The Ascension Course (Updated) with Sandra Walter

The Ascension Course is an online intensive for the awakened. Through a series of video training modules, Sandra provides step-by-step guidance for anyone consciously choosing to participate in the Ascension process. Over 30 hours of videos, mp3 meditations, supportive materials and process checks are available to you 24/7 to work through at your own pace. This is a deeply comprehensive experience, designed to accelerate the process at all levels of awakening.

The Ascension Course: Overview

Transmuting the Body into Light
The Body Consciousness
Body changes, side effects of Ascension
The Light Body
Multidimensional structure
Clearing 3D/4D Constructs
Ego, Mind, Emotional clearing
Sacred Sex Magnetics

Merging with the Higher Self
Raising the Light Quotient
Expansion of your energy fields
Unifying with your True Self

Tipping Point: Unconditional Love
Divine Neutrality, Discernment, Nonjudgment, Unwavering compassion
Activating the Sacred Heart Center

Higher Light Sensitivity
Attunement to higher skills
Connecting with your Divine Team, Masters and Guides
Sacred space and crystals

Embodying The Solar Cosmic Christ
The Mastery Journey
The Golden Race
Unifying your Divine Aspects
12 Strand Helix DNA Activation and Reconnection

Pliable Time Dynamics
Timelines, Using the light energy of timespace
The Ultimate Now Moment

Connecting with Star Family
Benevolent Races, First Contact, Lightship Interaction, Telepathic Communication

Divine Purpose and Mission
Aligning with your highest service

Gateways, Gridwork and Service to the Light
Tools and Methods for Effective Lightwork

Transcendence to New Earth
Aligning with 5D Ascension in 2015 - 2017

Online Healing Retreat Master Series

Replays of Healing Conversations

MP3s and Transcripts of Healing Conversations

Upcoming Online Healing Retreats

Online Healing Retreats Digital Salon

Music From The Universe