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~ Djwal Khul's Ascension Course 1 & 2: The Planetary Light Grid & Your Physical Body~
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Online Healing Retreats
~ Djwal Khul's Ascension Course 1 ~
The Planetary Light Grid & Your Physical Body

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Online Healing Retreat Description

Online Healing Retreat Description: Djwal Khul's Ascension Course 1 (two parts): The Planetary Light Grid & Your Physical Body.
You’re invited to join us in this 2-part online webcast and Audio Recording with Dwjal Khul who shares exercises and techniques in which we can experience and understand the Planetary Light Grid, and then how we can use that light within our bodies, within our organs and chakras in our own ascension process. Learn exercises to assimilate new light energies coming forth from within YOU.

Session 1: As Ascended Master Djwhal Khul assists us in the process of our evolutionary growth, He will give us insight into ascension and greater awareness. He will tell us how to use our physical bodies to move into the next levels of knowing and releasing. He will help us to take the next steps to live in unity within our individual selves and to live in unity with collective humanity.

Guided Transmission and Exercise: Aligning Personal Will with Divine Will. The Human Personal Will and the Divine Will MERGE in this exercise to allow you to be in the Flow of Light greater than before. this will allow the lower mental/body and the thinking Mind to be bathed and purified with this Light.

We'll also discuss how to:
-Illumine the Atakaran Rainbow Bridge of Light Within You
- Align your physical body, chakras, emotions and thoughts with your Divine Will
- Releasing Judgement to Build the Atakarana
- Your Organs are Portals of Light
- Feeling Divine Will in the Chakras

Session 2: As Ascended Master Djwhal Khul helps us in our process of opening and awakening, He gives us much insight into the functioning of the Light Grids of Earth, how they work, how they are now transforming to create higher frequencies on earth, how this may affect us individually and collectively and how we can help ourselves in the process.

The Ascended Master DK inspires us to understand our own personal Divine Plan for Earth. You have come to Earth to bring your light, and you will align with the Earth Star to be in harmony with Earth.

In this session, you will learn:
How to send energy to the Inner Earth Beings
Working with the Ley Lines of Earth and connecting the the Greater Grid
Tap into the Part of the Light Grid and Send Healing to your Country
Strands of Light move from the Grid into the Earth and into the Human Energy Field
Express yourself to full capacity and watch synchronicity take over!

Course 2: Ascended Master Djwhal Khul is offering to assist us with our ascension process in a way only He can do. Not only does He give us valuable information about what to do in our ascension process, He gives us precious energy to move us along.

He will help move people forward on the Ascension Path, so they can also be conduits for the energy, stepping it down, to assist others on Gaia to Ascend. This also helps the Earth Ascend as blockages between earth and humanity will be broken.

Humanity and Earth will be working more in harmony with this energy. He helps us dissolve our karma, release our old and untrue belief systems, and helps us to be able to hold more light in our physical cells. All of these are necessary to attain our ascension.

I found the Ascension, Part 2 to be particularly powerful in moving energy through my body and in uplifting my energy field. Not only will you feel lighter, but more empowered and spiritually confident in your own ability to ascend.

BONUS for purchasing both Course 1 & 2: NEW Audio Transmissions from DK!

When you purchase both Course 1 & 2, you will recieve digital downloads of 6 NEW Transmissions from Djwal Khul on Dissolution of Karma. Each episode is encoded with DK's energy and words to assist you in variuos stages of karmic past.

About SanRa

SanRa is a voice channel for Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 and other Beings of Light. She combines energy healing and hypnotherapy techniques to help clients reach a deeper level of being for transformation of personal difficulties and increased spiritual awareness. She is a Certified Hypnotherapist and is trained in Reiki and Johrei and has developed healing techniques of her own. SanRa has been doing spiritual healing work with clients for over 25 years. She works with spiritual guidance from Angels, Ascended Masters, Lemurian Priestesses, Star Energies and Councils of Light throughout the Universe. She is dedicated to helping humanity and planet earth move forward on their spiritual paths.

Online Healing Retreats
~ Djwal Khul's Ascension Course 1 ~
The Planetary Light Grid & Your Physical Body

Click Here to Purchase Course 1 (two parts) $44.44

Click Here to Purchase Course 2: $33.00

Click Here to Purchase Both Course 1 & 2: $97
PLUS BONUS!! 6 NEW Audio Transmissions from DK!
Online Webinars with downloadable MP3 audio recordings mastercard visa

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