recorded Group Call 3
Length: 1 Hour, 23 Minutes
Value: $35

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