~ Online Healing Retreat ~
Preparing for the Eclipse: Unity Consciousness & New Earth Meditation

Recorded Meditations from Sandra Walter & Lauren Galey

A Complimentary Online Healing Retreat

Sunday, August 20

TIME: 11am Pacific / 12pm Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern / 6pm GMT

Online Healing Retreat : Preparing the Eclipse ~ Unity Consciousness & New Earth Meditation

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Join in this complimentary Online Healing Retreat which features a recording of an 11:11 Guided Meditation to Connect to the Human Heart Grid with Sandra Walter, and a New Earth Meditation by Lauren Galey, with DNA-activating music created by Susan Alexander.

As we prepare for the eclipse and the great re-setting of human consciousness, we will connect to the Human Heart Grid which is pulsing in the Crystalline Grid, and then envision New Earth. We have the power to steer the timelines with our focused attention. This is why we are here, so please join us! 

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