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FIRST EVER OFFER! Enjoy the benefits of all 7 best-selling musical frequency prescriptions! Healing Vibes: the roto-rooter of blocked energy, in 3D sound; Shaman’s Trance: dreamtime activity prescription for insomnia and facilitating out of body journeying; Middle Path: helps ground high frequencies - for driving, manifestation amplification and those who have trouble staying grounded; Himalayan Chakra Healing: the first and only chakra healing CD based on Himalayan protocols, which are older than the Vedic; 3rd Eye Rising: unlock your spiritual gifts - Bliss, Power, Gratitude, Abundance and more; Attuning to Oneness: leave behind the perceived limitations of the smaller self (includes the transformative song prayer, “All is Love”); Celestial Resonance: excuse denser energies from the heart; amplifies your capacity to resonate in the frequency of divine love.

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Celestial Resonance

Receive a download of "Celestial Resonance," Paradiso and Rasamayi's newest 2 CD set, to facilitate your journey into the infinite heart. A 63% discount.

"Celestial Resonance: Journey into the Infinite Heart" is the latest album by back to back Best New Age Album of the year winners, internationally renowned sound healers and ambassadors of the sacred sound current Paradiso and Rasamayi. Master didjeridoo player Paradiso is the founder of the “5th Element Music” label, with 7 bestselling, award-winning, and international New Age Radio chart-topping healing albums: “Healing Vibes,” “Shaman’s Trance,” “Middle Path,” “Himalayan Chakra Healing,” “3rd Eye Rising,” "Attuning to Oneness" and "Celestial Resonance." Rasamayi is a chanteuse, Singing Bowl Master Alchemist, and divine feminine activist with three albums: "3rd Eye Rising," "Attuning to Oneness" and "Celestial Resonance."

"Celestial Resonance" is instrumental world / new age / healing music featuring Paradiso on crystal and traditional didjeridoos, keyboards, crystal tuning forks, Dhavani drum, bass guitar, wind synthesizer, vocals and gong, and Rasamayi's angelic seed mantra chanting, Alchemy crystal singing bowls, expanding crystal pyramids and crystal merkaba activator. This album is a two CD set and ideal for meditation, relaxation, massage, and all other healing modalities. Each song was recorded with the intention to facilitate individual and global evolution through the healing power of sound. Soulmates Paradiso and Rasamayi serve the wellness and evolution of listeners worldwide through their recorded music and sound healing tours throughout the continental US and beyond.

This is a sound Journey unlike any other you may have experienced in traditional recorded music or sound healing. The altered state of consciousness - created in deep Theta brainwave activity while the listener is conscious - creates a state of deep meditation which often can only be achieved in years or decades of dedicated meditation practice, unlocking a deeper state of relaxation in the physical and emotional bodies as well as a higher state of spiritual connection, wellness, intuition and creativity on all levels. "Celestial Resonance" will help you to enter ever more fully into the divine experience of the infinite heart.

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Healing Vibes

*Healing Vibes* is therapy for body, mind and spirit. Close your eyes, relax and feel the vibration of the didgeridoo. This album was recorded in “feels real” 3-dimensional sound, which was designed to simulate human hearing, capturing depth, height, and width, as well as directional sound movement. No special equipment is needed to get 3-D sound from traditional stereo speakers. Most experience alpha brain wave activity in under two minutes with this CD and may experience a series of dreamlike images. The Aboriginal Australians call this state “Dreamtime,” which offers profound opportunities for healing and renewal. We recommend headphones for best results! It will feel as though you are receiving a personal didgeridoo sound healing session. This CD is perfect for meditation and self-healing work on the physical and emotional levels. Stay tuned for more 3-D recordings from 5th Element Music!

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3rd Eye Rising

Experience accelerated evolution, soul travel, and healing on all levels. New from world-renowned master didjeridoo player and sound healer Paradiso, 3rd Eye Rising has been crafted to guide you through a mystic journey of ascending realms. Facilitated by the soul-stirring drone of the didjeridoo, healing seed mantras and crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, each song is a beautiful and powerful energy “prescription” crafted to unlock the divine gift after which it is named: bliss, gratitude, invocation, abundance, transformation, love, guidance, flow, wisdom, power and purpose.

Tune in to the higher frequencies of your 3rd Eye Rising and experience accelerated evolution, soul travel, and healing on all levels. Perfect for meditation, massage and other healing practices, 3rd Eye Rising is healing music featuring the didjeridoo and crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, with chanting, keyboard, and shamanic percussion.

Each song is an energy “prescription” facilitating transformation, healing on all levels, and spiritual gifts to serve the wellness and evolution of Paradiso and Rasamayi’s fans and clients worldwide. This channeled music facilitates your transformation, deepening your connection to your Guides and Path, integrating these spiritual gifts ever more fully into your life: bliss, gratitude, invocation, abundance, transformation, love, guidance, flow, wisdom, power and purpose. Paradiso’s four previous CDs, “Himalayan Chakra Healing,” “Middle Path,” “Shaman’s Trance” and “Healing Vibes” are best-sellers, NAR chart-toppers

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Attuning to Oneness

Ideal for meditation, relaxation, massage, and healing modalities. Each song was recorded with the intention to facilitate individual and global evolution. Attuning to Oneness is the latest album that won the best New Age album of the year from COVR music awards 2014. Now back to back albums that won the best New Age album of the year. Best-selling, multi-award winning New Age Artists, master didjeridoo player Paradiso and chanteuse / singing bowl master alchemist Rasamayi. The duo’s debut collaboration 3rd Eye Rising took the world by storm with top 5 international radio chart performance, an award for the best New Age Album of the Year (Independent Music Awards), and among the year’s best World albums (Coalition of Visionary Resources) and Meditation/Relaxation albums (Zone Music Reporter).

The prior four albums composed and produced by Paradiso also topped the New Age Radio charts: Healing Vibes, Shaman’s Trance, Middle Path and Himalayan Chakra Healing. Didjeridoo virtuoso Paradiso has performed at Carnegie Hall and his and Rasamayi’s music has been featured in events and projects with spiritual and musical greats including Deepak Chopra, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Stephen Halpern, Gregg Braden, Dr. Masaru Emoto and Neale Donald Walsch.

Attuning to Oneness is instrumental new age music featuring Paradiso on didjeridoo, keyboards, theremin and gong and Rasamayi's soothing chants, crystal merkaba and Alchemy crystal singing bowls. This album is ideal for meditation, relaxation, massage, and all other healing modalities. Each song was recorded with the intention to facilitate individual and global evolution through the healing power of sound. Soulmates Paradiso and Rasamayi serve the wellness and evolution of listeners worldwide through their music and partnership in sound healing.

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Shaman's Trance

The sound current of true bliss and love. It's a melodic, hypnotic, and rhythmic musical journey.This recording is specially designed to accompany a full yoga class or a massage session. Instruments: didjeridoo, keyboard, drums, Tibetan bowls, bells. Electronic crossover with Didjeridoo. Producer: Paradiso Turturici (production, recording, engineering, and mixing). Final mix by Gary Miraz. Instruments: didjeridoo, keyboard, drums, Tibetan bowls & bells, vocals, and percussion.


"In the Presence of Spirit"
Shamanic, hypnotic, ambient, and rhythmic musical journey. SHAMAN'S TRANCE is a blend of acoustic and electronic instruments and multiple styles featuring Paradiso on Didjeridoo and other exotic instruments such as drums, Tibetan bowls & bells, vocals, and percussion. Paradiso, an initiate of the sacred Sound-Current creates music that catapults listeners into true bliss and the energy of Love. Although suitable for everyday casual listening, this recording is specifically designed to accompany a full yoga class or a massage session. Listening to this music rejuvenates your body on many subtle levels. It's a melodic, hypnotic, and rhythmic musical journey.

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Himalayan Chakra Healing

The 1st & only healing CD based on the Himalayan chakra/note protocol; a unique, beautiful and profoundly healing soundscape awaits within! Enjoy restorative resonances of Tibetan singing bowls, enhanced by the soul-stirring vibrations of the didjeridoo.

Album Notes The 1st chakra healing CD based on the Himalayan chakra/note protocol! Immerse your entire Self in the meditative, restorative resonance of Tibetan singing bowls, enhanced by the mystical vibration of the didjeridoo.

This seminal CD is an invaluable tool for those who resonate with Tibet or Buddhism, or who seek an ancient chakra healing technique not previously available in the West. A beautiful and profoundly healing soundscape awaits you within!

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Middle Path

Another rare gem. Perfect for Yoga, Massage and Meditation, featuring a full range of various didjeridoos. A Electronic Crossover with Didgeridoo complemented with exotic sounds such as drums, bells, Tibetan bowls, vocals, keyboards, percussion. Paradiso (Paradiso Turturici) lives and performs in the San Francisco Bay Area, of which he is a native. A producer, composer and musician, Paradiso formed his own music publishing company "5th Element Vibes Music" over a decade ago, and functions under his record label "5th Element Music." A self-taught musician, Paradiso plays various instruments, primarily didjeridoo, Theremin, keyboards and percussion, all of which are included on his 2008 album release,

Paradiso’s gift with the didjeridoo was passed through to him by various elders and mentors. His music has been described as “an anomalous mix of organic and inorganic instruments that when balanced create a therapeutic listening environment.” (RJ Lannan, New Age Reporter, 2006). Accordingly, Paradiso’s parallel pursuit of a spiritual path has led to his current work as a sound therapist, massage therapist and holistic health practitioner.

Through many one-on-one sessions with clients he has developed a unique musical healing method. In a safe, relaxing environment, Paradiso “plays” the patient's body with musical vibration using the instrument for which he is best known, the Didjeridoo, an indigenous instrument from Australia. Paradiso owns a large variety of didjeridoos, each producing a different sound. He plays intuitively, and, as he puts it, "Spirit plays through me!" He adds, "I believe music can heal the mind, body and spirit and liberate us. My vision is to inspire all of us to rediscover our oneness with each other, with our environment, and with all of creation through music."

The intense vibration of the didjeridoo carries a sound current that has reportedly helped people to heal themselves on various levels. Some recipients of the healing session claim the entrancing music has the capacity to shift them towards their life purpose, their passion, and that it can balance the body and release negative blockages. Paradiso conducts individual private healing sessions, group sessions, and didjeridoo lessons in the Bay Area, elsewhere via appointment and select concert performances.

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Special Offer
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Alchemy Consultation , Plus everything in Option 1

30 Minute One on One consultation with Alchemy Master Teacher Rasamayi

In addition to a 20-30 minute consultation with a personalized crystalline consult with Rasamayi or Paradiso, you are entitled to an 8% discount on an Alchemy activated crystalline singing bowl. This allows you to remove any blockages you need, and also learn how to connect to your "Bowl Mate".

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Special Offer
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YOUR Personal Sound Frequency Prescription Recording , plus everything in Option 2

The FIRST time this will be offered friends new to Paradiso and Rasamayi! Receive a 20 minute consultation and a 1/2 hour recorded sound frequency prescription crafted just for YOU. Please be patient; Paradiso and Rasamayi have toured more than 40 hours a week for several years, and must be at home to record and master this most special offering for you!

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I have stage 4 cancer and my doctor was talking with me about hospice because my bone marrow was no longer tolerating treatment. My platelets had been bottomed out for months from a prior treatment. I listened to Celestial Resonance for a few days until I had to go in for blood work. The results came back with the platelets elevated enough to get treatment. I continued to listen regularly and each week my platelets continued to climb, from 30 to 150. My doctor said she could not explain what was happening, but we could take hospice off the table and start treatment and clinical trials, where I started listening to Himalayan Chakra Healing. The treatment is working and my tumor markers continue to drop. This is sincerely the first treatment that has worked in a year and a half. The response is truly dramatic and I continue to listen.

Alison M:

Your presence inspires my inner Goddess and my higher self! You two embody love to the HIGHEST.

Melody L:

These CDs are the best I’ve ever heard. As a musician, I recognize all the work that went into your production. A true masterpiece. You can hear each individual instrument as you float away into dimension after dimension and then suddenly explode into something too beautiful for words.

Eddie R:

I live in California and have attended countless sound healings and festivals. I thought I knew what to expect from my experience with Paradiso and Rasamayi - I was wrong. It was so profound, unlike any other festival experience or sound healing. It took me far beyond expectation, into multidimensional journey and healing.

Tracy H:

I thought I was just going to listen to some pretty Singing Bowl and Didjeridoo sounds. I left with a truly life changing experience. I had the heart based experience of the Universe being recreated in the words, sounds, singing and chanting of your wondrous work. The Beauty, Peace and Healing that came through has rejuvenated my Soul and will remain with me throughout this incarnation!

Champion K:

What is it like to be in a quantum field of Heavenly Resonance? Joyful, fun, deeply meaningful… words cannot adequately describe the experience - only having the experience can. I met my “Bowl Mate” and began a personal Tune Up and deeper initiation into Sound Healing - thank you Paradiso and Rasamayi for your Vision and for sharing your Light.

Ann K:

I can find no superlatives to describe your concert other than OMTASTIC. Thanks so much for the love you give!

Larry B:

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