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The New Lemurian Healing Chamber

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Online Healing Retreat Description: You’re invited to join us in this Etheric Healing Temple of Lemurian Energies brought forth by the Lemurian Preistess Council of 13 thru SanRa.

Journey to the Lemurian Healing Chamber to heal, awaken and activate your DNA and chakras, and expand consciousness. This program includes an explanation of the chamber, and sound healing with Lemurian Chanting and a message from the Lemurian Preistesses. You’ll feel the energy of the Lemurian Preistesses!

In this Guided Meditation, you will journey to the New Lemurian Healing Chamber (NLHC).

The NLHC was given to us by the Lemurian Priestesses in February and they come through in each session, channelling through energy and valuable information. The NLHC is an etheric chamber and affects transformation and healing down to the very particles of our beings. It is quite an amazing experience!

The NLHC allows us to reconnect with our original DNA blueprint, which holds the highest capacity of how to live in human form with light codes activated.

Some of our DNA has been scrambled (or corrupted in computer terms) so that we do not have full access to our original DNA blueprint. The NLHC unscrambles the corrupted DNA codes, re-writes the codes, makes necessary changes to our physical body and chakras so that we are able to accept the corrected codes. This allows us to integrate the full truth and original intention of our coming into human form. JUST WHAT WE HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR!

Comments about the New Lemurian Healing Chamber:

"Yesterday was absolutely amazing. As SanRa finished chanting in the beginning, I became aware of all her precious accompanying energies. For the first time in years, while in the chamber, my assemblage point was shifted. I went to a most sacred space and stayed there for over an hour. I cannot tell you what she said at that time. I only know that it was very, very sacred and a connection. When the angelics came in, they started singing, chanting it was in great joy. When the Dolphins/Whales and Belugas came it my space and the space that SanRa created actually became "Divine Love, Divine Light, Divine Joy and Divine healing peace." I am still being worked on, drinking a lot of water, and realize that SanRa and the Council of 13, are to my belief, part of our soul family. Perhaps part of our Monad. They were so joyous the song just poured out. First time I ever experienced this from the creation of another and of the great love and light of SanRa. I am still amazed and deeply blessed. Ty, ty, ty for finding her. Angel and Dolphin Hugs"! ~ Shirley Irene

"Yes "I did enjoyed the program very much. I had goose pimples during the meditation and felt a strong and sustained energetic presence that felt different from anything I've experienced in the past." ~ John O.

"I am very happy to be connected with Lemurian Healing Chamber Priestesses. I loved the chant which was so easy. I couldn't understand SanRa's talking completely as I am not English speaker but I allowed myself to accept the frequency of Presstess of Healing Chember with ease and grace. I feel so much more centered and integrated, which is very unusual. I couldn't even move my body during the meditation." ~ Young M.

"Thank you for inviting to the "New Lemurian Healing Chamber" withSanRa. What a beautiful introduction to the Lemurian energy as it was my first! I Absolutely loved it all, can't wait to listen again! We created such a special group space! Definitely intend to proceed further w/a heart felt resonance. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" ~ Melissa H.

It was amazing! It was almost if you could feel the energy hanging in the air, like a blanket. The vision of my right eye is going down about 50% . I will put my left retina in the lemurian healing chamber tomorrow. Thanks again Lauren . It is about a year ago ,that I first heard about the word LEMURIA like Bob to day! Love love Love," Oege G.

"I was there from the beginning, as we chanted, tears rolling down my face, I spaced out... when I came back from wherever I was (Lemuria in another dimension?)... absolute silence...I was quite happy for a time for that silence. Thank the Universe for the recording! Love & Light" ~ Maria N.

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MP3 Audio Download

Click Here to Register Now - $22.22 Now only $11.11

Click Here to Register Now - $68.00 (only $11.33 per class)

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