~ Online Healing Retreat ~
with Ronna Herman, Messenger for Archangel Michael

Achieve Self-Mastery to Become the Best Person You Can Be

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Join us for this powerful presentation:

Two Hour Presentation with lecture, meditation and a message from Archangel Michael
A Video and MP3 download

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This event is Free When Your Purchase the LIVESTREAM Event with Ronna Herman May 4 & 5 2013: $88.88
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Online Healing Retreat Description:
In this dynamic presentation by Ronna Herman, you’ll learn how to use powerful tools to help you achieve self-mastery by turning inward and finding a “state of Being” that is in balance and harmony during these times of great change. Ronna says “humanity is on the brink of a whole new era, and we are learning how to become spiritual humans.” Learn how to build a Pyramid of Light into the 5th Dimension in order to bypass mass consciousness and release old, negative thought forms of fear, guilt, sorrow and painful experiences.

Introduction To Archangel Michael's Wisdom Teachings
Preparing The Way For Self-Mastery
A Partial Overview Of Some Of The Important Topics We Will Address

Archangel Michael * Ronna Herman

Learn the many benefits from building and using your fifth-dimensional pyramid of light. We have been given the knowledge and the tools to begin the process of creating a fifth-dimensional environment around us so that we may enjoy good health, abundance, peace and loving interactions with others.

A Note from Ronna Herman

Dear Beloved Friends,

Have you ever wondered “Why am I here on Earth?” and “What is my mission? What is my divine lineage? And how do I claim it? “ Or are you asking “What is Ascension? And what do I have to do to attain it?”

What’s now happening, is that we are now expanding more of our consciousness, and ascending in consciousness. In the past, were in animal human nature. We’ve moved into human nature and into human consciousness. Now we are seeking our spiritual human conscious to bring in divine gifts that are our birth right. And so, everyone wants to know, how can I release all fear, guilt, painful experiences, and how can we avoid disaster that is rampant on this Earth? And obtain peace and harmony and what must I do to have abundance and relationships in life?

I invite you to this Online Healing Retreat to build the Pyrimid of Light in the 5th dimension to bypass mass consciousness, distorted thought forms of the past that we are stuck in. Doing so will allow us to become the master of who we are. We want to sync self-mastery by using the Use the tools that are available to us so that we can become the best person we can be.

Everyone has gifts and talents, intrinsic things, unique to each, . Seek your passion and then your income will follow. And for those of you who don’t know what their passion is, AA Michael says “ Get rid of the things that bring you unhappiness while you are seeking your passion.”

We are electro-magnetic energy, and the electoro-magnetic energy and pulsations coming in from the sun and nto our world is affecting us because magnetize that energy to us and radiate it from us. When you begin understand this, you can understand the importance of self-mastery and how you can bring balance and harmony within yourself, in order to be an example for those around you. Archangel Michael says the best way to teach is by being an example.

We are on the brink of a new evolutionary process for humanity. It’s time to get out of the emotions of spirituality and understand the universal laws of spirituality.

Now more than ever, we’ve been given more help from the angelic realm and I remind you to turn inward and ask for assistance, because your beautiful guardian angels are waiting to help.

Please join us in the Online Healing Retreat that will help you achieve Self-Mastery using the tools that are available to us. These techniques really work, as I am living proof at 83 years, and I am a living example. My health and vitality is vigorous and my mind is filled with wonderful information that there is more to us and to our world and the cosmos than we have really understood.

Blessings to you,


Ronna Herman

Listen to ronna herman on Healing Conversations

Video and MP3 Presentation, Lecture, Meditation and a Message from Archangel Michael

register now $22.22egistration includes online event (webinar) and recording for home-study use

This event is Free When Your Purchase the LIVESTREAM Event with Ronna Herman May 4 & 2013: $88.88
Learn more and Register Now - Click Here
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