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Doctorate of Life - COURSE ONE:

Creating Your Own Personal Heaven on Earth
Learn a step-by-step process, in a logical manner, to truly create Heaven on Earth. You will be guided to create your own business plan that will create revenue streams, take inventory and create a big picture in your life.

You'll learn about the 7 phases of intention, the 10 Natural Universal Laws such as the Law of Attraction. Imagine using the power of 10 Natural Universal Laws in your life.

This is a transformational event where you will create books, Divine Purposes, and/or companies while you are learning this powerful, practical information based on spiritual teachings.

It's a creative process in a High-Vibrational event that will transform your life into what you desire. This is NOT motivation, rather, this is actual CHANGE in YOUR LIFE with 21st Century transformational tools that work. In this 3-Part Audio Course with Dr. London, you'll learn:

How to create enough energy out of your body to activate the creative process in your life.
How to use the power of language to create your dreams
Learn how to create wellness in your Life, Creating a lifestyle - a wealth and wellness lifestyle
How to create a Divine Union Relationship that creates wealth and abundance

Get a Doctorate in Life in this 3-Part Transformational course and use these tools in your own life, the lives of your family, and your loved ones and friends.

Great wisdom works for everyone, everytime.

You'll learn to use the words wealth and abundance instead of "money" to energize your money flow!

Doctorate of Life - COURSE TWO:

A Great Recipe for Life
Creating Miracles and Manifesting Your Dreams

In this 2-Part, Audio Course, You will Learn Divine Tools on How to:
• Eliminate Fear, Sabotage, Fault and Judgment in your life to Create a Defined Lifestyle
• Create a Life Vision that directs the Universe to manifest it for you.
• Use the power of Words, with their high frequency vibrations, to create a Great Recipe for Life.
• Maintain a High –level of Trust, Faith and Hope to Create miracles in your life
• Create a Heart-Centered Great Recipe for Life!

This wisdom and these Divine Tools are available to you now, so you can transform your life into one you’ve always desired, free from struggle, free from the need for money. Once you no longer “need” money, you change the frequency and abundance flows in many forms.

In this dynamic 2-part course with Dr. Richard London, you’ll learn how to identify the most important ingredients in your own version of a defined lifestyle and create definitions. These definitions vibrate at a high level and the Universe literally re-arranges itself to give you that lifestyle.

Dr. Richard shares all of the ingredients you divinely deserve. A culmination of all Divine Tools that exist on Earth, many are practical and logical, but have not been revealed until recently, within in the last two years. Humans are now ready for these tools and are now capable of allowing these tools to work with you.

These Divine Tools come from the Akashic Record, and the Ethereal plane. Richard London is able to receive these tools, and then to assit you to allow yourself in receiving these tools to receive the light, and create the life you desire. Remove the struggle, remove the need for money with these Divine Tools.

These tools can be used to create a foundation, a Great Recipe of Life in your Home, your business, your divine purpose. The Recipe of life includes all your dreams, desires and all those things in your treasure chest.

“The Master Recipe is your Divine Life, the way you want it, filled with your Divine purpose, happy children, happy relationships and beautiful things, “ says Dr. Richard. “There is nothing wrong with being abundant in the world today, nothing whatsoever, as long as you use these abundances in balance. And these tools give you balance.”

“Imagine having a Great Recipe for Life where your life is easy, and I mean really, really easy, “ he says. “Nothing is a struggle, creating wealth is not a struggle, creating more love in your life is not a struggle, creating more harmony in your life is easy. “

Use these Divine Tools to build a high-vibrational foundation, for your home, for your business, for relationships, for your dreams and desires. Creating miracles starts with trusting yourself and others, then moving into the Theta state, where faith grows and miracles happen.

MISSION STATEMENT From Dr. Richard London:

I, Dr. Richard London, in appreciation and gratitude for all professionals worldwide achieving the exciting new revolutionary Life Path A “WELLNESSAIRE”; by using the 7 faces of intention Creativity, Kindness, Love, Beauty, Expansion, Abundance, and Peacefulness.

All professionals who experience the “Doctorate of Life Wellnessaire Program” will live a life daily filled with Wellness,Wealth,Peace,Love and Spirituality.

And So it Is, ~ Dr. London

Special Offer
Special Offer

Experience a private, personal session with Dr. Richard London PLUS Get Everything in Option 1
In this 45-minute session, Dr. London will remove thousands of negative imprinted memories to assist you in clearing them and moving forward on the Divine Way Path towards Wellness, Ascension and Divnity. This is your personal experience one-on-one with Dr. Richard London who will guide you with his sage business advise and Divine Wisdom so you can embody EXTRAORDINARY!

Special Offer
Special Offer

Receive 5 Personal Sessions with Dr. Richard London - PLUS Everything in Option 1
In five (5) personal sessions, 1-hour long each, Dr. Richard London will personally mentor you in his Wellnessaire Program so that you can create your new business, your book, multiple streams of income, whatever you desire to build in your co-creation of Heaven on Earth.

This is a transformational mentoring program of 5 sessions that you can schedule over the next 3 - 6 months, and watch your progress, expansion and manifesting powers come into your life!

This is a special privilege to have such an incredible offer from Dr. London. If you're serious about moving forward, THIS is the option for you.

You'll also get EVERYTHING in Option 1, so you can download and access his two courses on the Doctorate of Life.

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Special Offer

Energy Arte for Divine Protection in Richard London's Special Offer #2:

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